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At a glance - Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card keywords:

  • Upright: Positive changes, good luck, alignment of circumstances in your favor, embracing uncertainty, potential for unexpected twists
  • Reversed: Misfortune, obstacles, delays in your progress, lack of control

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    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description

    The Wheel of Fortune showcases a large wheel adorned with various symbols, representing the cycles of life and destiny. At each corner, four creatures - an angel, eagle, lion, and bull - symbolize the four fixed signs of the zodiac. Together, they embody change, luck, and the interconnectedness of all things.

    The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a trump card that can bring forth significant shifts in your life's trajectory. Whether you're seeking guidance or simply fascinated by tarot readings and decks, this card is a must-know in your journey through the Major Arcana.

    So, buckle up as we delve into the fascinating world of fortune-telling and uncover the hidden meanings behind this captivating tarot card!

    Wheel of Fortune Upright General Meaning

    wheel of fortune upright

    The Wheel of Fortune tarot card serves as a reminder of the ever-changing cycle of life, like a wheel that keeps turning. In its upright position, this card signifies positive changes and new opportunities coming your way. It's like luck is knocking at your door!

    With the Wheel of Fortune by your side, it indicates that fate is on your side and things are aligning in your favor. You can expect good fortune to come into your life, bringing with it exciting possibilities and unexpected blessings.

    Embracing uncertainty is key when the Wheel of Fortune appears in a reading. It encourages you to go with the flow and be open to whatever comes your way. Life may take unexpected turns, but trust that everything happens for a reason.

    Finances Meaning - Upright Wheel of Fortune

    The Upright Wheel of Fortune card in tarot often signifies a period of financial stability and abundance. You may find yourself feeling comfortable with your money situation, and there could be an increase in your income or overall wealth.

    It also suggests that you may experience unexpected windfalls or lucky breaks in money matters. These sudden gains could manifest as winning a lottery, receiving an inheritance, or landing a profitable business deal out of the blue. With your luck, the card encourages you to be open to investment opportunities or taking calculated risks as favorable circumstances may arise.

    Career Meaning - Upright Wheel of Fortune

    In its upright position, the Wheel of Fortune indicates exciting opportunities and positive developments in your professional life. You may expect fortunate circumstances coming your way that may lead to advancements or promotions in your job. This could be a result of being at the right place at the right time or receiving recognition for your hard work and dedication.

    To make the most of the Wheel of Fortune's energy in your career, it's important to be adaptable and open to change. The wheel symbolizes constant movement and cycles, indicating that flexibility is crucial for success. Take calculated risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Embrace new challenges, learn new skills, and be willing to adjust your approach as needed. By doing so, you can navigate any changes or transitions with ease.

    Love Meaning - Upright Wheel of Fortune

    The Wheel of Fortune tarot card, when upright in a love reading, suggests that there is a positive shift or improvement taking place in your romantic relationships. If you're already in a relationship, this card signifies your bond may deepen or evolve into something even more meaningful.

    If you're currently single, this card suggests that a new chapter is about to begin in your love life. One key aspect highlighted by the tarot is the idea of destiny and fate. It signifies that meeting someone significant may happen through chance encounters or synchronicity. So, keep an open mind and be ready to embrace unexpected opportunities for love. Just trust in the journey of love and enjoy each moment as it comes.

    Health Meaning - Upright Wheel of Fortune

    When the Upright Wheel of Fortune appears in a health reading, it indicates positive changes and improvements in your overall well-being. This card symbolizes good fortune, suggesting that you may experience an upswing in your physical and mental state. It's like catching a lucky break when it comes to your health!

    If you've been dealing with illness or injury, the appearance of the Upright Wheel of Fortune suggests that fortunate circumstances are aligning for your recovery. It's as if luck is on your side, bringing opportunities for healing and restoration. Embrace these fortunate events and trust that they will contribute to your journey towards better health.

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed General Meaning

    wheel of fortune reversed

    Pulling the Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position indicates that luck has not been on your side lately. It seems like misfortune just keeps following you around. You may have experienced temporary setbacks or delays in your progress, and it's frustrating because these obstacles are beyond your control.

