What is Pixiu: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Wear It

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Pixiu is a Chinese mythical creature that is said to bring good luck and wealth to its wearer. It is often worn as a piece of jewelry and is said to have many benefits for the person who wears it.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of Pixiu, its benefits, and how to wear it correctly to attract wealth. Find out what it means to wear it as a Pixiu bracelet, ring, and pendant below.

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    Pixiu Meaning

    Pixiu is a powerful feng shui symbol of wealth. Known as the "fortune beast" in Chinese culture, locals believe that wearing the symbol of Pixiu brings money and good fortune to its wearer. This mythical creature is also thought to protect people from losing wealth. It is also said to protect you from unwanted energy and evil spirits.

    Pixiu Bracelet Meaning

    pixiu bracelet meaning

    When you wear a Pixiu bracelet on your left hand, it signifies your intention to absorb its wealth energy. In feng shui, the left hand is associated with receiving positive energies, making it the ideal hand for wearing such a charm.


    Pixiu Ring Meaning

    pixiu ring meaning

    Wearing a Pixiu ring on your middle finger symbolizes your desire to attract prosperity and wealth. In palmistry, the middle finger is linked to financial fortune, making it the perfect finger for this powerful charm.


    Pixiu Necklace Meaning

    pixiu necklace meaning

    Donning a Pixiu necklace with its head facing upward represents your aspiration to receive blessings from the heavens. According to legends, Piyao, the celestial creature depicted on the necklace, travels with its head held high, symbolizing divine protection and fortune from above.


    The Pixiu Dragon in Chinese Legends

    Outside China, Pixiu is sometimes called Piyao. Its name is also often stylized as Pi Xiu or Pi Yao.

    According to Chinese legends, the Pixiu dragon is a creature that resembles a lion. It is described as a beast with the head of a dragon and the body of a lion. In some depictions, this creature is often shown to have wings, the foot of a Quilin, or the horn of a deer.

    There are different myths about this fortune beast. In one story, it was a divine beast born as the youngest child of the legendary Dragon King.

    Another story tells of Pixiu as the favorite beast of the Tai Sui, the Grand Duke of Jupiter. In feng shui, angering the Tai Sui is said to bring bad luck, illness, calamity, and even death. By wearing Piyao, it is believed that you could ward off the Grand Duke's anger and protect yourself from misfortune.

    But, the most popular tale about Pixiu is its visit to the Jade Emperor.

    In this version of the story, Piyao is known to feed on precious items such as gold, silver, and jewels. One day, the beast visited the Jade Emperor in his palace. While there, it violated the law of the palace by defecating all over the floor.

    Angered, the Jade Emperor punished Piyao. He sealed the creature's anus, thus, sealing Pixiu's bottom. As a result, the beast could no longer expel the valuable gold, silver, and jewels it devours.

    Since it consumes treasures but never releases them, Piyao has become a symbol of wealth. Feng shui practitioners believe that Pixiu can attract and protect wealth for its owner.

    Feng Shui Pixiu: How to Differentiate Male and Female?

    How to Differentiate Male and Female Pixiu

    It is believed that there are two types of Pixiu: male and female Pixiu.

    They are usually differentiated with the number of their antlers.

    The one with a single antler is the male Tiān lù. This type is in charge of hunting treasures. It is said the male Pixiu scours the world looking for treasures. 

    The one with two antlers is the female Bìxié. This type is responsible for safeguarding wealth. In feng shui, the female Piyao is also especially helpful in warding off bad luck from offending Tai Sui.  

    Many Pixiu jewelry today features only one type. However, you can also find bracelets that include both the male and female genders, which are used to attract and secure wealth. Most double Pixiu bracelets in the market right now consider the amulets as male and female.

    Pixiu Benefits

    Some of the benefits of Pixiu include:

    Attract Wealth Luck

    As we have mentioned, Piyao is a powerful symbol of wealth. According to feng shui practitioners, wearing the creature's image brings good luck for making money and acquiring wealth.

    Safeguard Wealth

    Pixiu is also said to protect its owner from losing wealth. This is especially true if you wear the symbols of both male and female Piyao. This creature is thought to fight off the bad luck that could drain your hard-earned money.

    Offer Spiritual Protection

    Many believe that the Chinese creature can protect people from evil spirits and unwanted energy. It is also known to guard against the wrath of Tai Sui, which can cause accidents, illnesses, and injuries.


    Who Can Wear Pixiu?

