How to Know an Original Feng Shui Bracelet From Fake?

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Promising plenty of feng shui bracelet benefits, these charms have become an essential part of life for many of us today.

They help us to enhance our well-being, especially in terms of our wealth luck.That’s why you’ll see a lot of people wearing a real feng shui black obsidian bracelet.

However, as more people seek help from these feng shui companions, the more we see fake black obsidian bracelets on sale now.

They come in cheap plastic beads or common glass, pretending to be real!

Fake feng shui bracelets won’t do you any good.

You should only buy a real feng shui bracelet if you desire its energetic properties. But how do you know if it’s authentic or not?

Below, find out what makes a feng shui bracelet original. By the end of this post, you’ll learn how to know an original feng shui bracelet so you don’t fall for imitation ones.

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    Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet: Real vs Fake

    Here’s a quick comparison between a real feng shui black obsidian bracelet and a fake one:


    Real Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

    Fake Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet


    Genuine black obsidian stone.

    Plastic, glass, or other imitation materials.

    Pixiu Amulet

    Made of golden or silver metal, intricately designed, and often has weight to it.

    Made of lightweight plastic or poorly crafted metal.

    Energy Cleansing

    Often comes with a certificate or note indicating it has been cleansed with sacred mantras.

    No mention of energy cleansing or blessing.


    Meticulous attention to detail; beads are uniformly shaped and polished.

    Inconsistent bead shapes, sizes, or poor craftsmanship.


    Typically priced higher than $20 due to genuine materials and craftsmanship.

    Suspiciously cheap or significantly lower than market price.


    Feels cool and solid, with the natural texture of stone.

    May feel plastic-like, overly smooth, or unnaturally light.


    Slight translucency at the edges when held against strong light.

    Completely opaque or overly transparent.


    Often sourced from reputable sellers or areas known for genuine Feng Shui products.

    Mass-produced with no clear origin or from non-reputable sources.

    Energetic Resonance

    Believed to attract wealth, ward off evil spirits, and offer protection.

    Lacks the genuine energetic properties of a real feng shui bracelet.


    Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Meaning

    The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet is the most popular feng shui bracelet for wealth. Made from black obsidian, a powerful volcanic stone, it's known to shield wearers from negative vibes and turn them into positive energy. In feng shui, this bracelet is often paired with symbols like the Pixiu, further amplifying its ability to attract wealth and prosperity.

    Wearing the Black Obsidian Bracelet is believed to cleanse one's aura, enhance clarity, and promote emotional healing, making it a holistic tool for both spiritual and physical well-being.


    What Makes a Feng Shui Bracelet Original?

    An original feng shui bracelet for wealth is made of real black obsidian stone paired with a golden metal Pixiu amulet.

    It is also cleansed and blessed with positive energy from sacred mantras to make it even more powerful.

    In the following sections, let’s dive deeper into the most crucial details that make a feng shui bracelet original:

    what makes a feng shui bracelet original?


    How to Know an Original Feng Shui Bracelet: 3 Surefire Signs

    To determine the authenticity of a feng shui bracelet, look at these most vital elements:

    1. It is crafted from real black obsidian crystals

    The number one you should look for in a black obsidian bracelet is the stone beads.

    Black obsidian is a stone associated with the flow of money.

    In feng shui, black crystals are said to hold vibrations that attract the energy of wealth and success.

    Obsidian also helps protect you from negative energies that can prevent you from manifesting an abundant life.

    Imagine if the stone beads are made of plastic or common glass. They won’t have the positive vibrations of a genuine black obsidian stone.

    As a result, you won't enjoy the black obsidian bracelet benefits you desire.

    So, don’t be deceived by these imitation “obsidian beads.”

    Continue reading to learn the difference between a real and fake black obsidian.

    Real Black Obsidian Bracelet vs. Fake

    What makes a real black obsidian bracelet? Here are the key differences at a glance:


    Real Black Obsidian Bracelet

    Fake Black Obsidian Bracelet


    Jet black with occasional subtle sheen or rainbow effects when exposed to light.

    May appear dull, overly shiny, or have inconsistent coloring.


    Smooth to the touch, but can have natural imperfections or textures.

    Often overly smooth or plastic-like.


    Typically feels cool against the skin, even in warm conditions.

    May quickly adapt to room temperature or feel like plastic.


    When held against a strong light, genuine obsidian might show very slight translucency at the edges.

    Completely opaque or overly transparent.

    Scratch Test

    Harder than most fake materials and won't scratch easily.

