how to know a real feng shui black obsidian bracelet vs fake

How to Know a Real Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet vs Fake

Feng shui bracelets have become an essential part of life for many of us today.

They help us to enhance our well-being, especially in terms of our wealth luck.

And as more people seek help from these feng shui companions, the more we see fake black obsidian bracelets on sale now.

They come in cheap plastic beads or common glass, pretending to be real!

Fake feng shui bracelets won’t do you any good.

You should look out for the real deal if you’re getting a feng shui black obsidian bracelet.

Below, find out what makes an authentic feng shui bracelet.


The Anatomy of an Authentic Feng Shui Bracelet

An authentic feng shui wealth bracelet is made of genuine black obsidian stone paired with a golden metal Pixiu amulet.

It is also cleansed and blessed with positive energy from sacred mantras to make it even more powerful.

authentic feng shui black obsidian bracelet

Made of Real Black Obsidian Crystals

The number one you should look for in a black obsidian bracelet is the stone beads.

Black obsidian is a stone associated with the flow of money.

In feng shui, black crystals are said to hold vibrations that attract the energy of wealth and success.

Obsidian also helps protect you from negative energies that can prevent you from manifesting an abundant life.

Imagine if the stone beads are made of plastic or common glass. They won’t have the positive vibrations of a genuine black obsidian stone.

As a result, you won't gain the benefits of black obsidian.

So, don’t be deceived by these imitation “obsidian beads.”


Real Obsidian vs. Fake Obsidian

A real black obsidian crystal has a jet black color and a shiny appearance.

Your best friend to spot fake obsidian is the sunlight. Hold the black obsidian pearls against the light. As a vitreous stone, it may look a bit transparent.

But, since this is a natural product, it isn't perfect! You may see shadows, impurities, the color may slightly vary.

It is common that black obsidian appears slightly greenish at some spots when holding it against light. This is a safe indicator that the obsidian is in fact real.

Fake obsidian in comparison is typically made of black glass and doesn't let through any lightit doesn't show any of these natural stone behaviors.

Black obsidian is a natural product and has its price. It is not possible to find real obsidian bracelets under $20 per piece.


Featuring a Golden Metal Pixiu

An authentic wealth bracelet also comes with a golden metal Pixiu amulet.

In Chinese culture, Pixiu is known as the “fortune beast.”

According to the stories, it is a celestial creature that consumes treasures like gemstones and gold. It scours the world to fill its belly with precious items.

For this reason, people believe wearing a Pixiu amulet helps attract wealth and abundance.

This is especially true if the charm is made of golden metal.

In Chinese beliefs, metal is the feng shui element representing the heaven. Having the energy of heaven on your side helps you achieve your goals.

Gold is also the color of wealth and abundance. Feng shui masters recommend that your Pixiu comes in this color to attract more wealth.


Cleansed and Charged with Positive Energy

An excellent wealth bracelet is not only authentic. It is also cleansed and charged with positive energies.

The best feng shui bracelets are blessed with a powerful mantra for good luck, happiness, and protection.

They should also be cleansed before they get sent out to you.

Doing so ensures you’re getting the most out of your black obsidian Pixiu bracelet.


Get Only the Original Feng Shui Bracelet

If you’re getting a feng shui wealth bracelet, make sure that it is made of real black obsidian beads and a golden metal Pixiu.

Always watch out for fake black obsidian bracelets that won’t serve you any purpose.

We at Buddha and Karma ensure that you get an authentic feng shui black obsidian bracelet to manifest your intention.

Every item you get is blessed and charged with positive vibrations so you are assured you’ll have a reliable companion.


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    I have brought a feng shui braclett off amazon but can’t tell if its real I have the round beads with symbols and I have dices and I have two gold metal pixus

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