The Different Types of Obsidian and What They Do

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    What Does Obsidian Do?

    In general, all types of obsidian are used to protect, ground, and heal its user. But it’s also worth noting that there are different types of obsidian, and each kind holds unique energies.

    Before we delve into the obsidian types, first, let’s take a look at the general benefits of all these variants share.

    What Does Obsidian Do Physically?

    As a healing crystal, obsidian is believed to ease problems in the colon, the digestive system, and the gallbladder. Since ancient times, people have believed this volcanic stone has properties that can help detoxify the body. It is also traditionally used to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

    What Does Obsidian Do Emotionally?

    Emotionally, obsidian helps release shadow traits that could be weighing you down. If you’re suffering from addiction, emotional blockages, and negative thinking, you can turn to this crystal to improve your situation.

    What Does Obsidian Do Spiritually?

    As a protective stone, obsidian absorbs negative energy and transforms it into a beneficial kind. By using obsidian, you can get protected from the harmful effects of unwanted energies. This stone also grounds you to the Earth, providing a sense of security in your life.

    The Different Types of Obsidian and Their Effects

    As mentioned above, obsidian is categorized into different types. Each kind possesses different energies that either strengthen the crystal’s general benefits or inspire additional effects.

    Check out the different kinds of obsidian below:

    • Black Obsidian
    • Snowflake Obsidian
    • Rainbow Obsidian
    • Mahogany Obsidian
    • Sheen Obsidian
    • Fire Obsidian
    different types of obsidian


    What Does Black Obsidian Do?

    Among the obsidian varieties, black obsidian is the most common type. Black stones like obsidian are the most protective and grounding. That's why many wear the black obsidian bracelet to improve their spiritual defenses and achieve stability.

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    What Does Snowflake Obsidian Do?

    Known for its white or grayish spots that look like snowflakes, this form inspires purification and harmony. It’s the stone to turn to if you’re looking to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Thanks to its calming presence, you can let go of any negative thoughts or behaviors you may be repressing.

    What Does Rainbow Obsidian Do?

    True to its rainbow pattern, this stone allows you to reveal all “colors” of truths in your life. Many seek its energy to aid in emotional healing, as this stone helps you connect with your deepest emotions and understand the underlying causes of your struggles. By revealing the hidden truths of your life, it can help you gain a new perspective and release emotional blockages that are holding you back.

    What Does Mahogany Obsidian Do?

    Mahogany obsidian is all about grounding. This reddish-brown kind gives you strength in times of challenges. As its name suggests, it also encourages growth in many aspects of your life, just like a mahogany tree budding. Many also use it to stimulate their sexuality and sensuality, as it is known to boost the sense of touch.

    What Does Sheen Obsidian Do?

    Sheen obsidian’s bright energy is helpful for both shamanic and healing purposes. It has been commonly used as a scrying tool, which is perfect for self-reflective meditation. Use this form if you want to know your purpose and understand your true self.

    What Does Fire Obsidian Do?

    If you wish to gain courage and strength, the fiery energy of fire obsidian is what you need. The transformative properties of this rarest obsidian allow you to release old patterns, fears, and traumas that could be hindering your growth.

    What Does Blue, Green, Yellow, and Strawberry Obsidian Do?

    There is no such thing as blue, green, yellow, or strawberry obsidian. Therefore, they do nothing. If you stumbled upon these obsidian types, they are likely to be fake.

    Reaping the Benefits of Obsidian

    Always keep your obsidian close to you to make the most out of its energy. Here are some ways to incorporate the various types of obsidian into your daily life:

    Wear obsidian jewelry

    Wearing a piece of obsidian jewelry is great for beginners. You simply put it on and allow yourself to bask in the energy of the stone wherever you are, virtually at all times. And, there are plenty of jewelry options to choose from, be it obsidian bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

    wear obsidian jewelry

    Drink an obsidian elixir

    An obsidian elixir is water infused with the properties of the stone. By drinking crystal-infused water, you are directly absorbing the energy of obsidian into your body. We recommend carrying a crystal infusion water bottle with you at all times to benefit from the healing and energizing properties of obsidian.

    drink an obsidian elixir

    Use an obsidian wand

    If you’ve been working with gemstones for some time now, you’ll know that crystal wands target specific chakras to assist with certain issues you may be having. And for obsidian wands, it targets your root chakra–the energy point that governs your connection to the world. Working with an obsidian chakra wand helps you become more confident about yourself, providing a sense of security.

    use an obsidian wand

    Wrapping Up

    Obsidian is a powerful crystal that brings a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

    With different types of obsidian, you can harness unique energies that can aid you in improving your well-being. From protecting and grounding to releasing negative emotions and blockages, you can rely on obsidian to help you overcome your struggles.

    Seek the energy of obsidian if you need protection from negative energies, emotional healing, or stability.

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