Enhance Pixiu's Power with These Crystal & Symbol Pairings

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In Feng Shui practices, Pixiu is believed to bring immense wealth and good fortune. With its historical origins deeply rooted in Chinese culture, it has become a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

But did you know that you can combine Pixiu with other crystals and symbols to unlock its full potential? In this guide, we’ll explore the possible pairings with Pixiu to amplify its wealth, protection, and even healing energies.

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    Crystals to Pair with Pixiu

    Pairing your Pixiu bracelet or statue with crystals can enhance its energy and bring forth specific benefits.

    Let's explore some popular crystals that are known to enhance prosperity, abundance, and financial success when combined with the Pixiu symbol.

    Also, learn about crystals that possess protective and healing properties when paired with this auspicious creature.

    Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

    1. Citrine: Known as the "merchant's stone," citrine is believed to attract wealth and abundance. It is said to stimulate the flow of positive energy and assist in manifesting financial goals, further enhancing the prosperous energy of Pixiu.
    2. Green Aventurine: This crystal is commonly associated with luck and opportunity. It is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and new opportunities for growth. When paired with Pixiu, it can amplify the energy of wealth attraction and opportunity manifestation.
    3. Pyrite: Often referred to as "fool's gold," pyrite is associated with good fortune and luck in business endeavors. It is believed to attract wealth and increase one's confidence and motivation.

    Crystals for Protection

    1. Black Obsidian: Black obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms a shield against negativity and absorbs harmful energies, making it an excellent crystal for protection. It works hand-in-hand with Pixiu’s money-attracting energy, helping you protect your finances at the same time.
    2. Black Tourmaline: Known as a powerful grounding stone, black tourmaline is highly effective in absorbing negative energy and protecting against electromagnetic radiation.
    3. Green Jade: A popular stone in Chinese culture, green jade is associated with protection and prosperity. It also represents purity, wisdom, and peace. Pairing it with Pixiu creates a powerful synergy for attracting wealth and harmony in one's life.

    Crystals for Healing

    1. Amethyst: Known for its calming properties, amethyst can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. It is also believed to enhance spiritual awareness and promote restful sleep.
    2. Rose Quartz: Often called the "stone of love," rose quartz promotes emotional healing, self-love, and harmony in relationships. It can help open the heart chakra and foster feelings of compassion.
    3. Clear Quartz: Considered a master healer crystal, clear quartz amplifies positive energy while dispelling negativity. It can be used for overall healing purposes by balancing energy centers in the body.
    4. Tiger's Eye: This stone is believed to grant the wearer courage, strength, and confidence, all attributes that complement Pixiu's fierce nature. This gives you the power you need to reach for financial success.

    Symbols to Pair with Pixiu

    Understanding how specific symbols can amplify the  Pixiu bracelet benefits is essential. By incorporating these symbols into your Pixiu setup, you can enhance its power and attract more wealth and prosperity. Here are some symbols that work harmoniously with Pixiu:

    Chinese Coins

    Chinese coins are considered auspicious and symbolize wealth and abundance. Stringing Chinese coins together with Pixiu in your bracelet can magnify the latter’s ability to attract financial luck. These coins have a square hole in the center, representing the union of heaven and earth, bringing balance to your financial endeavors.


    Ingots are another powerful symbol associated with wealth and prosperity. These boat-shaped objects represent a steady flow of money coming into your life. Placing an ingot near your Pixiu will reinforce its ability to bring abundance while ensuring a constant stream of income.

    Red String

    The red string is believed to carry strong protective energies and ward off negative influences. It is often used as a symbol of good luck and protection against misfortune or evil spirits. Stringing Pixiu in a red string will create a powerful shield, safeguarding you from any negative energies that may hinder your financial growth.

    Mani Mantra

    The Mani Mantra, also known as the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, is a sacred Tibetan chant associated with compassion and enlightenment. This mantra holds immense spiritual power and can purify one's mind and surroundings. Chanting or displaying the Mani Mantra near your Pixiu will infuse it with positive energy, promoting harmony and attracting blessings.

    Another Pixiu

    You can even pair your Pixiu with multiple Pixiu symbols to enhance its energy. This means you can stack different  Pixiu bracelets to harness multiple beneficial vibrations. Or you can wear a  double Pixiu bracelet for extreme wealth and protection.

    Incorporating these symbols into your Pixiu setup can significantly enhance its effectiveness in attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. Remember to place them strategically near your Pixiu statue or bracelet for optimal results.

