Obsidian Meaning, Healing Properties & Feng Shui Benefits

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Obsidian Meaning - All you need to know

Obsidian is a lustrous stone sought not only for its beauty but also for its meaning, healing properties, and benefits.

In this post, let’s take a look at black obsidian stones and what makes them a valuable addition to your crystal jewelry collection.



What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a natural stone that formed from quickly cooled volcanic lava.

It is naturally dark in color due to the presence of magnesium and iron. As a type of volcanic glass, it has a glassy texture and a vitreous luster. The stone is also known for being brittle.

While obsidian is often thought to be a crystal, it is actually a glass-like igneous rock that solidified without crystallization. Thus, it’s not a true mineral but a mineraloid made of natural glass.

When broken down, obsidian usually forms very sharp yet smooth edges.

In ancient times, obsidian was used as a weapon because of its edges. The stone was often turned into knives and arrowheads used for hunting.

Today, this rock has become a popular gem to use in jewelry and other artisan crafts. Those with high enough reflective properties are also transformed into beautiful glass mirrors.


Obsidian Meaning & Benefits

The obsidian meaning and the use as a healing stone comes from its properties that can affect our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Obsidian has a wide range of metaphysical benefits is used as a protective crystal in Feng Shui and is aligned to the root Chakra.

1. Protects you from negative energies

Obsidian is highly valued as a protection stone. Many use it to defend themselves against evil spirits, bad luck, and misfortune. They are also believed to protect us from harmful EMFs emitted from our phones, TV, and other gadgets. It also offers psychic protection, clearing psychic smogs that have accumulated due to stressful and traumatic events in our lives.

2. Keeps you grounded

As a stone connected to the root chakra, obsidian helps keep us grounded. It provides a sense of stability in all aspects of our lives. This volcanic glass keeps us connected with the earth, allowing us to be mindful of the things around us.

3. Improves your career or business

This black stone also helps enhance the feng shui energy of success in our career or business. Placing this stone in our homes or wearing it as a charm welcomes good luck to enter our life. It also opens up new opportunities that can lead to the next benefits.

4. Enhances your wealth

As the stone works to improve your career luck, it then leads you to accumulate more wealth. Its association with the water element also helps money energy to flow more smoothly in your life. This is because the water element nourishes wood, the element that represents money and abundance in feng shui.

5. Boosts your health

Obsidian is also a healing stone used to combat shadow traits such as addiction, emotional blockages, and negative thinking. Crystal healers also use it to ease physical issues related to the gallbladder, the colon, and the digestive system. It is also believed to have detoxifying properties used to flush out unwanted elements in the body.

6. Improve relationships

Finally, obsidian can be used to strengthen your relationships. This stone is said to let you see the innermost truth in you. It can be used to learn more about yourself and make peace with it. Being in harmony with yourself is a foundation of a healthy relationship.

Obsidian Jewelry


Obsidian Chakra

Obsidian is aligned with the root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine. The root chakra is the energy point responsible for stability and grounding.

Healing crystals and gemstones are usually connected to chakras. Using these gems allows you to balance, restore, and channel energy into your body.

This volcanic stone helps balance the root chakra. It helps establish a solid foundation for your life, inspiring stability to all your other chakras.

An unbalanced base chakra results in instability in all aspects of your life. This also disrupts the flow of energy in your remaining chakras.


Obsidian Healing Properties

As a stone connected to the root chakra, obsidian helps you become more grounded and secured both physically and emotionally.

It is also a highly protective stone that gets rid of negative energies and unwanted thoughts.

Moreover, obsidian works best in dissolving emotional blockages and past traumas. This stone helps you recover from shadow traits such as addiction and other excessive behaviors.

Physically, obsidian aids in healing issues related to the gallbladder, the colon, and the digestive system. It also eases symptoms of arthritis and constipation while detoxifying the body.


Obsidian Feng Shui 

Obsidian is associated with the water element.

In Feng Shui, the color of the crystal is often used to determine which element it belongs to.

Black crystals are tied with water.

The water element relates to the career and life path aspects of Feng Shui.

Obsidian Meaning - Obsidian Feng Shui Element

Enhancing the energy of water helps your business and career flow more smoothly. It also opens up new opportunities to improve your wealth or fulfill your mission in life.

Too little water energy may lead to a lack of opportunities, low career growth, and money problems.


Obsidian Color Meaning

Obsidian can be categorized into different types depending on its color. But it is not only the color that differs. While all types of obsidian share the general properties of protection, grounding, and healing, each type also holds specific meanings.

Below, learn about the different obsidian color meaning:

Black Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Mahogany Obsidian

The black obsidian variant is the most recognized form of obsidian. However, it is also the rarest.

