The Best Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear in 2022

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Want to boost your luck in 2022?

Feng shui experts recommend that you activate the good energy in your body and your surroundings if you want more luck. But how can you do it?

Wear a feng shui bracelet.

Feng shui bracelets are powerful energy enhancers that you can carry around.

In this guide, find out what are the best feng shui bracelets you should wear to improve your luck in money, health, career, love, and more!



What are Feng Shui Bracelets?

Feng shui bracelet meaning. Feng shui bracelets are designed to enhance good energy or chi in and around you. By enhancing chi, it helps improve the gua or the feng shui areas of human lives.

There are all kinds of bracelets that bring in different kinds of energy. They may feature crystals, Chinese characters, and other auspicious symbols. Each bracelet is made to attract certain energies that help improve your wealth luck, health luck, love luck, and other life aspects in feng shui.

Below, we’re listing down the best feng shui bracelets to activate the gua for manifesting your specific intentions.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Health

When you activate your health energy, you’ll find your life generally balanced and less stressful. You’ll suffer less from illnesses and injuries, and your sicknesses pass quickly.

Having good health is also the first step to improving other aspects of your life like your career, relationships, and wealth. To activate the energy of health, wear any of the following charm bracelets.

feng shui bracelets for health

  • Wu Lou bracelet. In Chinese culture, the Wu Lou or Holy Gourd is used to counter the “Illness Star” that inflicts sickness and injuries to people.
  • Clear quartz bracelet. Known as the “master healer,” this crystal is thought to release clearing energy. Many use it to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.
  • Jade bangle. The gentle energy of jade helps soothe the mind, body, and spirit according to crystal lovers. In Chinese beliefs, parents would give their children jade bracelets to protect them from negative energy and for good health.
  • Medicine Buddha bracelet. A symbol of longevity and good health, many invoke the Buddha’s power to heal their sickness and injuries.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Wealth and Prosperity

Activating the energy of wealth promotes abundance in all areas of your life. Money flows more easily and you’ll find more opportunities opening before you.

Wealth is associated with the element water. Wearing black crystals will help improve the flow of money in your life. You can also reinforce it with wealth symbols like the ones below.

feng shui bracelets for wealth

  • Black obsidian Pixiu bracelet. The combination of black obsidian stone and Pixiu, the “fortune beast,” makes a powerful charm for abundance and prosperity.
  • Old Chinese coin bracelet. Wearing these symbols help form the harmony of “Heaven-Earth-Man” luck which brings good fortune and protection.
  • Citrine bracelet. Known as the stone of manifestation, citrine is used to amplify the energy of your wealth intention.
  • Green Jade bracelet. Green is the color of money that’s why wearing a jadestone helps attract wealth according to Chinese beliefs.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Love, Marriage, and Relationships

Whether you’re looking for new romance or you want to strengthen existing relationships, you need to activate your love energy. Doing so also helps you to love yourself more.

Adding the colors pink and red to your accessories will help improve the energy of love in your life. Any symbols in pairs will also help you in your romance and relationship area.

feng shui bracelets for love

  • Rose quartz bracelet. In the crystal world, rose quartz is the ultimate stone to attract unconditional love. Many wear this stone to bring out the best qualities in them.
  • Dragon and phoenix bracelets. In feng shui, things in pairs are powerful activators of romance energy. When it comes to ultimate pairings, the Chinese people hold the dragon and phoenix couple in high regard.
  • Heart shaped bracelet. It isn’t only in feng shui but hearts are regarded as a symbol of love in many concepts and beliefs across the world.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Fame and Reputation

Fame is not only for celebrities and renowned personalities. If you wish for more recognition at work or for people to like you, it’s time to activate this gua. When your fame gua is activated, you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals.

Fire is the element of fame, which is represented by the colors red, orange, and pink. You may wear crystal bracelets of these colors. Any pointed symbols or wooden objects also help activate the energy of fame.