    People who desire to attract the energy of abundance can wear Pixiu. You can also wear this feng shui bracelet if you're looking to protect yourself from losing wealth. It is also ideal if you wish to ward off unwanted energy and evil spirits.

    Who Cannot Wear Pixiu?

    People with deficient chi or energy should avoid wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or necklace. This includes elderly people, pregnant women, sick people, and children. The reason behind this is that the creature's energy can be overwhelming. If you lack physical and spiritual strength, you can be overpowered by its energy.

    However, if you're an elderly who has an active lifestyle, or if you meditate regularly, you may be able to take control of Piyao.

    How to Wear Pixiu

    As a feng shui enhancer, Pixiu follows certain rules to activate its powers.

    Below, we will guide you on how to wear a Pixiu bracelet, ring, and necklace. We will also guide you on the proper placement of your Piyao statue. 

    Pixiu Bracelet

    Which hand to wear: Wear the Pixiu bracelet on your left hand.

    how to wear pixiu bracelet

    In feng shui, there is a  saying that goes: "The left is going in, the right is going out."

    This means that you should wear good luck charms on your left hand to receive its wealth energy.

    Its head should also face outward, in the direction of your little finger. This allows the creature to hunt for treasures from around you.

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    Pixiu Ring

    Which finger to wear: Wear the Pixiu ring on your middle finger.

    pixiu ring wear on which finger

    In palmistry, the middle finger is where the money line runs in your palm. The money line is the vertical line under your fingers that determines your wealth.

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    Pixiu Necklace or Pendant

    Which direction to face: Wear the Pixiu pendant with its head facing upward.

    how to wear pixiu necklace

    According to the legends, Piyao, the ninth child of the Dragon King, travels in the sky with its head held high. This is considered by many to be auspicious as it symbolizes receiving the blessing of heaven.

    Pixiu Statue Placement

    Where to place: Place Pixiu statues in your front door or the wealth corner of your home.

    pixiu statue placement

    Placing two statues of Piyao in your front door helps to keep out negative energy and bring in good luck.

    Meanwhile, displaying a statue in the wealth corner of your home helps increase your abundance and prosperity. In feng shui, the wealth corner is located in the southeast of your home, looking from your front door.

    Other Pixiu Rules to Activate Its Powers

    • Feed your Pixiu with valuable items such as coins and gemstones
    • Wear it for as long as you can to let Piyao know you're its owner
    • Remove your Pixiu jewelry when you're using the bathroom or making love
    • Pet its body frequently, but don't touch its eyes and mouth
    • Don't allow others to touch it

    Consider the Materials Used in Pixiu Jewelry

    Piyao can be made of different materials that hold various meanings.

    For instance, metal, silver, and gold Pixiu are especially powerful for drawing wealth. This is because these materials are associated with heaven in the Chien trigram, making them auspicious symbols.

    You can also find amulets made of semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone inspires additional effects. For example, obsidian Pixiu is especially protective against negativity while jade Pixiu can promote healing effects.

    When choosing your good luck charm, pay attention to the materials and look for their meanings.

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    Taking Care of Pixiu

    Just as you must take care of your other valuable possessions, you must also take care of Piyao.

    Touch its body frequently like your petting a dog. This lets Piyao know that you're its master. However, avoid touching its eyes and mouth which it uses to hunt for wealth.

    You should also feed it with valuable items. To do this, place the amulet in a silver bowl. Fill the bowl with precious items such as coins and gemstones.

    Also, keep your good luck charm polished, dust-free, and clean.

    Be sure to cleanse your Pixiu regularly to recharge its energy.

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    How to Dispose of Pixiu

    If the time comes that your amulet breaks, it’s crucial to know what should you do with your broken Piyao.

    Do not throw it in the trash because its energy will end up being trapped there and attract bad luck.

    Instead, bury your amulet. Wrap it in a red cloth and bury it in the ground.

    The Takeaway

    If you want to attract wealth, Pixiu is the good luck charm for you. Its powerful energy attracts money and helps protect you and your home from negative influences. 

    Pixiu also comes in different forms such as bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, and statues. Each jewelry piece can be worn or placed around your home for incredible effects.

    But before you go out and purchase your own Piyao, be sure to understand the materials used in each piece. Different materials have different meanings and work better for different people.

    Lastly, take care of the amulet by touching its body frequently, keeping it clean and polished, and cleansing it regularly. Know how to dispose of it properly if the time ever comes so you won't attract bad luck.

    Are you ready to boost your wealth and prosperity with Pixiu jewelry? Get yours now!

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