This is because black obsidian stones are formed without trace elements. It means they are pure lava that quickly solidified after a volcanic eruption, resulting in a rare jet-black stone. 

Black obsidian meaning: Black obsidian's meaning is all about protection and grounding.

Mahogany Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian by James St. John

Mahogany obsidian is considered the most common type of obsidian. It is characterized by its reddish-brown color that resembles mahogany.

Unlike pure black obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian contains trace elements that make its appearance. The mahogany look is caused by the presence of magnetite or oxidized hematite, which occurred during its formation.

Mahogany obsidian meaning: The mahogany type is is all about growth and stability.

Rainbow Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Rainbow Obsidian

Carved rainbow obsidian by ore_reserve

At first glance, rainbow obsidian may look like a pure black obsidian. But when exposed to bright light, you will see a band of colors appearing on its surface.

These rainbow colors appear because of the inclusions of magnetite nanocrystals in volcanic rocks. The tiny air bubbles inside the stone reflect light, causing a lustrous sheen on this obsidian variant.

Rainbow obsidian meaning: The rainbow obsidian type reveals hidden truths in your life.

Sheen Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Sheen Obsidian

Gold sheen obsidian by Stan Celestian & Mineralias

Sheen obsidian is like the rainbow variant. It reflects light when shone. But instead of rainbow colors, it casts a beautiful golden or silver sheen.

This is due to bubbles that remained from the lava flow. As the lava gets exposed to water, vaporized, and turned into a rock, it formed tiny air pockets responsible for its iridescent color. 

Sheen obsidian meaning: The sheen obsidian kind is all about self-reflection as it allows you to know your true self.

Snowflake Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Snowflake Obsidian

If you find an obsidian stone with white or gray patches on the surface, it’s no other than the snowflake obsidian. It’s called such because the splotches resemble tiny snowflakes.

Like the other variants, the patches are caused by impurities during the rock’s formation. These needle-shaped patterns are actually cristobalite, a type of quartz. 

Snowflake obsidian meaning: The meaning of the snowflake type is all about purification and balance.

Fire Obsidian

Obsidian Meaning - Fire Obsidian

Fire obsidian is among the rarest form of obsidian on the list. It basically has the same properties as rainbow obsidian, but it has thinner layers of magnetite in it. This creates a fascinating pattern of colors that changes depending on the angle you view it. 

Fire obsidian meaning: Fire obsidian's meaning is all about transformation, giving you the courage and strength to let go of old patterns, traumas, and fears.

Apache Tears

Obsidian Meaning - Apache tears

Apache tears by Stan Celestian

Apache tears look very much like black obsidian in color. However, they have a rougher texture and a less glassy appearance.

These stones have a different texture because of how they were formed. Instead of solidifying on the ground, the lava actually gets thrown up into the air. Apache tears quickly solidified before they even hit the ground, thus, the rougher look.

Apache tears meaning: With its gentler energy, the meaning of apache tears is all about emotional support and overcoming grief.


Is Obsidian Rare?

No, obsidian isn’t rare.

In fact, it is the most common form of natural glass. It can be found in many parts of the world where there is frequent volcanic activity.

The stone can be mined in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, and the United States, among others.

However, some forms of obsidian can be harder to find.

For instance, pure black obsidian is rare because most of these volcanic rocks contain trace elements that give them a mix of colors. The most common is a combination of black and brown known as mahogany obsidian.

Iridescent varieties like fire obsidian, rainbow obsidian, and sheen obsidian are also mined less frequently.


Is Obsidian Expensive?

Obsidian isn’t an expensive stone. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable gemstones in the market today.

Compared to other semi-precious stones, obsidian is at the lower price range. The cost of obsidian is around the price of amethyst, black tourmaline, and citrine, which are all affordable gemstones.


How Much is Obsidian Worth?

You can buy obsidian for as low as $2 and as high as $100.

Unlike precious gems, obsidian stones don’t have standard value in the market today. Its price depends on the processing it goes through.

For instance, a raw obsidian stone may cost $5 to $10 per kilogram. A polished and quality cut obsidian, like those used in jewelry, may cost above $20.

The more processing the stone undergoes, the more expensive it can get.


Is Obsidian Valuable?

Although generally inexpensive, obsidian is a valuable stone for crystal enthusiasts.

While less durable than other gemstones, obsidian boasts of a glassy luster that makes it a beautiful piece to wear.

Aside from its beauty, what makes obsidian a worthy addition to your collection is the meaning associated with it.

Obsidian, particularly the pure black variety, is famed for its protective qualities.

Many seek the stone to defend themselves from unwanted energies. These include negativity, psychic attacks, toxic behaviors, and even harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

As a healing stone, obsidian also helps you recover from stressful or traumatic experiences. It does this by clearing the psychic clouds or “smog” that accumulated in your energy field.


