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“My chakra bracelet is not working.”

It's a claim some people have made. And if you own this chakra healing bracelet, you might also have the same sentiment too.

But what if the issue isn't with the bracelet, but how it's worn? In energy healing, chakra bracelets are considered powerful tools that connect us to the universe's vast energies. When aligned correctly with one's vibration and intention, they can be transformative.

The secret to unlocking all the chakra bracelet benefits? Knowing how to wear a chakra bracelet correctly.

At Buddha & Karma, we’ll help you harness the power of chakra bracelets. Dive in to uncover how to activate your chakra bracelet for optimum healing. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know how to wear it in a way that resonates with your inner energy. You’ll also discover how you can use your chakra stone bracelet in your daily routine to get the most out of it.

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Which Wrist to Wear Your Chakra Bracelet On?

Your chakra bracelet can be worn on either wrist, but the choice depends on your healing intentions.

The wrist you choose to adorn with a chakra stone bracelet holds deep significance in the realm of energy healing. Each wrist serves a distinct purpose:

Left Wrist for Internal Healing

Opt for the left wrist if your goal is internal healing. In many cultures, the left is seen as the receptive hand, making it ideal for addressing inner turmoil and negativity. For example, donning an amethyst crystal on this wrist specifically targets stress stemming from your own thoughts and emotions.

Right Wrist for External Healing

On the other hand, if you aim to address external challenges, wear the bracelet on your right wrist. Often viewed as the giving hand in various traditions, this choice helps you navigate stressors from your surroundings. Using the previous example, an amethyst on the right wrist focuses on relieving stress from external sources, such as workplace pressures or interpersonal conflicts.

The choice of wrist plays a pivotal role in determining how the energy from the chakra bracelet affects you and your surroundings. If you aim for internal healing or wish to navigate external challenges, choose your wrist with intention and understanding.

How to Activate a Chakra Bracelet

how to activate a chakra bracelet

Even if you have a real chakra bracelet, you might still find it isn’t working after wearing it on the correct wrist. Another possible reason is that you might have skipped activating it.

Activating your chakra bracelet is crucial because it ensures that the bracelet is attuned to your unique energy. This makes it more effective in balancing your chakras. But how do you activate your 7 chakra bracelet?

Here are 6 simple steps to unlock your chakra bracelet’s power:

  1. Cleanse the Bracelet
  2. Find a Quiet Space
  3. Meditate
  4. Speak Your Intention
  5. Focus Your Energy on the Bracelet
  6. Wear the Bracelet

Step 1: Cleanse the Bracelet

Before activation, it's crucial to cleanse your bracelet to remove any lingering energies. You can do this by:

  • Placing it under moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.
  • Smudging it with sage or palo santo.
  • Burying it in the earth overnight.
  • Exposing it to high-frequency sounds from a Tibetan singing bowl.

Step 2: Find a Quiet Space

Choose a peaceful environment where you can focus without distractions. This could be a quiet room, a garden, or any place that feels serene to you.

Step 3: Meditate

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and center yourself.

Step 4: Speak Your Intention

Out loud or in your mind, state your purpose for the bracelet.

Ask yourself what purpose do you want your chakra stones bracelet to serve? Do you want it to heal certain ailments or as protection from negativity?

Whatever your intention is, write them down in the form of a mantra or affirmation. Keep it positive to attract good energy, such as:

“I am healed from anxiety.”

“My mind is at peace.”

“I am protected from sickness.”

Remember that the clearer the intention, the stronger the bracelet’s power gets.

Step 5: Focus Your Energy on the Bracelet

Hold the chakra bracelet in your hands and focus on your intention.

Feel the subtle vibrations emanating from the chakra stones.

Then, repeat your mantra or affirmation for the bracelet.

Feel the energy of the gemstones working its way through your body while you meditate.

Allow yourself to be open to all the wonderful things that the bracelet can do for you.

Step 6: Wear the Bracelet

Once activated, wear the bracelet as often as possible to keep its energy aligned with yours.

The most effective way to activate the tool is to wear it daily. Doing so ensures its vibrations remain in harmony with your personal energy.

Even though you've charged the bracelet with your intentions, it's beneficial to recite the mantra or affirmation either every morning or before bedtime.

This practice maintains the crystal's energy alignment with your intentions, both throughout the day and beyond.

Activating your chakra bracelet is a simple yet profound process that ensures you get the most out of this powerful tool. By taking the time to connect with and activate your bracelet, you pave the way for enhanced balance, positivity, and well-being in your life.

