The Meaning of the Om Symbol in Spiritual Jewelry

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The om symbol is one of the most well-known symbols in spiritual jewelry. It has a rich history and a deep meaning that resonates with many people.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of the om symbol. We will discuss why so many people are drawn to this powerful symbol and how it can benefit them spiritually.

But first, let's get to know what Om is and why is it chanted in many religions and spiritual practices.

What is Om?

Om, also called Ohm or Aum,  is a sacred sound that is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

This sound is considered to be the most powerful sound because it represents the essence of the entire universe.

When chanted aloud, you can hear three sounds in the om syllable: A-U-M. These three letters embody a number of important trinities:

  • Earth, atmosphere, and heaven - the three worlds
  • Goodness, passion, and darkness - the three gunas or the qualities found in nature
  • Rigveda, Yajuverda, and Samaveda - the three sacred Vedic scriptures
  • Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva - the three deities in charge of creation, preservation, and destruction
  • Past, present, and future - the three aspects of time

Because of its powerful connection to the universe, the om symbol is often used as a chant or mantra.

Om Chanting Meaning

Some people believe that chanting om can help to focus the mind and achieve a state of bliss.

That is why it is often chanted during Hindu prayers. In Buddhism, it is also used in meditation. The sound is also recited in the practice of yoga to help practitioners focus on their breath and connect with the divine.

When you chant Om, it is said to vibrate at the frequency of 432 Hz. This is the same frequency as the Earth's heartbeat.

Saying Om out loud allows you to connect yourself to all of existence. You are tapping into the universal energy that flows through all things.

This helps calm the mind, connect with your higher self, and achieve inner peace.

Om Symbol Meaning in Jewelry

The om symbol is the visual representation of the om sound.

It is made of three curve shapes, a sweeping semi-circle, and a dot as shown below.

om symbol

Each shape represents the five states of consciousness:

  • The lower left curve symbolizes the waking state.
  • The upper curve is the unconscious state.
  • The lower right curve is the dream state.
  • The semi-circle at the top represents the obstacles we face to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  • The dot represents the highest state of consciousness. 

Together, these shapes form the om symbol which is a powerful reminder to stay present and focus on our spiritual journey.

Why Do People Wear the Om Symbol?

The om symbol is powerful because it represents the entire universe.

It encompasses all of the elements that make up our world.

When we see the om symbol, we are reminded that we are connected to everything and everyone around us.

This symbol can help us feel more connected to the world and remind us of our place in it.

It is also a reminder to be kind, compassionate, and loving.

That is why many people wear the om symbol as a mantra bracelet, necklace, or ring. 

Final Thoughts

The om symbol is a beautiful reminder of our connection to the universe. It is a powerful symbol with a deep meaning.

If you're looking for a powerful symbol to wear as a piece of jewelry, the om symbol is a great choice.


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    I’m fascinated by this information. I ordered a cast iron cauldron that should have come with the symbol of a pentagram on it, but I got om symbol. I was clueless until reading this information. I’m in awe…

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