    How to Incorporate These Pairings with Pixiu

    Now that you know the pairings that can make the Pixiu even stronger, it’s time to put them into use. Here's how you can effectively incorporate these pairings with Pixiu:

    1. Choose Your Bracelets

    Choose bracelets that feature Pixiu paired with crystals or symbols that align with your intentions. Some popular examples include  citrine Pixiu bracelet for wealth,  black obsidian Pixiu bracelet for protection,  green jade Pixiu bracelet for harmony, or  red string Pixiu bracelet for good luck. Each crystal and symbol has its unique vibrational energy, so select the ones that resonate with your personal goals.

    2. Wear Multiple Bracelets

    It's possible to wear more than one bracelet to amplify their energies. However, ensure they are comfortable and do not restrict your movement or cause distractions. Balance is key; too many items might cause discomfort or conflicting energies.

    3. Mindful Wearing

    As you put on your bracelets, be mindful and set your intentions. You might want to say a prayer or affirmation that aligns with your goals for prosperity, protection, and good fortune.

    4. Maintain Your Bracelets

    Keep your bracelets clean and energetically charged. Cleanse the crystals regularly by smudging, bathing in moonlight, or placing them on a Selenite plate. Pixiu can also be cleansed with these methods, or by running it under gentle stream water while visualizing any negative energy being washed away.

    5. Respect and Reverence

    Treat your bracelets with respect, as they are not mere accessories but spiritual tools. When not in use, store them respectfully, preferably in a silk bag or a jewelry box with good energy.

    6. Pair with Practical Actions

    While these bracelets are symbols of the energies you want to attract, remember to pair their spiritual influence with practical actions that move you toward your goals. This means making wise financial decisions, fostering positive relationships, and taking steps for personal and professional growth.

    Incorporating crystals and symbols that complement Pixiu's energy is that simple. Whether you own a Pixiu bracelet or you’re thinking of getting one, consider pairing it with charms that can amplify its powers.

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    Unleashing the Potential of Pixiu with Crystals & Symbols

    Now that we have explored the crystals and symbols that can enhance Pixiu’s power, you are equipped with the knowledge to unlock its full potential. By pairing Pixiu with specific crystals like citrine or black obsidian, you can amplify abundance and protection in your life. Incorporating symbols such as the red string or the Chinese coins can bring harmony and good fortune into your space.

    To fully harness the energy of Pixiu, remember to cleanse and charge your chosen crystals regularly. Place them near your Pixiu figurine or wear them as jewelry to keep their vibrations aligned. By embracing these powerful combinations, you invite positive energies and opportunities into your life.

    So don't wait any longer! Start exploring the world of crystals and symbols that complement Pixiu's energy today. Incorporate them into your daily life, embrace their energy, and watch as they work in harmony with Pixiu to manifest abundance, protection, and prosperity.


    Can I pair multiple crystals with my Pixiu?

    Absolutely! You can pair multiple crystals with your Pixiu to create a unique combination based on your intentions. Just make sure that each crystal resonates with what you want to attract in your life. Trust your intuition when selecting which crystals to combine for a powerful energetic blend.

    How often should I cleanse my crystals?

    It is recommended to cleanse your crystals regularly to remove any accumulated negative energies. The frequency will depend on how often you use them and their exposure to different environments. As a general guideline, cleansing them once a month or whenever you feel their energy becoming dull is beneficial.

    Can I place my Pixiu figurine anywhere in my home?

    While there is no strict rule about where to place your Pixiu figurine, it is advisable to position it in an area associated with wealth and abundance. The southeast corner of your home or office, also known as the "wealth corner," is a popular choice. However, you can also place Pixiu near your front entrance or on your work desk to invite good fortune.

    Can I wear crystal jewelry with my Pixiu?

    Yes, wearing crystal jewelry along with your Pixiu figurine can enhance its energy and extend its benefits throughout the day. Choose crystals that align with your intentions and wear them as bracelets, necklaces, or rings. This way, you carry their vibrations wherever you go.

    Where do I wear my Pixiu bracelet?

    You can wear your Pixiu bracelet on your left hand. According to Chinese folklore, wearing the bracelet on the left hand allows the Pixiu to attract wealth and good luck into your life. Knowing  how to wear your Pixiu bracelet allows you to maximize its benefits.

    How do I activate the power of symbols when pairing them with Pixiu?

    To activate the power of symbols when pairing them with Pixiu, set a clear intention and visualize your desired outcome. You can meditate or simply hold the symbol in your hands while visualizing its energy merging with that of Pixiu. Trust in the process and believe in the potent synergy between these powerful elements.

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    Lisa Wu blends ancient wisdom with modern living, focusing on Feng Shui, crystal healing, meditation, and mindfulness. Through her writings, she guides individuals towards a balanced, mindful lifestyle. Drawing from her rich heritage and personal journey, Lisa inspires a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary practices.

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