How to cleanse your Pixiu Ring

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How to clean your Pixiu - A photo of a Pixiu with burning sage around it.
Pixiu Rings or also called Feng Shui Rings are growing fast in popularity due to the large amount of people having success with them.
But have you ever wondered how to properly cleanse your Pixiu Ring? This piece of jewelry is known for its ability to attract wealth and its spiritual qualities. But this Chinese mystical creature needs regular care and cleansing to work.

In this article, we'll guide you step-by-step on how best to cleanse and recharge your Pixiu ring, ensuring it retains its allure and power and avoid misfortune. 

Keep reading to learn how to maintain this unique Feng Shui talisman. 

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Why Cleanse Your Pixiu Ring?

Cleansing your Pixiu ring is important for spiritual energy, as it helps remove negative energy and impurities and keep its benefits.

Importance of cleansing for spiritual energy

Cleansing your Pixiu ring fills it with good energy. The bad vibes go away. This makes the ring strong again. It can help bring you money and keep you safe better than before. A clean ring has more power.

You should clean your ring often to keep its strength up.

Removing negative energy and impurities

Negative energy and dirt can hide in your Pixiu ring. They may stop good luck from coming to you. Cleansing makes it pure again. This helps to bring back its power.

The process rids it of any harmful energy that might affect you negatively.

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How to Cleanse Your Pixiu Ring: Step-by-Step Guide

To cleanse your Pixiu ring, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Remove dust and dirt

First, take off your Pixiu ring. Brush it gently with a clean cloth or brush to dust it off. Make sure all the dirt is gone. If not, wash it with running water. Do this till there's no dust left.

After that, use a damp cloth and warm water to wipe its surface clean. Dry it well once done cleaning. Be careful not to use any chemicals. They harm the ring's shine and beauty!

Step 2: Cleanse with energy (smudging, sound, intention)

To cleanse your Pixiu ring with energy, you can try smudging it with sage or high-quality incense. This involves burning the sage or incense and letting the smoke surround the ring.

The smoke helps to energetically purify the ring, removing any negative energy it may have absorbed. Another option is using sound, like ringing a bell or playing a singing bowl near the ring.

The vibrations from the sound can help clear away any stagnant energy. When cleansing your Pixiu ring, it's important to set an intention of purifying and clearing any negativity from the ring.

Step 3: Charge with positive energy (sunlight, moonlight, crystals)

To charge your Pixiu ring with positive energy, you can use sunlight, moonlight, or crystals. Placing your ring in direct sunlight for a few hours helps to recharge its energy and activate its wealth-enhancing properties.

Moonlight also has a cleansing and charging effect on the ring, so leaving it out under the moon overnight is another option. Additionally, you can use crystals such as amethyst or clear quartz to charge it.

Simply place the ring on top of these crystals for a few hours to absorb their positive energies. Remember, regularly charging your lucky charm ensures that it remains effective in attracting abundance and warding off negative energy.

Alternative Methods of Cleansing Your Pixiu Ring

You can also cleanse your Pixiu ring by using saltwater, burying it in the earth, or using sacred herbs.

Using saltwater

One alternative method for cleansing your Pixiu ring is to use saltwater. Saltwater is a natural purifier that can effectively cleanse and revitalize the energy of your lucky dragon.

Simply place it in a bowl of saltwater for a few hours. The salt will help remove any negative energy or impurities from the ring, leaving it cleansed and activated.

Many people choose to use saltwater for both spiritual and physical cleansing purposes, making it an effective option for keeping your Pixiu ring clear of any unwanted energies or stagnant vibrations.

Burying in the earth

One alternative method to cleanse your Pixiu ring is by burying it in the earth. This involves placing the ring in a small container and burying it in the soil for a few hours. This connects it with Mother Earth and helps remove negative energies.

It is believed that this process purifies he ring, allowing it to regain its positive energy. You can try burying your Pixiu ring for around 24 hours to achieve optimal cleansing effects.

Using sacred herbs

One alternative method of cleansing your Pixiu ring is by using sacred herbs. Sacred herbs, such as sage or sweetgrass, have been used for centuries in various spiritual practices to purify and cleanse energy.

To use sacred herbs to cleanse your it, simply light the herb bundle and let the smoke surround and pass through the ring. The smoke from these sacred herbs helps to clear away any negative energy or impurities that may be attached to the ring, leaving it energetically clean and purified.

Another way you can utilize sacred herbs is by placing them near your Pixiu ring overnight. You can choose specific types of herbs that are known for their cleansing properties, like rosemary or lavender.

These fragrant plants not only release a pleasant scent but also help to dispel any stagnant or negative energies that may have accumulated on your ring over time.

Remember, when using sacred herbs for cleansing purposes, always make sure to handle fire with caution and avoid burning yourself or anything around you. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in the area where you perform this ritual so that smoke can easily dissipate.

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How Often Should You Cleanse Pixiu Ring?

The frequency of cleansing your Pixiu ring depends on your personal use and energy sensitivity. Discover the best practices for keeping your ring spiritually pure and energized by reading more. If you feel like your ring is getting weaker, consider the cleansing to re-activate its powers to attract prosperity and good fortune. 

Frequency of cleansing based on personal use and energy sensitivity

To keep your Pixiu ring energetically charged, it is important to determine how often you should cleanse it based on your personal use and energy sensitivity. For most individuals, cleansing the Pixiu ring every 1-2 months is sufficient.

However, if you wear your ring daily or engage in activities that may accumulate more negative energy, you may need to cleanse it more frequently. Additionally, if you are highly sensitive to energies or feel a shift in the energy of the ring, it's a good idea to do this sooner rather than later.

Remember, everyone's needs and sensitivities are different when it comes to spiritual energy cleansing.

Can you clean your Pixiu ring with soap?

Cleaning your Pixiu ring with soap is not recommended. Soap can potentially damage the delicate material and intricate design of the ring. It's best to avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive substances when cleaning it to ensure its longevity.

Remember, it's important to handle it with care and choose cleansing methods that will preserve its protective energies and unique qualities for years to come.


In conclusion, cleansing your Pixiu ring is an important way to maintain its spiritual energy and remove negative vibes. Whether you choose to use sage smoke, sunlight, or other methods, regular cleansing will help enhance the protective and wealth-attracting properties of your Pi xiu.

Remember to focus on both the physical cleaning and energetic activation for best results. Keep your Feng Shui talisman shining bright!

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