Who Cannot Wear Pixiu? Bracelet, Ring, & Pendant Guide

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One of the major dilemmas Feng Shui enthusiasts face is deciding who can and cannot wear Pixiu. Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao or Pi Xiu, is a celestial creature widely recognized in Chinese culture for attracting wealth and good fortune.

While the Pixiu benefits are enticing, it isn't suitable for everyone.

In this blog post, we'll be guiding you through exactly who cannot wear Pixiu to help bring balance and protection into your life more effectively. Ready to decode the complexities of the fortune beast? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Minors under the age of 16 should not wear Pixiu.
  • Elderly individuals over the age of 70 should avoid wearing Pixiu.
  • Pregnant women and those with chi deficiency or health conditions should refrain from wearing Pixiu.
  • Individuals who have committed offenses, during sexual activity, or seeking quick wealth are not recommended to wear Pixiu.

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    Who Cannot Wear Pixiu?

    who cannot wear pixiu

    If you fall under any of these categories, you should avoid wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or pendant:

      1. Minors under the age of 16
      2. Elderly people over the age of 70
      3. Sick individuals with chi deficiency
      4. Pregnant women
      5. Women during menstruation
      6. those with constipation and stomach problems
      7. Individuals who have committed offenses against the law and discipline
      8. During sexual activity
      9. Individuals seeking quick wealth

        1. Minors (under the age of 16)

        Minors under the age of 16 are generally advised not to wear Pixiu bracelets. Feng Shui principles maintain that their vital powers could be negatively affected by the powerful energies of the talisman.

        This cautionary measure ensures the protection of children whose energy fields and chi may be easily influenced or disrupted. The decision stems from a desire for wellbeing, not restriction, as almost everyone can benefit from wearing Pixiu jewelry except minors under this age limit.

        2. Elderly people (over the age of 70)

        Elderly individuals, particularly those over the age of 70, fall into the category of those who are advised not to wear the wealth symbol. With advancing age comes a natural decline in vital energy or Qi, making it difficult for them to suppress the fierce nature of Pi Yao.

        This powerful mythical creature requires a strong life force to manage its potent presence.

        This is not designed as an exclusionary measure but rather for their wellbeing. The robustness associated with Pixiu may overwhelm the diminished energy levels common in elderly people. However, the only exception is if you’re an elderly who has an active lifestyle. Regular meditation also allows you to wear Pi Xiu and take its energy.

        Otherwise, Feng Shui traditions and norms stridently advise against donning the symbol once someone reaches this milestone age.

        3. Sick people with chi deficiency

        People battling health issues or experiencing depleted energy levels fall into the category of those who should not adorn themselves with Pi Xiu. Chi, or life force, is noticeably reduced in such individuals; wearing the Dragon King sign may exacerbate this low energy state due to its powerful and dynamic presence.

        The unforgiving nature of the auspicious creature requires strong chi to effectively manage it, making it challenging for sick people with already weakened strength. Primarily, those suffering from chronic diseases may find that this mythical creature drains their limited resources rather than providing any expected protection or luck as believed by many Feng Shui enthusiasts.

        Harnessing the vigor of this creature demands robust physical and mental vitality which cannot be guaranteed by someone dealing with illness or decreased life force.

        4. Pregnant women

        Those who are pregnant should avoid wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or pendant due to their inability to fully protect against evil spirits. Wearing the symbol can disrupt the delicate body balance of pregnant people and may harm both the mother and the baby.

        It is important for these individuals to maintain a balanced energy flow in their bodies, which wearing the wealth bracelet can interfere with. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear the symbol during this time.

        5. Women during menstruation

        Women who are menstruating are advised to avoid wearing Pi Xiu. It is best for them to refrain from wearing this symbol during their menstrual cycle. Caution is recommended, especially for women who are old enough and experiencing regular menstruation.

        6. Individuals with constipation and stomach problems

        Individuals with constipation and stomach problems should avoid wearing Pixiu. Wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet  or any other jewelry featuring this symbol can exacerbate these issues and cause further discomfort. This is because the symbol represents wealth accumulation, which may not align well with digestive health concerns.

        If you are experiencing indigestion or constipation, it's best to refrain from wearing the symbol. It's important to prioritize your health and seek appropriate remedies for your digestive problems rather than relying on external symbols or charms.