    During this time, it's crucial to exercise caution when making important decisions. Lady Luck may not be on your side, so it's better to think twice before taking any major steps. The reversed Wheel of Fortune reminds us that sometimes, we need to adapt and be resilient during challenging periods.

    This card suggests that it could be a good opportunity to let go of things we can't control. Instead of worrying about the outcome, focus on what you can change or influence. Embrace the concept of going with the flow and accepting that life doesn't always go as planned.

    Remember, even though things may seem tough right now, they won't stay this way forever. The Wheel is constantly turning, and eventually, your luck will change for the better. Stay positive and keep pushing forward.

    Finances Meaning - Reversed Wheel of Fortune

    When the Wheel of Fortune appears in reverse during a reading, it suggests financial instability and unexpected expenses may be coming. This could be due to unexpected expenses or a decrease in income. It's essential to be cautious with your spending during this time and avoid taking unnecessary risks with your finances.

    To overcome temporary financial setbacks, the reversed tarot card encourages you to focus on budgeting and saving. Saving money can provide a safety net for unexpected situations. Remember: while the reversed Wheel of Fortune may indicate challenging times financially, it also serves as a reminder that these setbacks are temporary.

    Career Meaning - Reversed Wheel of Fortune

    The Reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card in a career reading signifies obstacles or delays in career progression. It suggests that you may be facing challenges or setbacks that are preventing you from moving forward in your professional life. Adapting to changing circumstances and seeking alternative paths is crucial when the Wheel of Fortune appears in reverse.

    Instead of getting stuck and feeling discouraged, it's important to embrace flexibility and explore different opportunities. During challenging times at work, patience and perseverance are key. Remember that this is just a temporary phase, and things will eventually turn around for the better. Keep pushing forward, even if progress seems slow or uncertain.

    Love Meaning - Reversed Wheel of Fortune

    In a love context, the reversed tarot card indicates difficulties or disharmony in your romantic relationship that need to be addressed. It also advises being prepared for big changes in your love life. These changes could signify turning points or shifts in the relationship dynamics. Embrace them with an open mind, as they may lead to positive growth and transformation.

    To navigate through these rough patches, it's essential to have open communication with your partner. Discussing your concerns and feelings can help bring clarity and understanding to the situation. Compromise is also crucial, as it allows both partners to find common ground and work towards resolving any issues. It's also important to be mindful of patterns and cycles that may be affecting your relationships to break free from these unhealthy dynamics.

    Health Meaning - Reversed Wheel of Fortune

    In terms of health, the reversed Wheel of Fortune indicates potential health issues or setbacks requiring attention. When faced with such challenges, welcome change as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Be open to new insights and alternative approaches to wellness.

    Seeking professional advice or second opinions regarding any health concerns is highly recommended. To maintain your overall well-being, it's also essential to engage in proactive self-care practices. Take care of yourself physically and mentally by adopting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating positive habits into your daily routine. This can include regular exercise, eating nutritious foods, getting enough rest, and managing stress effectively.

    Spiritual Jewelry for the Wheel of Fortune

    Now that you have a deeper understanding of the upright and reversed meanings of the Wheel of Fortune, it's time to take your connection with the tarot card to the next level. How? Through spiritual jewelry inspired by the Wheel of Fortune!

    Here are some spiritual jewelry that can support the energy of the Wheel of Fortune:

    • The  Red String Lucky Bracelet is all you need to improve your luck! Whether you wish to turn your misfortune into good luck or magnify the auspicious energies around you, this charm offers the support you need.
    • The  Transformation Bracelet serves as your trusted ally in navigating the ever-changing cycle of life. Featuring the “Stone of Transformation,” find comfort and support in this bracelet as you go through the ups and downs of life.

    Embrace the power of the Wheel of Fortune in your daily life by incorporating spiritual jewelry into your personal style. Whether you're seeking luck, growth, or simply a reminder to go with the flow, these accessories will serve as meaningful talismans on your journey.

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