Feng Shui Bracelets for Fame & Recognition

  • Red garnet bracelet. This stone is thought to ignite passion so you’ll be motivated to chase for recognition.
  • Star charm bracelet. A pointed shape for making your star shine brighter.
  • Dragon bracelet. The Chinese dragon is a renowned beast. In feng shui, wearing the image of exemplary people or animals helps enhance your fame gua.
  • Yak bone bracelet. Accessories made from animals also help attract the energy of fame.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Career and Life Path

People looking to improve their career would want to activate this gua. Enhancing this area of life will help encourage career growth quickly and easily. You’ll find more customers flocking your business. Or if you’re retired, it helps you fulfill your general purpose in life.

Just like with wealth gua, wearing black accessories helps enhance the element of career gua. The element metal also complements this aspect of your life, as well as free-flowing shapes.

feng shui bracelets for career


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Knowledge, Wisdom, and Self-Cultivation

If you have a student in your family, enhancing his knowledge energy may help with his studies. But activating this gua isn’t only for students. Those who seek to learn new skills or need a clear headspace will also benefit from activating their wisdom feng shui.

Mountains represent the gua for learning. Wearing earthy colors such as black, blue, or green will help improve the energy of knowledge. Feng shui experts also recommend wearing the symbol of wise people to enhance the energy of wisdom around you.

feng shui bracelets for wisdom

  • Buddha head bracelet. Many people wear it to invoke the wisdom of the Buddha.
  • Mantra bracelet. Any type of text inscribed on a bracelet such as prayers and motivational quotes helps boost knowledge energy.
  • Lotus bracelet. Blooming beautifully in muddy waters, the lotus flower has long been considered a symbol of wisdom. It represents untainted knowledge amid the opinions of the world.
  • Seed beads bracelet. Some seed beads are believed to improve meditation and clarity of the mind.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Children and Creativity

For those who want their children to thrive in terms of health, happiness, and relationships, activate this gua. But if you don’t have children, this gua will help with creativity and fertility. Enhancing this energy will help you generate fresh ideas and you’ll find that projects are easily started and completed.

To activate this gua, wear white and pastel colored accessories. Any metal objects or crystals also support this life aspect.

Feng Shui Bracelets for Children and Creativity


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Helpful People and Travel

When you activate this energy, you’ll find more people being helpful to you. You get surrounded with friendly people that make life easier. Decisions are made in your favor, be it job offers, promotions, or real estate sales. Activating this gua also makes traveling easy and hassle-free.

Wearing spiritual or devotional items help enhance the energy of this gua. Anything in white, black, or gray, as well as metal items also boost spirituality and travel luck.

Feng Shui Baraceless for Helpful People & Travel

  • Prayer beads. Wear a spiritual accessory that has meaning for you like malas, rosaries, or prayer beads.
  • Metal bracelet. Metal is the element related to the helpful and travel gua. Adding metal in your accessories will help boost its energy.
  • Black and white bracelets. Travel the distance safely and quickly.


Best Feng Shui Bracelets for Family

Activating the energy of family is key to happiness at home. When activated, you’ll find that family members get along with each other. They are also generally healthy and happy in life. Also, you’re surrounded by friends that feel like family.

The element of the family gua is wood so wearing plant colors and natural materials will enhance this area of life.

feng shui bracelets for family

  • Tree of Life bracelet. The tree of life is a symbol of connection and oneness. People believe that wearing this symbol encourages unity and harmony in the family.
  • Amethyst bracelet. The stone of peace, amethyst is known for its calming energy. Many wear it to purify negativity around them and clear excessive arguments and misunderstanding among family members.
  • Rose quartz bracelet. A stone that promotes all kinds of love including familial love.


Choosing Your Feng Shui Bracelet

There are all kinds of feng shui bracelets you can wear in 2022.

But remember this: “The best bracelet is the one that aligns with your intentions.”

When choosing a feng shui charm, take time to find out your deepest desire.

Then, look for a bracelet that is designed to fulfill that intention!

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