        7. Individuals who have committed offenses against the law and discipline

        People who have committed offenses against the law and discipline are advised not to wear Pixiu bracelets. This is because Pi Xiu, being a symbol of loyalty and uprightness, is not suitable for those who have engaged in unlawful activities.

        Wearing Pi Xiu jewelry may go against the essence of the creature and its ability to bring good fortune. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals who have violated the law refrain from wearing the symbol as they are considered impure in nature.

        8. During sexual activity

        Pi Xiu should not be worn during sexual activity. It is believed that the intense energy and movement involved in sexual activity can disrupt the flow of energy within the body.

        This could potentially have negative effects on both physical and spiritual well-being. To maintain a balanced and harmonious energy, it is recommended to remove your jewelry before engaging in any sexual activities.

        9. Individuals seeking quick wealth

        Individuals who are eager to amass wealth in a short amount of time often turn to Pixiu jewelry as a means to achieve their financial goals. They believe that the feng shui accessory possesses the power to attract money and riches.

        However, it is important to note that those seeking quick wealth may not be suitable candidates for wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or pendant. Pi Xiu is a creature that requires time to bond with its owner. This means it may take some time for your jewelry to work, given that you have created a strong bond with your new ally.

        10. Zodiac signs of the Dog, Rabbit and Tiger

        If your Chinese Zodiac sign falls under any of these, you should follow the Pixiu rules strictly. Your sign’s energy may clash with the creature’s energy.

        Who Should Wear Pixiu?

        who should wear pixiu

        People seeking abundance, such as gamblers and businessmen, are among those who should wear Pixiu.

        1. People looking for abundance
        2. Gamblers, businessmen, & investors
        3. those who need to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter
        4. People looking for protection from financial losses

        1. People looking for abundance

        Pixiu is highly sought after by people looking for abundance in their lives. According to Chinese mythology, Pixiu is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Wearing a Pixiu bracelet or ring is believed to attract luck and bring financial success.

        Whether you are seeking more opportunities in your career or hoping for an increase in your income, wearing Pixiu can help you manifest abundance in various aspects of your life. So if you desire greater wealth and prosperity, consider adorning yourself with the powerful symbol of Pixiu.

        2. Gamblers, businessmen, & investors

        Many businessmen and gamblers believe in the power of Pixiu and wear it for financial success and luck. They see Pixiu as a symbol of abundance and wealth, relying on its ability to attract money into their lives.

        With its reputed specialization in devouring gold and silver, Pixiu is particularly favored by businessmen who want to accumulate wealth and prosperity. However, it's worth noting that experts caution against gamblers wearing Pixiu due to its association with wealth, which could potentially contribute to gambling addiction or an unhealthy obsession with money.

        Nevertheless, the belief in Pixiu's ability to enhance financial success remains strong among many businessmen, investors, and gamblers in Asia.

        3. Those who need to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter

        In Chinese astrology, the Grand Duke of Jupiter or "Tai Sui" (太岁) represents the celestial energy of a specific zodiac sign for a given lunar year. Every 12 years, an individual encounters their own birth sign, known as the Ben Ming Nian or their zodiac year of birth. This year is considered challenging, as they're believed to be in direct conflict with Tai Sui, which can lead to misfortunes or obstacles in various aspects of life, including health, wealth, and relationships.

        Pixiu is revered for its protective powers, especially in warding off negative energies. Wearing Pixiu is a traditional method believed to appease Tai Sui, shielding the individual from potential adversities during their Ben Ming Nian.

        4. People looking for protection from financial losses

        Financial downturns and unexpected economic challenges are situations that many dread. Some believe that wearing Pixiu can offer a safeguard against financial setbacks. As a symbol of wealth retention and protection, The symbol is thought to not only attract money but also protect existing wealth from unforeseen losses. This makes it a popular choice among those keen to fortify their financial position.

        Whether facing volatile market conditions or simply wanting to ensure one's hard-earned money remains safe, turning to this mythical beast might offer a sense of security and assurance for many.

        Cautionary Measures When Wearing Pixiu

        cautionary measures when wearing pixiu

        The following rules should be followed when wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or pendant to maximize its protective and auspicious energy.

