How to Activate Your Pixiu Bracelet: A Step-by-Step Guide

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A Pixiu bracelet (also called Piyao bracelet) becomes more powerful when you activate its energy.

In this guide, find out how you can activate your Pixiu bracelet based on feng shui bracelet rules. Learn what you should do before, during, and after wearing the bracelet to get the most out of your wealth charm.


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How to Activate Your Pixiu Bracelet in 9 Steps

Before Wearing Your Pixiu

1. Cleanse your bracelet

Your bracelet may have accumulated too much energy as it reaches your doorstep. This can dull the effect of your wealth charm. That's why it's essential that you cleanse it before wearing. Keep reading until the end to learn how to cleanse your Pixiu bracelet.

2. Feed your Pixiu

Before wearing the bracelet, you must train your Pixiu to look out for abundance. To do this, place it in a bowl filled with precious items such as coins and gems. However, refrain from using paper bills because Pixiu is not attracted to them. Do this annually, before the upcoming Chinese New Year begins.

3. Program your intention

The energy of your bracelet must align with the energy of your intention. You can achieve this by turning your goal into affirmation. For instance, you can say “I attract the energy of abundance” every day while wearing the bracelet. Repeat the mantra several times to manifest your intentions.


While Wearing Your Pixiu

4. Wear it on your left hand

In Chinese culture, the left hand is considered the receiving hand. The saying goes, “The left is going in, the right is going out.” Wearing the bracelet on your left hand helps you absorb wealth chi (energy), thus, inviting abundance into your life.

5. Make Pixiu face outwards

This means the head of Pixiu should face toward the direction of your little finger. Doing so allows the fortune beast to look for precious items around you.

6. Pet your Pixiu

Piyao serves you best when you strengthen your bond with it. To do this, you must touch its body frequently, just like how you would with your pet. However, avoid touching its mouth and eyes which it uses to hunt for treasures.

7. Work toward your goal

Good feng shui teaches us to work toward our goal. In return, the universe through the Piyao bracelet will aid us in manifesting our intentions.


After Wearing Your Pixiu

8. Let it face outside

While it is advised to wear the bracelet every time, you’ll have to remove it when you’re sleeping, using the toilet, or making love. When you do, you can place it in your bowl, with its head facing the door or windows. This lets Piyao continue searching for abundance even at home. When you’re outside, you can pack it in a red cloth whenever you’re using the toilet.

9. Pack it in a red cloth if it breaks

There will come a time when your bracelet will break. This could mean the amulet has already served its purpose. When it breaks, pack it in a red cloth and bury it to the ground.

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Save the infographic below so you can easily access the step-by-step guide on how to activate your Pixiu bracelet!

how to activate pixiu bracelet


How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Bracelet

First, clean the bracelet on a physical level. Remove dust and wash it with running water.

Then, cleanse it on an energy level. For best result, cleanse your bracelet with high-frequency vibrations.

To cleanse with sound, you'll need:

Follow the steps below to remove negative energy from your bracelet,

  1. Place your bracelet next to the bowl.
  2. Then, strike the bowl with the mallet to produce the cleansing sound.
  3. Rub the side of the bowl to keep the vibration going.
  4. Allow the sound to wash over your Pixiu charm. This will recharge the energy of the bracelet, strengthening its effects.
  5. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

As a rule of thumb, you should also cleanse your Piyao bracelet at least once a month to remove the negative energy that attaches to it.


How to Wear a Double Pixiu Bracelet

Wear your double Pixiu bracelet on your left hand.

Just like with your regular Pixiu bracelet, this charm should be worn on the receptive hand to absorb its wealth energy.

how to wear double pixiu bracelet

You can follow the same steps above to activate your double Pixiu bracelet.

  1. Cleanse your bracelet
  2. Feed your Pixius
  3. Program your intentions
  4. Wear them on your left hand
  5. Pet your Pixius
  6. Work toward your goal
  7. Pack them in red cloth if they break

Double Pixiu bracelet meaning. In feng shui, we put a mirror in front of the dining table to make it appear like we’re doubling the amount of food. This is said to bring in prosperity twofold.

This practice is called “doubling excellence,” the concept behind the double Pixiu bracelet.

With two Pixius in one bracelet, you get to attract twice more energy than a single charm.


Pixiu Bracelet FAQs

What is a Pixiu bracelet for?

A Pixiu bracelet is worn to attract, acquire, and preserve wealth. In Chinese culture, Piyao is known as the “fortune beast,” which is believed to be a creature that brings abundance to its owner.

Who can and cannot wear a Pixiu bracelet?

Individuals who want to manifest wealth and abundance can wear a Pixiu bracelet. However, feng shui experts suggest that people aged below 16 or over the age of 70, as well as pregnant women, should refrain from wearing the amulet. This is because Piyao's energy can be too strong for these people to wear. The only exception is if you meditate regularly or you have an active lifestyle.

How do you wear a Pixiu bracelet?

In general, feng shui masters advise to wear the bracelet on your left hand. This is because the Chinese people believe that the left side of the body is used to receive the world’s energy.

Where should the head of Pixiu face?

The head of Pixiu should face outward, toward your little finger.

Where can I place Pixiu at home?

Place it in a bowl filled with precious items such as coins and gems. Make sure the head of Pixiu is facing toward your door or windows.

Can I wear Pixiu to sleep?

You cannot wear Pixiu to sleep. This creature can be too aggressive that it can disturb you while you sleep.

Can I wear Pixiu to toilet?

You cannot wear Pixiu when you’re in the toilet. You should treat Pixiu as a friend to earn its loyalty. Just like how you wouldn’t go with your friend in the toilet, you wouldn’t want to bring Pixiu with you either. The same goes for taking a bath or when you’re making love.

Can I wear my Pixiu bracelet with my watch?

Yes, you can wear the charm bracelet with your watch.

Can I wear my Pixiu bracelet with other bracelets?

Yes, you can wear your Pixiu with other bracelets. In fact, it's best to wear a citrine bracelet with Pixiu to get the most out of your wealth charm. This is because citrine is crystal that amplifies the energy of other charms.


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