Chinese Good Luck Bracelet: The Meaning Behind These Charms

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When it comes to good luck bracelets, the Chinese philosophy of feng shui has a lot to do with it.

For centuries, the Chinese have been using symbols to improve different areas of their life. Traditionally, they place these symbols around their homes or workplaces to attract good luck, wealth, and health.

Today, these symbols can be found in bracelets and other jewelry, believing they will bring great fortune.

To understand how they work, we'll take a look at Chinese good luck bracelets and the meaning behind these charms in this post.

Chinese Good Luck Bracelet Meaning

Chinese good luck bracelets are a type of feng shui enhancers worn to bring good luck.

These bracelets are consciously made to align with the world's energy. As a result, they help bring harmony to one's life.

In Chinese beliefs, a harmonious life attracts good luck, wealth, and great fortune.

Thus, wearing these Chinese bracelets is seen as a way to bring all good things.

What are Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Made Of?

A typical Chinese lucky bracelet is made of the following:

  • Crystal Beads
  • Lucky Charm

Both elements play a part in bringing great fortune to those who wear a good luck bracelet. Below, let's learn more about each element.

Chinese Bracelet Beads Meaning

Chinese bracelet beads are usually made of various crystals and gemstones.

In both feng shui and crystal healing, each of these stones is believed to hold different energies and meanings.

The most common crystals used in lucky bracelets include:

  • Black obsidian benefits: Worn for protection.
  • Jade. Worn to attract luck, abundance, and healing.
  • Rose quartz. Worn to invite love.
  • Citrine. Worn to attract wealth.
  • Tiger's Eye. Worn to bring courage and strength.

Chinese Lucky Charm Bracelet Meaning

Aside from the beads,  Chinese bracelets also feature powerful lucky charms.

These can be in the form of symbols, animals, or even meaningful words.

Some of the most popular lucky charms include:

  • The Pixiu meaning: A mythical creature known for bringing and safeguarding wealth.
  • The Dragon. A symbol of good luck, strength, and power.
  • The Phoenix. A symbol of rebirth, renewal, and hope.
  • The Wu Lou (Holy Chinese gourd). A feng shui cure for good health and long life.
  • The Old Chinese Coins. A symbol of wealth and good fortune.
  • The Om Symbol. Considered the sound the universe, used to align with the world’s energy.

There are many different kinds of Chinese good luck bracelets. And each has its own unique meaning.

Some bracelets are meant to bring good luck in love and relationships. Others are said to enhance one's career luck or attract wealth and abundance.

The most popular Chinese bracelets today are:

Wealth Bracelets

Designed to attract abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

Example: The Feng Shui Bracelet for Wealth, The God of Wealth Citrine Bracelet, The Pixiu Bracelet

wealth bracelets


Healing Bracelets

Designed to improve one's health and protect against illnesses.

Example: The Wu Lou Healing Bracelet, The Jade Bangle Bracelet

healing bracelets


Love Bracelets

Designed to find love, nurture existing relationships, and improve marriage luck.

Example: The Dragon & Phoenix Couple Bracelet, The Rose Quartz Bracelet

love bracelets


Protection Bracelets

Designed to keep negative energy away and protect the wearer from harm.

Example: The Black Obsidian Bracelet, The Zodiac Sign Bracelet

protection bracelets

Do Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Really Work?

Many claimed to have experienced positive changes in their life after wearing a Chinese good luck bracelet.

Some say they've attracted more wealth and abundance. Others claim to have found their soulmate or improved their health.

Whether or not you believe in the power of these bracelets, there's no harm in trying one out for yourself.

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How to Wear a Chinese Good Luck Bracelet

Now that you know the meaning behind these bracelets, it's time to learn how to wear one.

Here are some steps to activate your good luck bracelet:

  1. Choose a bracelet that represents your intention. Whether it's wealth, love, or health, make sure to pick a bracelet that will help you achieve your goal.
  2. Cleanse your bracelet regularly. This will help remove any negative energy it has absorbed.
  3. Wear your bracelet on your left wrist. This is the receiving side of the body and will help attract what you're manifesting.
  4. Have faith and let the Universe work its magic. The most important thing is to believe that you deserve good luck so you can attract it.

Knowing how to wear a feng shui bracelet lets you enjoy its full potential. If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to attracting all the good luck and abundance you desire.

Get a Chinese Lucky Bracelet Now

We hope you enjoyed learning about the meaning behind Chinese good luck bracelets.

Whether you're looking for love, wealth, or health, there's a bracelet out there that can help you achieve your goal.

Remember to cleanse your bracelet regularly and wear it on your left wrist. And most importantly, have faith and let the Universe work its magic.

Are you ready to try out a Chinese good luck bracelet for yourself? Shop our collection today.


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