Our Story

Wearing accessories isn’t just about complementing an outfit to improve your look. It isn’t only about expressing your identity nor making an impression.

It’s also about empowering one’s life with consciously made jewelry.


“We believe that the energy of the world influences our experiences in life. Through consciously made accessories, we can align our intentions with the right energy. Then, we begin to see our intentions manifest into a reality.”


Buddha & Karma: Live in the Moment

At Buddha & Karma, we made it our goal to ease your worries about the future so you can live in the moment.

By bringing spiritual items charged with the energy of healing, abundance, love, or protection, we hope to fulfill your intentions so you can focus on the present and enjoy every moment.


About Our Items

We carefully selected items spiritually charged with beneficial energy to match your intentions.

Here, you can find a wide variety of accessories said to attract wealth luck, promote good health, inspire love, and grant protection.

When you align your intentions with these accessories, the vibrations of your desires get amplified. That's how you begin to see a difference in how you experience life.

Try our spiritual jewelry to surround yourself with positive energy that helps manifest your desires!



Where to Find Us

Shop with us online, 24/7!

Our company is located in Singapore, and our team works from various locations across the globe!

Our modern structure allows for remote work. So, don’t be surprised if we answer your emails late at night or even on weekends! That’s how we love our jobs and enjoy dedicating our time to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


Why Shop with Us?

Unparalleled Quality. We sell handpicked products only!

Price Match Guaranteed. Find better deals and we won't only match them, we'll beat them!

Secure Checkout. We protect your information with state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption!

Fast Shipping. FREE shipping worldwide!

Excellent Customer Service. We value our customers, we’d like you to enjoy every moment with us!


How to Contact Us

Questions? We'd love to talk! Find all our contact options here.

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