Blocked Chakra Symptoms: Watch Out for These Tell-Tale Signs

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For a human to be fully functional, more than only our physical entity must be healthy. The spiritual form can also be hurt just as much as our human body can.

Blocked chakra symptoms are easily dismissed as something unimportant.

But as chakras are the energy points of our spiritual body, a disruption in the flow of chi impacts us physically and emotionally and can have a serious negative impact on our lives.

Don’t let blocked chakras affect your well-being!

You must listen to your body to know if a chakra point is blocked. How?

Below, learn the tell-tale signs of a blocked chakra point. In this post, we’ll cover all the symptoms for each of the seven chakra points in your body.

By the end of the post, you’ll learn which chakra is blocked so you can start fixing them.

Root Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Root Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

At the base of your spine is the root chakra. It regulates our sense of stability that controls how we relate to the outside world. When it is blocked, it can lead to extreme anxiety and uncertainty. 

How can you spot if your root chakra is blocked? An initial sign is losing interest in being a part of the world. You may also experience extreme feelings of insecurity, restlessness, and lack of energy.

We lack a solid feeling of self or identity when our root chakra is clogged. Extreme imbalances in your system may also appear as self-esteem issues, depression, and even suicidal tendencies.

How to unblock the root chakra: As your root chakra extends to your legs and feet, we recommend yoga to release blockages in your system. If done right, this gives you self-assurance in your skills and security in your well-being.

Do you feel a blockage in your system? If you are ready to regain yourself, check out this list of the best crystals for root chakra healing.

Sacral Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Sacral Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Our creativity, pleasure, and sexuality are all related to the sacral chakra. Centered in your lower abdomen, it stands for your connection to your own emotions and the feelings of other people around you.

Mood swings and hypersexual thoughts can be caused by a blocked sacral chakra. If you're not feeling as creative as you desire to, it could also be a manifestation of a blocked sacral chakra. The same goes if you're having problems connecting with your sensual side.

We can rest assured in our bodies and abilities to create when the sacral chakra energy is functioning properly. It also allows you to be at ease in social environments and communicate your feelings honestly.

How to unblock the sacral chakra: A simple trick in aiding your sacral chakra: stay hydrated. This energy center is related to water, so drinking lots of it helps you be balanced.

We’ve also listed the best crystals for your sacral chakra if you feel your flow is stuck and you want to spark back your creativity. You may also use them if you wish to connect with your inner sex goddess or god.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Solar Plexus Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

The solar plexus chakra, your core, is where all your strength and drive dwells. This chakra's energy enables you to experience emotions, act on them, and bring about change.

As it houses your will, self-worth, and self-esteem, having a blocked solar plexus chakra makes you lack self-confidence and prevents you from realizing your true potential.

Losing your conviction in making sound judgments and your capacity to digest complicated concepts without being overwhelmed could both be symptoms of a blocked solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus chakra has a significant impact on how we perceive ourselves, our interactions with others, and our sense of direction in life. Success in whatever way you define it requires self-confidence, so it’s a must to have a healthy flow in the solar plexus.

How to unblock the sacral chakra: Put on a bright yellow shirt or anything with yellow or gold accents to re-energize the solar plexus chakra. Place your palm on your core and feel your energy surging while observing fire while feeling its warmth. 

Feel free to read through our 10 best solar plexus chakra stones and jumpstart your journey in improving your self-esteem.

Heart Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Heart Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

The heart chakra is for kindness, empathy, and compassion. The center of your chest holds an energy point that advocates for the love of oneself and others.

Have you ever had an unshakeable state of loneliness, unease, or insecurity out of the blue? If the answer is yes, then that’s a prime symptom of a blocked heart chakra. 

When this chakra is balanced, it enables you to express your emotions properly. You develop a sense of community, which improves your self-worth and acceptance of yourself. 

How to unblock the heart chakra: Maintain a gratitude journal and list things that you are thankful for daily to restore love in your heart chakra. It aids you in overcoming deep-seated traumas that have kept you from experiencing true happiness.

