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Love them

Exactly what I was looking for โค๏ธ

Love it !

After wearing this bracelet I feel a lot of positive energy and also some opportunities have presented themselves to me ! Fingers crossed. Love it ! Just wish they also had a smaller size for wrists like mine but other than that, itโ€™s been great for me. I got one for my husband as well along with the coin bracelet.

Love it!

The bracelet is beautiful! I love it!! It matched my hand, the unfortunate after effect of a bad IV placement. ๐Ÿ˜

Beautiful and perfect for my arm


I bought 4 bracelets. For me and my daughters. Now we share a very kind phrase. The most important one in Buddhism. We love it


Once I receive the Buddha bracelet I felted better money coming in and the energy I needed

Love it!


Love it

But its too large on my hand
There should be a customized size for ladies

I love this bracelet, it's very lightweight and looks really good on my writst! Thank you

I really love it!

I can feel the energy from day 1. I don't even take it off when I sleep and it stays in perfect condition

I'm thrilled to receive my tibetan copper bracelet. Its beautiful and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much

It's working

My life's gotten better after wearing this ring

Very satisfied

The money tree is really beautiful but I also get this feeling that I'm protected from negative energy

Very satisfied

I can feel the good vibrations just for wearing it 24hours. It looks really good on my wrist and it's very comfortable to wear it. Thanks Momentte!

Looks and feels elegant and it's 100% worth the price


I'm in love with my pixiu ring and I get complements often..


bracelet is amazing, very cool looking

Amazing support

The support is amazing and replied to every question I had. Then I decided to purchase this tree and it came in today. I am really satisfied with my purchase

Fast shipping

can't thank you enough. I feel the positive vibe already

I love it!!!

I'm in love with this bracelet! It's exactly what I looked for and thank god I found this store. I'm very pleased, thank you so much

Getting compliments

I feel a strange but positive energy in my left arm since I am wearing it. I think this is a good sign. Getting a lot of compliments also. People definitely stare at it.

Support was great

I didn't knew what to purchase and I reached out to the support. They were great and guided me very well.. I think I already am feeling something by just wearing this ring for 24h

Fast shipping

I ordered two of them to get the discount and both bracelets came in perfect condition, high quality materials. Thanks


I am a strong believer that it really attracts wealth! I bought it for my husband & I'll give it to him on his birthday. I think he will love it