Pixiu Ring: Meaning, Benefits, & Rules

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Are you seeking for ways to increase your fortune and secure your wealth? The Pixiu ring, a significant symbol in Feng Shui, might just be the solution. This article will demystify everything you need to know about this mystical jewelry piece - its meaning, benefits and the important rules of wearing it.

Keep reading if you’re ready to open doors for abundance and protection in your life!

Key Takeaways

  • Pixiu is a powerful symbol in Feng Shui that represents wealth and luck. Wearing it as a ring aligns the wearer with positive energy needed for financial success.
  • Benefits of wearing a Pixiu ring include attracting wealth luck, safeguarding wealth, offering spiritual protection, and appeasing the Grand Duke of Jupiter.
  • To activate the powers of Pixiu rings, you should follow certain steps including cleansing it, feeding your Pixiu, programming your intention, wearing it on the correct hand, bonding with the creature, and working towards your goal.
  • Important rules when wearing this wealth ring include wearing it on the middle finger of the left hand. The head should face outward towards the little finger. You should also avoid direct contact with unwashed hands or lending it to others, and refrain from wearing it during activities like sleeping or bathing. Finally, touch the creature’s body to make it loyal to you, but avoid its eyes and mouth.

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Pixiu Ring Meaning

The Pixiu ring is a type of feng shui ring worn to attract wealth and prosperity.

The ring features the mythical creature, Pixiu, considered to be the fortune beast in Chinese culture. Traditionally recognized for its power to amass riches, this Feng Shu enhancer often adorns the fingers of individuals seeking monetary gains. For this reason, Pixiu rings hold a significant position in Chinese culture due to its rich symbolism. 

Different parts of the Pixiu also carry unique meanings; its large eyes symbolize sharpness, paying attention to the surrounding environment and opportunities. Its strong physique denotes hard work and endurance required for achieving success while its open mouth is indicative of constantly acquiring wealth.

Using a Pixiu ring aligns you with these characteristics on a spiritual level and helps manifest your financial aspirations into reality. Notably, wearing it on specific fingers like the middle can enhance certain benefits linked to finance according to palmistry beliefs.

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Pixiu Ring Benefits

pixiu ring benefits

The Pixiu ring offers several benefits, including attracting wealth luck, safeguarding wealth, offering spiritual protection, and appeasing the Grand Duke of Jupiter.

Attracting wealth luck

The Pixiu ring is renowned for its ability to bring in wealth luck. Sporting this ancient Chinese symbol boosts chances of prosperity, making it a popular choice particularly among businessmen and salespersons striving for success.

This mystical creature the ring features is also deeply rooted in Chinese mythology as a powerful money magnet.

Wearing this wealth ring correctly can significantly enhance your good fortune. Positioning the ring on your middle finger allows positive energy to circulate freely and draw good fortune towards you.

Safeguarding wealth

Wearing a Feng Shui Pixiu ring serves as an effective method to safeguard wealth. This mythical creature, depicted in the ring design, becomes your personal guardian against financial loss and bad luck.

The practice of wearing the Feng Shui cure not only keeps unwanted financial troubles at bay but also ensures prosperity continues to flow into your life. Even during sleep, removing the ring and placing it in the living room can provide continuous protection for one's wealth.

Safeguarding wealth is essential and this symbolic piece of jewelry offers a charming solution for that purpose.

Offering spiritual protection

Pixiu rings are also believed to offer powerful spiritual protection, shielding the wearer from negative energy and evil spirits. With its ancient origins rooted in Chinese mythology, this mystical creature is revered for its ability to bring good fortune and ward off harm.

Wearing such a ring not only serves as a beautiful accessory but also acts as a potent amulet that safeguards the wearer's well-being on a spiritual level. By wearing this ring, individuals can feel reassured knowing that they have an extra layer of defense against any malevolent forces that may come their way.

Appeasing the Grand Duke of Jupiter

The Pixiu symbol holds significance in appeasing the Grand Duke of Jupiter. This celestial figure is believed to bring potential negative influences if not properly respected. The presence of a Pixiu can help minimize these potential threats and protect the wearer from harm.

It serves as a powerful feng shui remedy, ensuring that one is shielded from the wrath of the Grand Duke Jupiter and able to experience prosperity and good fortune instead. By wearing the symbol of Pixiu, individuals can attract positive energy into their lives while also acknowledging the importance of paying homage to higher powers.

