tibetan buddhist bracelet meaning

Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Meaning and How It Can Improve Life

Tibetan Buddhist bracelets have been around for years.

You might have seen your favorite celebrities wearing such bracelets from Tibet. Or maybe, you’ve seen them from a friend.

But what is the meaning behind a Tibetan bracelet?

In this post, let’s find out what is a Buddhist bracelet and why do people wear it.



What is a Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet?

Tibetan Buddhist bracelet meaning. A Tibetan bracelet is a symbol of faith in the Buddhist tradition. When worn, many believe that it can bring good things to those who wear it.

For years, local monks in Tibet would wear string bracelets when they meditate and pray. As they put on these pieces during their spiritual activities, it is thought to imbue the bracelets with positive energy.

Tibetans believe that the energy from the mantra they chanted aligns with the vibrations of the universe. This creates a balance between the bracelet and the world's energies.

When the energies are in harmony, it is said that the bracelet can attract many good things.


Why Wear a Tibetan Bracelet?

A Tibetan string bracelet does not only carry the sacred teachings of Buddhism. It is also used to improve one’s life.

It is believed that Buddhist bracelets hold the vibrations of powerful mantras. These vibrations are said to have mystical effects, benefiting those around them.

When worn, a Buddhist bracelet can help you:

  • Attract good luck
  • Protect you from negativity
  • Inspire healing
  • Promote wisdom
  • Aid in wealth creation
  • Bring happiness


    How are Tibetan Bracelets Made?

    Tibetan bracelets aren't normal string accessories. These pieces are blessed with spiritual energy that makes them one of a kind.

    Most Buddhist lucky bracelets are handmade by Tibetan monks. They use an auspicious string called the "endless knots" to create each bracelet.

    To bless it with spiritual energy, the monks would tie the knots while reciting a Buddhist prayer. One of the most common prayers chanted while making the bracelets is the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra.

    Many believe that the vibrations from the mantra give the accessory its powers.


    Tibetan Bracelet Color Meaning

    Buddhist bracelets appear in different colors.

    Each color is a representation of the energy that surrounded the Buddha when he attained enlightenment. These colors symbolize the state of mind as well as the chakra linked to it.

    According to the ancient texts, five main colors surrounded the Buddha. They are known as the Pancha-varna.

    In some references, these colors include blue, yellow, red, orange, and white.

    Tibetan bracelet color meaning

    Blue symbolizes peace. It aligns with the “throat chakra,” which rules our ability to communicate.

    Yellow symbolizes an empty mind. It frees us from our attachments to material things. This color also aligns with the “solar plexus chakra” that rules our self-esteem.

    Red symbolizes life force. This color is all about preservation and security. It is related to the "root chakra."

    Orange symbolizes stability. It keeps you grounded so you can live the moment. This is the color of the “sacral chakra,” the energy center that rules our feelings of self-worth.

    White symbolizes purity. It is the result of combining all the main colors. Thus, it represents your connection to your highest spiritual self, associating with enlightenment. As the color associated with the crown chakra, it governs all the other chakra points in our body.


    These are the five main colors you usually see in Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags. However, the actual colors may vary and you may see other colors such as the ones below.


    Green symbolizes balance and harmony, especially in nature and the natural order of the universe. It is the color of the “heart chakra,” which rules our emotions.

    Multicolored bracelets symbolize the unity of all colors. It signifies the perfection of the universe. Much like the color white, it represents the awakening of the mind to attain wisdom and enlightenment.

    Black symbolizes darkness. It is the color of negative emotions such as anger and hatred. In the Buddhist tradition, black plays a role in the awakening of wisdom and the enlightened mind.


    8 Types of Tibetan Bracelets to Wear

    While braided knots are the most frequent type of Buddhist bracelets, they can also be made of other materials. Bracelets from Tibet can be created from metals, seed beads, wood, or gemstones.

    These bracelets serve different purposes based on how they are made.

