How to Wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring to Attract Wealth

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Do you want to know the secret to a prosperous life? Wear a feng shui ring for wealth.

Feng shui rings bring auspicious energy to help manifest your goals and intentions. When it comes to feng shui rings, the Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring is arguably the most popular.

Many own this wealth ring hoping to attract prosperity into their lives. The question is: Does the feng shui ring really work? Yes, but only if you follow the Pixiu ring rules from ancient Chinese traditions.

In this article, learn how to wear the Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring properly to attract wealth and protect you from losses. By the end of this post, you'll learn which finger to wear your feng shui ring for wealth. You'll also learn how to activate your Pixiu ring so you can get the most out of it.

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    Pixiu Ring Meaning

    The Pixiu ring is a Chinese good luck symbol designed to attract wealth. As a feng shui ring, it brings money energy into your life. This helps you manifest a life of abundance that you've always dreamed of.

    In Chinese culture, Pixiu (aka Piyao) is an auspicious creature known for its ability to bring in money and abundant energy. For this reason, it has been dubbed the "fortune beast" by many locals.

    Also known as the Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring, this piece is also said to protect you from negative energy. This ring is blessed with a sacred Buddhist mantra that also brings its wearer happiness and all good things in life. 

    By wearing this ring, you can tap into the power of the Pixiu and start seeing more abundance in your life.


    Which Finger to Wear the Pixiu Ring for Wealth Feng Shui?

    The Pixiu ring should be worn on the middle finger to attract good luck and wealth.

    In the practice of palm line readings, the money line can be found right below the middle finger.

    The money line is the line in your palm associated with career and fortune. It is the vertical line that stretches from the middle finger down to your wrist.

    By wearing the ring on this finger, you are opening yourself up to receive all of the wealth and abundance that Piyao has to offer.

    Which Finger to Wear the Pixiu Ring for Wealth Feng Shui?

    Wear the Pixiu ring on your middle finger


    Which hand to wear the Pixiu Ring on?

    Wear the Pixiu ring on your left hand.

    The left hand is considered to be the receiving hand in Chinese culture. This means it's the hand that absorbs energy.

    The right hand is thought to be the projective hand. Wearing the ring on your right hand gives away its energy.

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    How to Activate Pixiu Ring: 6 Easy Steps

    Before you start wearing your Pixiu ring, you will need to activate it first. Activating your ring means programming Piyao to attract wealth for you.

    This is a simple process that only requires four steps:

    1. Cleanse your Pixiu ring

    When you order your ring, it may have accumulated unwanted energy before it reaches you. This energy could confuse the Pixiu, dulling the effects of the wealth ring. To restore its energy, cleanse Pixiu with high-frequency sound.

    2. Feed your Pixiu

    This means training your Pixiu to look out for abundance. To feed the creture, put it in a silver bowl filled with valuable items. This includes coins and gems.

    3. Program your intention

    The energy of your feng shui ring must align with your intention. To do this, visualize the fortune beast bringing wealth and abundance into your life. Then, speak money affirmations such as "I attract the energy of abundance" a few minutes every day while wearing the ring.

    4. Wear the ring on your middle finger

    Once you have done the above steps, place the Pixiu ring on your middle finger. Make sure to wear it on your left hand, which is the receiving side of the body.

    5. Pet your Pixiu

    Pixiu grows more powerful the more you bond with it. To do this, simply touch its body frequently as if you're petting a dog or cat. But avoid its mouth and eyes which it uses for hunting wealth.

    6. Work toward your goal

    Feng shui is all about attracting good energy to support your efforts. That means you should also exert enough effort to achieve your goals for Pixiu and the universe to manifest your intentions.


    Pixiu Ring Rules

    Here are some important rules when wearing a Pixiu ring:


    • Do wear your feng shui ring on the middle finger to attract wealth.
    • Do wear the wealth ring on your left hand, which is considered to be the receiving part of the body based on Chinese culture.
    • Do wear the ring for a long time to build the bond with Piyao.
    • Do program your Pixiu ring with your intention, i.e. "I attract the energy of money."
    • Do "feed" your Pixiu valuable items to train it to look out for abundance.
    • Do pet Pixiu's body regularly.


    • Don't touch Pixiu's eyes and mouth.
    • Don't let other people touch your ring.
    • Don't bring Pixiu in the bathroom or while doing "private" things. You must treat the creature with respect for it to serve you. 
    • Don't wear the ring while sleeping as the energy of Pixiu can be too strong, it might disturb your sleep.


    How to Cleanse Pixiu Ring

    Cleanse your Pixiu ring on both physical and energy levels.

    First, dust off your ring using a brash or a clean cloth. Then, wash it with running water to remove the remaining dirt.

    Second, restore the ring's natural energy by cleansing it. For best result, we recommend cleansing with high-frequency vibrations.

    To cleanse with sound, you'll need:

    Here's how you can cleanse your ring with sound:

    1. Position your ring next to a bowl.
    2. Use the mallet to strike the bowl, creating a cleansing sound.
    3. Continuously rub the bowl's side to keep the vibration going.
    4. Let the sound wash over your Pixiu ring, which will recharge its energy and strengthen its effects.
    5. Continue the process for 5-10 minutes.

    We recommend to perform this sound cleansing at least once a month to eliminate any negative energy that may attach to your Pixiu ring.


    Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring: Does It Work?

    Yes, the Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring does work.

    While experiences vary, many people have attested to the ring's ability to attract wealth and abundance into their lives. So, it's for you to discover.

    By following the steps above, you may be well on your way to attracting more wealth into your life.

    If you own an original feng shui Pixiu mantra ring, or if you're planning to get one, make sure to wear it on your middle finger to activate its energy.

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    • Lilia Sengson

      Bracelet to remove my arthritris


      I’ve been wearing pixiu ring for almost a month.
      I ordered it thru online. It wasn’t cleanse since we do not have a tibetan bowl
      What if I forget to remove my ring while using the toilet? What should I do?

      How should I know if the ring ordered hteu online is genuine or fake?

    • buddhaandkarma

      Hi Salome,

      While it is advised to wear the bracelet at all times, you’ll have to remove it when you’re sleeping, using the bathroom, or being intimate with your partner. When you do, you can place it in your bowl, with its head facing the door or windows. This lets Piyao continue searching for abundance even at home. When you’re outside, you can pack it in a red cloth whenever you’re using the bathroom.

      Thank you,

    • Elizabeth Molaba

      I am exited i have my ring looking forward for good things. i wish to travel the world i have never been on a plane.

    • Salome

      Where do I put my Feng Shui ring at night before going to bed?

      I received two rings & gave one to my sick niece. Is it Ok? Or she must buy her own?

      Can I wear it while washing my clothes or not allowed?

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