How to Wear the Pixiu Ring

how to wear the pixiu ring

To wear the Pixiu ring, it is advised to wear it correctly by following the guidelines below:

Choosing the middle finger

Your Pixiu ring should be worn on the middle finger as it symbolizes stability and balance, making it a popular option if you desire a financially stable life.

The belief behind wearing the Pixiu ring on the middle finger is that it aligns you with the energies of prosperity and wealth. In Feng Shui, the middle finger is considered an auspicious finger for this purpose. In palm reading, the money line can often be found under the middle finger.

By choosing this finger, you invite wealth and money into your life.

Activating the powers of the ring

To activate Pixiu, you should program your intention first before wearing the ring.

It is also recommended to wear it on the left hand with the head facing outward towards the little finger. This positioning is believed to awaken and amplify its abilities to attract wealth and fortune.

Additionally, reciting or chanting a mantra inscribed on the ring can further enhance its powers.

Check out our full guide on how to activate a Pixiu ring, where you can learn a step-by-step guide to get the most out of your feng shui enhancer.

Cleaning and maintaining the ring

To keep the Feng Shui ring for wealth working at its best, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Cleaning the ring helps remove any negative energy it may have absorbed, ensuring that it can function optimally to invite wealth and provide spiritual protection.

Proper cleaning involves using gentle soap and water to wash the ring, followed by drying it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Then, you should cleanse it on an energetic level through methods such as smudging.

Additionally, storing the ring in a clean and safe place when not wearing it can help prevent damage or loss.

By taking good care of your ring, you can ensure its longevity and continue to benefit from its positive energies.

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Pixiu Ring Rules You Should Never Break

Donning a Pixiu ring comes with certain rules that should never be broken. Here are the key guidelines to follow:

  1. Wear the ring on your middle finger, as it is believed to enhance the power of the fortune beast.
  2. Wear it on your left hand, which is considered the receptive side of the body in Feng Shui.
  3. Place the Pixiu's head facing outward, away from your body, to accumulate wealth and ward off negativity.
  4. Avoid touching the Pixiu directly with unwashed hands, as it is believed to absorb negative energy.
  5. Refrain from wearing the ring while sleeping, bathing, or during intimate activities to maintain its spiritual power.
  6. Never lend your ring to others, as it may transfer your accumulated good fortune and luck.
  7. Touch Pixiu’s body every day to make it loyal to you, but avoid its eyes and mouth which it uses to search and accumulate wealth.

Considerations for the Materials Used in the Ring

Pixiu rings are typically crafted from silver or gold. The material used to make the Pixiu can hold different meanings and powers.

For those seeking durability and resistance to tarnishing, it is recommended to choose a high-quality material like sterling silver or gold when wearing a Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra ring.

These materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ring but also ensure long-lasting wear. But most importantly, metals like silver and gold are associated with heaven in Chinese culture. A Pixiu made of metal can gain you the favor of the heavens.

By considering the materials used in the ring, individuals can maximize their experience with this powerful talisman for attracting wealth luck, safeguarding wealth, offering spiritual protection, and appeasing the Grand Duke of Jupiter.

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In conclusion, Pixiu rings hold a significant meaning and benefits for those who wear them. These pieces are believed to invite wealth, offer spiritual protection, and even appease the Grand Duke of Jupiter.

Following the rules of wearing the wealth ring on the middle finger and properly maintaining it can amplify its powers. However, it's important to be cautious when purchasing as there are fake versions available in the market. So, make sure you know what makes a Pixiu ring original vs fake.

Overall, the Pixiu ring serves as a symbol of luck and prosperity in Feng Shui practices. If you’re looking for ways to improve and secure your wealth, don’t miss out on this reliable Feng Shui ally.


Which way do you wear a Pixiu ring?

Wear the ring with Pixiu’s head facing outward, towards your little finger.

Which finger to wear a ring for wealth?

Wear the feng shui ring on the finger that represents wealth and abundance, which is the middle. According to feng shui, the middle finger is considered auspicious and represented abundance. 

Where should you place the Pixiu ring when you remove it?

Place the ring in a bowl filled with coins or jewelry. Then, place it in your living room, with Pixiu’s head facing your front door or windows.

Who cannot wear Pixiu?

Minors who are below the age of 16, elderly over the age of 60, and pregnant women should avoid wearing the Pixiu symbol. Check out our full list of people who cannot wear Pixiu.

Can I wear Pixiu daily?

Yes. In fact, it is advised to wear it daily to strengthen your bond with Pixiu. The stronger your bond, the harder your ally will work to bring you wealth.

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