Obsidian in Jewelry and Charms

Due to its neutral color, obsidian makes an excellent gemstone for both genders.

That’s why you’ll find this volcanic glass in many jewelry and artisan applications. The black obsidian bracelet is especially popular, but you can also wear a necklace, earrings, or ring. You can even find feng shui trees made of the stone.

The iridescent variants also make excellent gemstones when polished.

Obsidian Jewelry and Charms

As a healing crystal, the metaphysical properties of obsidian also make for an excellent protection charm. In feng shui, it is used to attract wealth and abundance along with other Chinese good luck symbols.

However, obsidian only ranks 5.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This means it’s relatively a soft stone.

You may want to avoid impact as much as possible because the stone is prone to scratching and chipping.


How to Tell If Obsidian is Real

Obsidian can be easily mistaken for other black stones such as jet and onyx. Some people also deceive with imitation obsidian using a common glass.

So, how do you tell real obsidian from fake ones?

Here are some things you can look at to improve your chances of finding an authentic obsidian stone.

  • General appearance. Real obsidian stones have a shiny appearance. They also look like glass that sometimes looks transparent when exposed to light.
  • Color. Pure obsidian is jet black in color. Other types of obsidian can look reddish-brown have white and gray specks, or have bands of color.
  • Texture. It should feel smooth when you touch obsidian.
  • Price. A polished obsidian stone can cost more than $20. Anything below that can be a sign that you’re dealing with fake gemstone.

Obsidian vs Jet

Jet is much lighter than obsidian because it is made of fossilized wood. It should float or sink more slowly when placed in water. Its color may also appear silvery metallic and could create black or brown streaks when rubbed against a rough surface.

Obsidian vs Onyx

Onyx is heavier than obsidian because of its crystalline structure. Onyx also looks duller in comparison to obsidian and is opaque when exposed to light.

Obsidian vs Glass

Although obsidian is a natural glass, it is slightly harder than common glass.


How to Use Obsidian

In modern times, obsidian is famed not only for its beautiful luster but also for its supposed powers. If you want to take advantage of the gemstone’s benefits, here are some ways you can use it in your everyday life.

Obsidian at home

Obsidian is a powerful stone to dispel negativity and protect your space. You may place small tumbled stones in your front door to prevent negative energy and evil spirits from entering your home. Or you may place it under the four corners of your bed to protect you while sleeping. 

Obsidian in a crystal grid

Crystal grids help amplify the energy of crystals so you can harness their spiritual powers. To create a protective crystal grid, form a circular pattern using smaller obsidian stones. Then, place the master crystal at the center of the grid. You can activate the grid by saying your intentions.

Carry a piece of obsidian

Aside from displaying a tumbled stone, you can also bring it with you anywhere. Place the stone in your pouch, purse, or wallet to keep the protection up wherever you go.

Obsidian as jewelry

Obsidian jewelry has become popular in recent years. Now, obsidian is used in different accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Keeping them close to your body helps you develop a bond with the crystal, harnessing its energy.


How to Wear a Black Obsidian Bracelet

Black obsidian bracelets are especially popular because its easy to wear and never go out of style.

And for feng shui enthusiasts, obsidian bracelets are more than just a fashion accessory. They make for a powerful charm to attract wealth and protection.

If you wish to fully enjoy all the black obsidian bracelet benefits, you should know how to wear it properly.

how to wear black obsidian bracelet

Depending on where you wear it, a black obsidian bracelet can inspire various effects:

  • Invite wealth luck when worn on the left hand
  • Grant protection against negativity when worn on the right hand

Feng shui bracelet rules suggests wear the bracelet on the left hand. This is because the left hand is used to receive energy while the right hand projects it.

A black obsidian bracelet is an exception to the rule.

Because of its properties, obsidian bracelets can be worn either on your left hand or your right hand.


How to Cleanse & Charge Your Obsidian

There are various ways to cleanse your obsidian and restore its vibrations.

The most common way to do this is by smudging. In this method, you light the tip of a sage plant. Then, allow the smoke to envelop your stone for five minutes.

You may also use moonlight or saltwater cleansing to charge your volcanic glass. In these methods, you may place the stone under direct moonlight or submerge it in salt water for a few hours.

Cleanse your stone at least once a month, or when it already feels duller and heavier than usual.


The Takeaway

Obsidian is not a crystal but a volcanic glass valued for its protective and wealth-attracting qualities.

It’s an excellent gem to wear as charm jewelry because of its meaning and metaphysical properties that bring various benefits to those who wear it.

Whether you wish to protect yourself from unwanted energies, attract success in your career, feel more grounded, or get to know your innermost self better, obsidian is the stone to go.








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