How to Use Your Chakra Bracelet for Healing

Incorporating chakra bracelets into your daily routines can amplify your healing intentions, ensuring you remain balanced, grounded, and aligned with your highest self. Here are some ways to harness their potential:

  • Meditate with the bracelet. Wear your chakra bracelet during meditation sessions. Focus on each stone, connecting it to its corresponding chakra, and visualize the energy flow.
  • Perform visualization. Hold the bracelet in your hand or wear it. Visualize its energy merging with yours, healing blockages, and enhancing positive vibrations.
  • Practice affirmations. Pair your bracelet with healing affirmations. For instance, while touching the heart chakra stone, you might say, "I am open to giving and receiving love."
  • Wear the bracelet with mindfulness. Simply wearing the bracelet daily can serve as a reminder of your healing intentions. Whenever you notice it, take a deep breath and reconnect with its energy.

When to Wear a 7 Chakra Bracelet

A 7 Chakra Bracelet is versatile and can be worn daily. However, it's especially beneficial during meditation or any spiritual practice to enhance inner balance.

Wearing it during stressful times can help you stay grounded. If you're seeking clarity or facing important decisions, the bracelet can serve as a reminder to stay connected to your inner self. It also comes in handy when you feel surrounded by negative energy.

Ultimately, anytime you wish to align with your chakras or draw positivity, your 7 Chakra Bracelet is an ideal companion.

Still don’t have a chakra bracelet yet? Find the best chakra bracelets here.

How to Cleanse Your Chakra Bracelet

how to cleanse your chakra bracelet

Chakra stone bracelets absorb and channel energy, and yes, even negative vibrations. That’s why it’s essential to cleanse them regularly. This ensures they remain effective and free from unwanted energies.

Here are some ways to cleanse your chakra bracelet:

  • Smudging
    • Use sage or palo santo.
    • Light the smudge stick and pass your bracelet through the smoke, setting the intention to clear away any negativity.
  • Moonlight
    • Place your bracelet under the moonlight, preferably during a full moon.
    • Let it sit overnight to absorb the moon's purifying energy.
  • Sunlight
    • Expose your bracelet to direct sunlight for a few hours.
    • The sun's rays will rejuvenate the bracelet's energy.
    • Do this early in the morning or before sunset to avoid harsh sunlight that may damage the crystal beads.
  • Crystals
    • Place your bracelet on a selenite or clear quartz slab.
    • These crystals will absorb and neutralize any negative energies.
  • Singing Bowl
    • Place your bracelet next to a singing bowl.
    • Play the bowl, allowing its resonating sound to cleanse and recharge the bracelet's energy.


What is a chakra bracelet?

A chakra bracelet, also known as a healing bracelet, is a piece of jewelry typically made up of seven different colored beads. Each bead represents one of the seven main chakras, or energy centers, in the body. These chakras are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. The bracelet serves as a reminder to keep these chakras balanced and can also be used as a meditation aid.

What does a chakra bracelet do for you?

A chakra bracelet is believed to help balance and align the energies of the seven chakras in your body. By wearing the bracelet, you can draw attention to these energy centers, promoting awareness, healing, and balance. Many users also believe that these bracelets can attract positive energy and repel negative energy, enhancing overall well-being, emotional stability, and spiritual growth.

How do I know if my chakra bracelet is working?

Recognizing the effects of a chakra bracelet can be subtle and may vary from person to person. Some signs that your bracelet is working include:

  • Feeling more balanced or centered.
  • Experiencing improved emotional well-being.
  • Noticing heightened intuition or clarity.
  • Sensing a deeper connection to one's surroundings or the universe.

Remember, the bracelet is a tool. Its effectiveness often depends on your belief, intention, and awareness.

Should you wear your chakra bracelet everyday?

While it's not mandatory to wear your chakra bracelet every day, doing so can maximize its benefits. Wearing it daily serves as a constant reminder of your chakras and your intention to keep them balanced. However, it's essential to listen to your intuition. If you feel like taking it off for a day or a period, do so.

Can I wear multiple chakra bracelets at once?

Yes, you can wear multiple chakra bracelets at once. Some people choose to wear several to amplify the energy or to focus on multiple intentions simultaneously. However, it's essential to ensure that the energies of the bracelets you're combining are harmonious and serve your overall intention.

Can I bathe with my chakra bracelet?

It depends on the materials used in your chakra bracelet. Some stones and materials might be sensitive to water, soap, or chemicals, which can cause them to fade, discolor, or degrade over time. It's generally recommended to remove your chakra bracelet before bathing, swimming, or engaging in activities where it might be submerged in water or exposed to chemicals

Unlock Your Chakra Bracelets Now

Some might think their healing bracelet isn't doing much. But often, it's all about how you wear it. These bracelets are powerful when used right. With guidance from Buddha & Karma, you now know how to wear your chakra bracelet and use it effectively.

Now, it’s time to unlock your chakra bracelets and let them guide you on your journey to wellness.


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