        Pixiu bracelet rules

        The Pixiu bracelet is believed to bring luck and wealth to its wearer. To ensure maximum benefit and avoid negative effects, it is important to follow these rules and learn how to activate a Pixiu bracelet:

        1. Wear the bracelet on your left hand: The Pixiu bracelet should be worn on the left hand, which is considered the receptive side of the body in Feng Shui. This allows the energy of the creature to enter through the left hand and flow through your body.
        2. Position the head facing outward: When wearing the Pixiu bracelet, make sure that the head of the dragon-faced creature is facing outward, towards your little finger. This is believed to help attract wealth and protect against negative energies.
        3. Avoid contact with impurities: It is important to keep your Pi Xiu clean and avoid contact with impurities such as dirt or chemicals. Regularly clean it using mild soap and water or a soft cloth to maintain its positive energy.
        4. Remove during certain activities: It is advisable to remove your Pixiu accessory when engaging in activities such as swimming, bathing, or sleeping. This helps prevent damage to both you and the bracelet while maintaining its effectiveness.
        5. Show respect and gratitude: Treat your Pi Xiu with respect and gratitude for its protective and lucky qualities. Avoid touching its mouth or tail directly as this may disrupt its energy flow.

        Pixiu ring rules

        Pixiu ring rules are important to follow for Feng Shui enthusiasts who want to harness the power of this mystical creature. Here’s how to wear a Pixiu ring:

        1. Choose the right hand: It is recommended to wear a Pixiu ring on your left hand, as it is believed to absorb positive energy.
        2. Wear on the middle finger: The middle finger is said to be more suitable for wearing a Pixiu ring as they correspond to wealth and stability.
        3. Keep it clean and polished: Regularly clean and polish your ring with a soft cloth to maintain its shine and energy-charging properties. This ensures that any negative energy accumulated throughout the day is cleansed away.
        4. Avoid wearing it during sleep: It is generally advised not to wear the ring while sleeping, as it may cause discomfort or restrict circulation. Take off the ring before bedtime and place it in a safe place where it can continue attracting positive energies.

        Pixiu pendant rules

        Pixiu pendant rules guide the wearer on how to balance the energy and maximize the benefits of wearing this powerful Feng Shui symbol. Here are some important rules to keep in mind:

        1. Wear the Pixiu pendant with its head held high: It is believed that wearing the pendant this way allows you to catch blessings from heaven.
        2. Wear it during daytime: Pendants with the wealth symbol are best worn during daylight hours as they are considered more active and energetic. It is believed that wearing it at night might disrupt your sleep or cause restlessness.
        3. Avoid touching the Pixiu's eyes or mouth: The fortune beast uses its eyes and mouth to hunt for riches. Touching or rubbing its eyes and mouth may disturb it from doing its job.
        4. Regularly cleanse and recharge the pendant: To maintain its effectiveness, cleanse the pendant regularly under running water or with moonlight. You can also place it on a bed of salt overnight to remove any negative energy it may have absorbed.
        5. Keep away from impurities: Avoid wearing the necklace when you are engaged in activities such as bathing, swimming, or using harmful chemicals as these impurities can affect its energy.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Can I wear Pixiu to sleep?

        Some people believe Pixiu’s strong energy can disrupt sleep. It is advised to remove the jewelry during sleep, as the creature does not work well with impurity and should be taken off when bathing and sleeping.

        Where should Pixiu be placed at home?

        If you’re taking off your jewelry, place it in your living room. The creature should face your door or windows for it to continue searching for riches while at home.

        Can I wear my Pixiu bracelet with my watch?

        Wearing a Pixiu bracelet with a watch is not only acceptable but can also bring luck and protection to your outfit. It can be worn on the left wrist, following specific rules and guidelines for proper wear.

        However, if your bracelet is made of black obsidian, there is an exception to wearing it on the left wrist.

        Can Pixiu bring bad luck?

        No, Pixiu can’t bring bad luck. In fact, it is traditionally worn to attract good luck and abundance. However, it’s crucial to know who should avoid wearing a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or pendant to avoid negatively influencing your energy that may cause disharmony.


        In conclusion, there are several groups of people who should avoid wearing Pixiu. These include minors under the age of 16 and elderly individuals over the age of 70.

        Pregnant people, those with chi deficiency or stomach problems, and individuals who have committed offenses against the law and discipline should also steer clear of wearing the symbol.

        Additionally, it is not recommended to wear the symbol during sexual activity or if you are seeking quick wealth. Following these cautionary measures will help ensure that you benefit from the positive energy brought by the fortune beast.

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