    Most bracelets in the market are used to attract good luck, healing, and protection. Some are designed to aid in prayers while others serve as a reminder of the words of the Buddha.

    Below, learn the types of bracelets you can wear from Tibet.


    Tibetan Red String Bracelet

    tibetan red string bracelet

    In the Buddhist tradition, red is a symbol of life. This color is said to directly influence our lives. By wearing a red bracelet, it blesses you with good luck and protection against negative energy according to common beliefs.

    Because of this, you will find plenty of Tibetan red string sold in markets today. This makes it the most common Buddhist lucky bracelet on the list.

    Why Wear It: To attract luck and protection

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    Tibetan Mantra Bracelet

    Tibetan mantra bracelet

    Mantras are syllables or phrases in Buddhism that are said to have mystical powers. Chanting a mantra helps dissolve negative virtues such as anger, greed, and pride.

    Tibetan bracelets are frequently engraved with the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Why Wear It: To turn negative traits into positive

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    Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads Bracelet

    Tibetan Buddhist prayer bead bracelet

    Tibetan rope bracelets also come with beads. In particular, those that have 18, 27, 54, and 108 beads are called mala bracelets. This type of bracelet is used as a tool for praying in the Buddhist culture.

    Monks use the beads to track the number of times a mantra is recited, much like the rosary. It is said that reciting a mantra around these sacred numbers will let you connect with your spiritual self. A mala bracelet is great if you want your desires to manifest as it aligns your energy with the vibrations of the universe.

    Why Wear It: Manifest desires

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    Tibetan Seed Bead Bracelet

    Tibetan seed bead bracelet

    This type of bracelet features beads made of seed. But they aren’t just normal seeds. They came from plants considered sacred in Buddhism.

    A Tibetan seed bead bracelet is often used for meditation. Each seed is said to contain properties that help you focus and connect with your spiritual self. For instance, a rudraksha bead protects you from negativity so you can concentrate on the task.

    Why Wear It: Improve concentration

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    Tibetan Stone Bracelet

    Tibetan stone bracelet

    Tibetan bracelets made of crystals aren't just lovely. They are also valuable because they can inspire more effects other than to bring luck.

    For example, a tiger's eye stone is known to promote clarity. Amethyst is used to purify negativity while black obsidian aids in creating wealth.

    Why Wear It: Inspires additional effects

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    Tibetan Metal Cuff Bracelet

    Tibetan cuff bracelet

    From string and beads, let’s now take a look at metal bracelets.

    If knotted ropes aren’t your style, a gold or silver bracelet may suit your needs. These bracelets often come in bangle or cuff forms. You can also find symbols etched on the metal surface, commonly with the lotus flower and mantras reminding you of sacred Buddhist teachings.

    Why Wear It: Reminder of Buddhist virtues

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    Tibetan Copper Bracelet

    tibetan copper bracelet

    Copper is considered a good conductor of spiritual energy. It is widely used to ground vibrations. Once grounded, it then channels them from the spiritual realms to the physical, and vice versa.

    For this reason, a copper beads bracelet makes an excellent choice to imbue with positive energies. With its spiritual properties, it is often worn to invite luck, protection, and healing!

    Why Wear It: Inspire healing effects

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    Tibetan Friendship Bracelet

    Tibetan friendship bracelet

    It is a common practice to give your friend a matching bracelet as a token of lasting friendship. However, a friendship bracelet from Tibet is also a symbol of wishing your friend happiness and good luck.

    Why Wear It: For wishing your friends good luck and happiness

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    Which Hand To Wear a Buddhist Bracelet

    Wear the bracelet on your left hand.

    In some cultures, the left hand is considered the receiving side of the body.

    The receiving hand helps absorb the vibrations of the Buddhist lucky bracelet.

    On the contrary, wearing it on your right hand gives away its energy. This is because the right hand is considered the projective hand.


    Where to Buy a Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet

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