Lisa Wu: Contributor

Lisa Wu is a contributing writer at Buddha & Karma. A long time practitioner of Feng Shui, crystal healing, meditation, and mindfulness, she blends traditional wisdom with modern lifestyles.

Growing up in a household where Feng Shui is practiced, Lisa initially ventured into the fast-paced tech world, only to find herself drawn back to her roots. This journey back to her origins wasn't just a return but a transformation that allowed her to reinterpret the ancient wisdom she was raised with, making it relevant for today's audience.

As a contributor to the Buddha & Karma blog, Lisa shares her insights on how to integrate Feng Shui, crystal healing, meditation, and mindfulness into the hustle and bustle of modern living. Her goal is to demystify these practices, showing her readers that achieving harmony and mindfulness is possible, even in the midst of our busy lives.

Lisa's work serves as a guide for those seeking to enrich their lives with peace, balance, and self-awareness, mirroring her own journey of rediscovery and alignment.

  • Regular contributor at Buddha & Karma, focusing on integrating traditional practices in modern routines

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