Empower Your Life
Black and Gold Feng Shui Beads Pixiu Charm

A powerful Feng Shui enhancer to attract the energy of abundance and financial success.

Let’s See Our Mission

At Buddha & Karma, we made it our goal to ease your worries about the future so you can live in the moment.

By Bringing spiritual items charged with the energy of healing, abundance, love or protection, we hope...

3 Hours of Mindful Meditation Music

Discover 20 Meditation music tracks for mindfulness carefully for you to enjoy.
Listen to clam ambient tracks best for mindfulness meditation, healing, yoga and many more!

Start your meditation journey today!

How To Find Balance

Is it hard to find balance within you? ancient cultures tell some jewelry helps promote stability. And we collected a few of them for you!

Release the power of the jade agate, Yin yang

Buddha & Karma - Meaningful Spiritual Jewelry

Attract Positivity

Hoping to get rid of negative energies? Ancient beliefs tell that some jewelries helps attract a positive life. And we bring a few
of them for you!

Use the power of the Heart Sutra, Rainbow obsidian/ Tree of life, and other positivity
items now!

Attract Positivity
Attract Luck

Need to boost your luck? Ancient beliefs tell that some jewelries helps attract good fortune. And we collected a few of them for you!

Harness the power of the Mani Mantra. Red Strings, Black Obsidian, and other lucky items now.

Attract Wealth

Looking to attract money? Eastern cultures
tell that some jewelries helps promote wealth. And we found a few of them for you!

Gain the power of the Pixiu, Dragon, Mani mantra, and other wealth items now!

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