If you're feeling extra romantic, try writing yourself a love letter of things you desire to hear. To fall in love all over again, here is a list of the ten most powerful crystals for the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Heart Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

The throat chakra empowers you to speak your truth with confidence.

Communication is the key. We communicate with our loved ones, friends, coworkers, and other individuals every day, so having your throat chakra open can change your life trajectory.

One could automatically assume that having an imaginary wall separating your brain from your mouth is the only indicator of a blocked flow. Although being unable to express yourself is a clear sign, there are other symptoms as well.

Having a jumbled, incomprehensible mix of thoughts is also evidence of clogged throat chakra. Additionally, it may also manifest with you speaking without thinking or not letting others say their piece.

Humans understand each other better through words, so having a balanced throat chakra is critical in co-existing and avoiding unnecessary stress or misunderstandings.

How to unblock the throat chakra: You can unblock your throat chakra by speaking affirmations throughout the day. Phrases that promote self-assurance and personal authority open this chakra up. Creating mantras to assure your capacity to communicate is king.

If you want to turn that up a notch, head over to our blog post where we named the best crystals for the throat chakra and start speaking your truth.

Third Eye Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Third Eye Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

The third eye chakra is an energy point that connects to clarity, insight, and psychic abilities. Just above your eyes, in the center of your forehead, it exists for our potential to see beyond the boundaries of the material world.

Waves of poor judgment, lack of intuition, and overthinking can all be symptoms of a blocked third eye. An interruption in the flow of energy in it might make you frustrated, angry, dull, or detached from your creativity.

How to unblock the third eye chakra: Meditation is the key to restoring the third eye chakra. This enables you to see past disruptions grow more, allowing you to perceive the world and interact with others better.

Through meditation, you can learn to unblock your third eye, which will help you maintain mental clarity and focus. And while you’re at this spiritual practice, be sure to use crystals to effectively unblock your third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Crown Chakra - Blocked Chakra Symptoms

At the top of your head sits the crown chakra that symbolizes our relationship with heightened consciousness and spirituality. It’s an energy source that enables us to experience purpose, peace, and fulfillment in life.

When you have a sense of detachment from your spirituality, that is the most telling sign that your crown chakra is blocked. You might even experience a state of isolation even with your own self.

Being at the top of the system, the crown chakra is also meant to keep all the other chakra channels open. When it’s blocked, all other points are impacted because it helps promote a smooth flow of energy throughout your body.

How to unblock the crown chakra: You must always maintain the crown chakra in a state of balance because it’s the center of your consciousness and existence. Fortunately, using crystals is a powerful approach to stabilizing the health of this chakra.

As you connect with the divine and open up new pathways for spiritual awakening within yourself, read here about the best stones for the crown chakra to reach a new level of discovery.

How to Know Which Chakra is Blocked?

Based on the symptoms above, it’s possible to narrow down which of your chakras is blocked. Below is a simple guide on how to know which chakra is blocked that you can do at home:

  1. Check your body for any physical pain or discomfort.
  2. Note down any negative emotions or changes in mood that you’ve been experiencing lately.
  3. Determine which areas of your life have been most affected by these changes.
  4. Based on the information gathered, look up which chakra is connected to the areas of your life that have been most affected.
  5. Once you’ve determined which chakra is blocked, you can start working on unblocking it.

Start Unblocking Your Chakras Today!

Now that you know the signs and symptoms of a blocked chakra, as well as how to determine which chakra is blocked, it’s time to start unblocking them. The best way to do this is by using crystals.

Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Each type of crystal has a unique vibration that can help to restore balance in the body.

For a comprehensive guide on using crystals to heal your chakras, check out our blog post on the subject. We’ve listed the best crystals for each chakra, as well as tips on how to use them effectively.

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To live a healthy existence and find joy in all aspects of your life, it’s crucial to maintain your chakra points in balance and have a proper energy flow.

As was mentioned above, they can get obstructed which can result in a number of health issues. Use crystals that might assist you in achieving your goals without hesitation if needed so you may be free of any blockages in your chakras.

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