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Bracelets are comfortable and just the right size for my small wrist!!! You even refunded me money when I forgot to put in the code for a discount! Simple fabulous! Thank you!

Citrine bracelet

Love it came right on time. In look to it and weight to it.

Beautiful craftsmanship

As soon as I took the bracelet out I knew it would be my favorite one! Beautiful design and I’m excited to wear it with my necklace

Love it

I've been wanting a Golden string for a while now. The size is just right and feels so wonderful right from the moment I've worn it.
Seamless process all through, from ordering to dispatch to delivery. Surprisingly fast too!

Black and gold

I’m very happy with it. Very good quality. I take a bath with and it doesn’t turn color I feel less pain

One of the best bracelets I ever owned

One of the best bracelets I ever owned

5 stars

It's beautiful bracelets, I bought 2 gave one to my daughter. You can wear them with anything and looks pretty.

Pixiu bracelet

Love customer service they replaced my bracelet when needed. I am a very Satisfied customer and I love. Love my bracelet. It really works as well as you follow the rules and give it respect...

Too big

Beautiful bracelet the only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because it is too big for my small wrist. I had to twist and knot it to make it smaller. It needs to be two beads smaller.

Beautiful fengshui bracelets

Beautiful bracelets and the quality is perfect.. Hope it will bring luck


I ordered my black obsidian bracelet and a week later it was here! I am very pleased with the quality and punctuality of your company! Thank you!


Muy bonito, se ajusta perfecto, comprare mas, recomendable

Great and Beautiful Product ☺️❤️

Fast Delivery, Excellent Service I’ll wait for wealth & health to coming soon in my life, I feel how the energy is flowing in me when i started to wearing it 👌

My hand is a little thin but it fits perfectly, i hope buy more products soon, thank you Buddha & Karma, I’m Glad and Really Thankful 😃


I’ve read reviews like this before but didn’t believe but within a day or two after receiving my necklace, I was texted by a well known shop that had seen my resume on a job search site and actually invited me to come in for an interview. I was offered the job and am starting as soon as my two week notice to my old job is up. The salary is almost twice as much as my previous job. I am so grateful.

❤️ it...

patiently waiting for good fortune...

Looks, and feels greate. Excellent craftsmanship

Very nice!

I've always wear my red garnet bracelet everyday. I am pretty sure that the bracelet energy it works in me. Thank You so much🙏🏻

Revitalize your life

I found this bracelet a little by chance, but since there is a destiny in life, there is a reason in our paths and this bracelet will take me to find out, and the feeling of well-being is already there

Magnetic Bracelet

So far It's Good, a little early to tell but nicely made I bought the black/gold one and I love it.

Tree of Life necklace

A beautiful piece ❤️

Looks Nice

So I received my bracelet 2 weeks ago. I cleaned with sage before putting it on. I'm not rich or anything as of yet. Bur fingers still crossed.

Evil Eye Bracelet Charm

Very light to wear
Very Attractive
Life changing
Sending positive affirmations!