What is the Wu Lou? The Meaning of This Feng Shui Amulet for Good Health

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The Wu Lou is a sacred gourd that has been used in feng shui for centuries. This amulet is known to be one of the most powerful feng shui symbols for good health.

Because of its reputation, you can find this symbol hung in many homes and businesses in Asia. In the modern practice of feng shui, you can also find people wearing the Wu Lou as a bracelet, pendant, or earring.

To learn more about the meaning of the Wu Lou feng shui amulet, read on.

What is the Wu Lou in Feng Shui?

The Wu Lou is originally a hollowed-out gourd or calabash Taoist monks and Chinese locals used to store food or medicine.

It is shaped like a bottle, with a narrow top and wider bottom, hence it was also called the "bottle gourd."

Today, the gourd can be made of metal, jade, or brass. And you can find it in different colors like red, green, black, pink, or gold.

Feng Shui Wu Lou Meaning

The Wu Lou is a symbol of good health, long life, and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Also known as the "gourd of longevity," the Wu Lou has been used in feng shui to counter negative energy that brings illnesses and bad luck.

This pumpkin amulet is believed to contain the elixir of life. The said elixir is a miraculous remedy often depicted in images of the Chinese god of longevity, Sau.

As one of the eight feng shui treasures, Wu Lou is also believed to attract good luck and good fortune.

What is a Wu Lou Good For?

The Wu Lou is a feng shui amulet that is said to be useful in the following ways:

Preventing illness and death

In feng shui, the holy gourd is used as a feng shui cure for Flying Star #2, also known as the Illness Star.

This star is said to cause diseases, illness, and even early deaths. Hanging a holy gourd in your home is said to protect against these negative energies.

Improving health and well-being

If you or a family member is sick, hanging a Wu Lou on the headboard of their beds is said to speed up the recovery process.

The Wu Lou is also a good feng shui cure for those who are prone to illness or have a weak constitution.

Preventing accidents and misfortune

As a cure to the Flying Star #5, the sacred gourd is said to protect against accidents, misfortunes, and violence.

Placing it in your home is said to create a safe and peaceful environment.

Attracting good luck and fortune

The Wu Lou is also known as the "fortune-bringing gourd."

Its shape is also said to be perfect for bringing abundance. The narrow top is great for attracting wealth while the narrow bottom is used to keep it. The top and bottom parts of the bottle gourd also represent heaven and earth.

Protecting against ill intentions

The Wu Lou is also said to be a powerful feng shui weapon against evil spirits and ill-intentioned people.

It is believed that the sacred gourd has the power to absorb negative energy, especially if it is made of metal.

How to Use the Wu Lou Gourd?

Now that you know the different feng shui meanings of Wu Lou, it's time to use it. But how?

Here are some tips on how to use this powerful feng shui amulet:

  • Hang a Wu Lou in your home or office to create good energy and protect against negative influences.
  • Wear a Wu Lou bracelet or pendant to attract good luck and fortune.
  • Give a Wu Lou as a gift to someone who is sick or going through a difficult time.
  • Place a Wu Lou in your car to prevent accidents and create good energy while driving.

Final Thoughts

The Wu Lou is an incredibly powerful feng shui amulet with many different meanings.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, attract good luck, or protect against negative energy, the Wu Lou is a great choice.

So what are you waiting for? Start using this powerful feng shui symbol today!

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