Crown Chakra Stones: 10 Best Crystals to Strengthen Spirituality

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When it comes to spirituality and enlightenment, the crown chakra is the energy point you should be working on.

Healing this chakra point is beneficial if you’re struggling to connect with your spiritual self. But aside from that, it also opens loads of opportunities to better your life when you balance your Sahasrara.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best crown chakra stones to open one of the most important energy center in your body. Read on if you wish to access your inner wisdom and dive deeper into your spirituality.

What is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is at the top of the head and is responsible for the purest form of energy. It's the center of pure consciousness and spiritual awareness and is associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and divine love.

Also known as Sahasrara, this chakra point helps us connect to our higher self. It enables us to understand our purpose in life as we connect to our source of inner guidance.

It is also associated with an all-encompassing love for everyone and everything in the universe, including yourself. Thus, working with this chakra point lets you have a sense of control over the way you reach out to others. Instead of judging based on physical appearance or flaws, you perceive others on a spiritual level thanks to this energy center.

The Importance of Healing the Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra is blocked, you may find yourself feeling disconnected from your spirituality. You may also feel isolated from others and even yourself.

Freeing this chakra from blockages can connect you with a higher power, be it God or the Universe.

But aside from that, you might be thinking that the crown chakra is only essential to spiritual people. The truth is that healing this chakra is vital to each and every one of us. Why?

Imagine this: when you have a headache, it feels like the pain affects the rest of your body. That’s also what happens in the crown chakra, which significantly impacts your overall health.

The crown chakra is said to keep all the other energy points open, being at the top-most part of the system. When this chakra is healthy, it can help the energy flow smoothly throughout your system. When it is blocked, it can disrupt the flow, leading to a variety of problems related to each chakra point.

That’s why it’s crucial that you keep the crown chakra active at all times. Luckily there's an effective way to keep this chakra healthy: by using crystals.

The Best Crystals for the Crown Chakra

By working with crown chakra crystals, you can help yourself connect with the divine. This can open up new pathways for spiritual awakening within yourself.

Below, we listed the best stones for the crown chakra:


Amethyst is a purple gemstone prized for its spiritual qualities because it removes all traces of stress and anxiety. To ensure that you are ready to receive the messages you need, it also activates the third eye chakra, ensuring your infinite wisdom and deeper understanding.

In addition, all negative energy is transformed into feelings of love. It also raises your consciousness so you’ll be ready for more profound meditation.

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz stone is a master healer on various levels, thanks to its dazzling icy-white clarity. This crystal-clear gem works its magic on all seven chakras, removing obstructions and ensuring that energy flow is as smooth as a spring melt. You can sit with your higher self and prepare for the experience of an open mind and an open heart when you use clear quartz as a grounding crystal.

With clear quartz, the crown is opened, allowing the light to flow freely. It also reawakens long-dormant desires and infuses your physical and spiritual being with a sense of direction and purpose.


One of the purest crown chakra gems is sweet selenite. This stone, peachy or snow-white in its raw state, is a universal healer. It’s infused with truth, integrity, and positive power.

Taking a step into the light and a life filled with insight and meaning is made possible because of this crystal. In addition, it can help you connect with your spirit guides and even grant you access to the angel realm.


The lepidolite stone has a lovely mix of purple and pink hues. As a crown chakra winner, this crystal is excellent at removing anxieties and showering you with peace and radiance.

When it comes to lepidolite, the goal is to make you feel complete and connected to the cosmos. This means balancing your physical health with your mental clarity.  Lepidolite also aids in opening the crown because it removes fear and encourages you to focus on happiness rather than chasing it.


With its cream-colored hue and splayed gray roads, the howlite stone is a constant reminder that you must follow your path. The howlite stone is more than just a stone for those who like to daydream. It is also a bridge between your heart chakra and your crown chakra. 

Trust, wisdom, infinite love, and understanding can shine brightly when these chakras are balanced and harmonized. Howlite is a spirit guide for those who feel disoriented in this world.


This is one of the most mysterious stones in makeup and mood, echoing the Aurora Borealis’ flashing colors. Your higher chakras will benefit from this gem's healing properties, as they work on them. The throat chakra is opened, the third eye chakra is activated, and the crown chakra is cleared, allowing you to hear better, see, and connect with your highest self.

Labradorite stimulates the imagination and opens the door to the mystique within you. Because it protects the aura, you can let go with confidence.


For those who want to open their crown chakra more easily, sugilite brings its high-purpose purple hues to the table. When it comes to sugilite, one of its best qualities is that it encourages you to forgive yourself and move forward. 

It's possible to get bogged down in the past and lose touch with our crown chakra, preventing us from moving forward. Known as the "healer's gem," sugilite is a powerful stone that promises to keep you strong and courageous no matter what. Sugilite provides the kind of spirituality that can win over even the most ferocious of lions.


Inhale deeply. White agate is an excellent stone for balancing and releasing the crown chakra. This snow-white stone, which aids in eliminating toxins and integrating your feminine and masculine energies, is helmed by harmony. 

You can connect with angels and spirit guides by wearing a white agate pendant, which helps you shake off anxiety and depression. This is the stone you need if you want the full force of agate's powers plus a dash of spiritual allure.


When it comes to embracing the magic of fluorite, focus and clarity are pushed to the forefront. This crown chakra gem is excellent at clearing clutter and guiding you out of the shadows.

As a meditation aid, it can open doors previously closed to you, allowing you to go deeper into your practice. Pick a darker shade of purple if you want to get into the spirit of things.

Lapis Lazuli

One of the most revered stones in the world is lapis lazuli, which has a regal mystique. The crown chakra will be delighted by this deep blue stone, which is flecked with gold and decorated with white ribbons. 

All of your higher chakras benefit from lapis lazuli as well. For example, clearing the throat chakra encourages openness and a willingness to listen. Connecting with the third eye chakra brings wisdom and emotional intelligence. The crown chakra is also awakened, illuminating the mind and allowing you to tap into your spiritual powers.

How to Use These Crown Chakra Stones for Healing

To strengthen your spirituality, you can activate your crown chakra with stones in the following ways:

Wear a Piece of Healing Crystal Jewelry

You can wear a piece of jewelry that has been made from one or more of these crystals to reap their benefits. This is especially helpful if you don't have time for meditation or want a more holistic approach to healing. It's also a great option if you're looking for an easy way to feel empowered by these crystals but aren't sure how they work together yet.

Carry a Chakra Stone

Carrying a crystal around your pocket or purse is another way to get these crystals into your life daily. This works exceptionally well if you have trouble meditating or keeping track of other practices—you'll always have them on hand, so they're ready when you need them.

Meditate with the Crystal

Meditating with the crystal can be another way to use your crown chakra stone. When you meditate with these stones, you'll receive healing energy from them and help balance the power of all seven chakras within your body.


The crown chakra is the highest point of your energy system and is responsible for connecting you to higher wisdom, intuition, and understanding. The stones associated with this chakra are often bright and colorful, as well as rare or expensive.

It's important to note that working with these stones is not about how much money you spend on them but how much value they have for you.

There are many stone options, so take some time to explore what resonates with you and your needs. If something doesn't feel right at first, don't be afraid to try something else.

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