    Can be easily scratched, especially if made of plastic or glass.


    Heavier and feels solid in hand.

    Lighter and may feel hollow or less solid.


    Doesn’t go below $20 due to its genuine nature and the processes involved in sourcing and crafting.

    Often sold at a much cheaper price.


    Typically sourced from areas with volcanic activity.

    Can come from anywhere; often mass-produced in factories.


    Believed to have grounding and protective energies.

    Lacks the genuine energetic properties of real obsidian.


    A real black obsidian crystal has a jet black color and a shiny appearance.

    Your best friend to spot fake obsidian is the sunlight. Hold the black obsidian pearls against the light. As a vitreous stone, it may look a bit transparent.

    But, since this is a natural product, it isn't perfect! You may see shadows, impurities, the color may slightly vary. In fact, it may also show occasional subtle sheen or rainbow effects when exposed to light.

    It is common that black obsidian appears slightly greenish at some spots when holding it against light. This is a safe indicator that the obsidian is in fact real.

    Fake obsidian in comparison is typically made of black glass and doesn't let through any lightit doesn't show any of these natural stone behaviors.

    Black obsidian is a natural product and has its price. It is not possible to find real obsidian bracelets under $20 per piece.

    buy real feng shui black obsidian bracelet

    2. It features a golden or silver metal Pixiu

    An authentic wealth bracelet also comes with a golden or silver metal Pixiu amulet.

    In Chinese culture, Pixiu is known as the “fortune beast.”

    According to the stories, it is a celestial creature that consumes treasures like gemstones and gold. It scours the world to fill its belly with precious items.

    For this reason, people believe wearing a Pixiu bracelet helps attract wealth and abundance.

    This is especially true if the charm is made of golden metal.

    In Chinese beliefs, metal is the feng shui element representing the heaven. Having the energy of heaven on your side helps you achieve your goals.

    Gold is also the color of wealth and abundance. Feng shui masters recommend that your Pixiu comes in this color to attract more wealth.

    3. It is cleansed and charged with positive energy

    An excellent wealth bracelet is not only authentic. It is also cleansed and charged with positive energies.

    The best feng shui bracelet is blessed with a powerful mantra for good luck, happiness, and protection.

    It should also be cleansed before it get sent out to you.

    Doing so ensures you’re getting the most out of your black obsidian Pixiu bracelet.

    A cleansed feng shui bracelet often comes with a certificate or note indicating it has been cleansed with sacred mantras.


    Where Can You Buy an Original Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

    To secure an original Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet, your best bet is to turn to specialized feng shui and crystal shops that have built a solid reputation over the years. These stores often prioritize the authenticity and quality of their products, understanding the significance and intricacies of feng shui artifacts.

    What sets these shops apart is their commitment to educating their community. Many such reputable stores maintain active blogs, offering insights into the feng shui bracelet meaning, benefits, and care of the items they offer.

    By choosing to purchase from these knowledgeable vendors, you do not only increase your chances of acquiring a real feng shui bracelet. You also benefit from a wealth of information that ensures you get the most out of your feng shui experience.

    buy real feng shui black obsidian bracelet


    Enjoy the Benefits of a Real Feng Shui Bracelet!

    If you’re getting a feng shui wealth bracelet, make sure that it is made of real black obsidian beads and a golden metal Pixiu.

    Always watch out for fake black obsidian bracelets that won’t serve you any purpose.

    We at Buddha and Karma ensure that you get a real feng shui black obsidian bracelet to manifest your intention.

    Every item you get is blessed and charged with positive vibrations so you are assured you’ll have a reliable companion.

    Looking for a review of our Feng Shui bracelet? See what other blogs are saying after doing a test purchase: Feng Shui Bracelets Review.

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    • Lorraine

      Okay after reading all these comments I’m a little leery to order the bracelet Wayne God’s name do I have to pay $7 for it to be blessed they thought it already was and some of your footnotes I read I sure hope you’re being honest with all of us where did you get the real bracelet if there is such a thing.

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      I purchased a bracelet that I am now sure is a fake. I have never had such a lack of money before. I just want to know how to be rid of it and I really would like to purchase an authentic ring. Please give me an answer. Thank you

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      Hi I got my bracelet and the so-called dragon or whatever it’s supposed to be I don’t even know what it is it’s starting to fade The gold is run off and it’s like a pinkish color So I think I’ve been got and it stinks like metal is horrible and it’s not bringing me no kind of blessings cuz I really get my blessings from God but I like the brace and I want a real one where do I get the real thing at

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