Feng Shui 2024: Flying Star Chart Cures & Enhancements for Good Luck

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As we step into the Year of the Wood Dragon, it’s crucial to know where the Flying Stars are moving in 2024. This is because the Flying Star 2024 is said to influence one’s luck according to the principles of Feng Shui.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Feng Shui 2024 chart and find out the fate of each of the zodiac animals in the Year of the Wood Dragon. By the end of this post, we'll give you free advice on what 2024 Feng Shui cures to wear to avoid bad luck and enhance good fortune.

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    What is the Flying Star Chart?

    The Flying Star Chart is a tool used in Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, that maps out different types of energy (or 'stars') believed to fly into various sectors of a space each year. These stars are associated with specific qualities, influences, and potential outcomes.

    By analyzing the chart, practitioners can determine which sectors and related zodiac animals are considered lucky or unlucky in the coming year. This analysis helps people understand how to enhance positive energy or counter negative influences, aiming to improve their well-being and fortunes.

    Flying Star 2024 Chart

    feng shui 2024 - flying star chart

    This chart shows where the Flying Stars are moving in 2024.

    Below, let’s discuss which directions are considered auspicious and inauspicious based on the Feng Shui 2024 chart.

    Lucky Stars in 2024

    Based on the chart above, the lucky sectors in 2024 are the following:

    • #1 Victory Star: This influence fosters positive energies in success, recognition, and personal accomplishments. (Position: East)
    • #4 Academic/Romance Star: It brings improvements in relationships, harmony in the workplace, and boosted luck in academic pursuit. (Position: Northwest)
    • #6 Heavenly Star: The Heavenly Star brings divine blessings, unexpected fortune, and the mentor luck to the Northeast sector. (Position: Northeast)
    • #8 Wealth Star: Associated with financial wealth and business success. (Position: Northeast)
    • #9 Future Prosperity Star: Considered the luckiest star, the Nine Purple amplifies good fortune in various life aspects, including love, relationships, and overall achievement. (Position: Southwest)

    Unlucky Stars in 2024

    Now, let’s find out which sectors are considered unlucky in 2024 based on the chart.

    • #2 Illness Star: Linked with health concerns and misfortune, this affliction star in the Southeast may lead to health-related hurdles. (Position: Southeast)
    • #3 Quarrelsome Star: Known for causing disagreements and legal issues, its central position can lead to conflicts, disturbing peace in personal or professional environments. (Position: Center)
    • #5 Misfortune Star: Connected with adverse events, accidents, and monetary challenges. (Position: West)
    • #7 Betrayal/Robbery Star: This affliction is linked with robbery, losses, betrayal, and financial difficulties. (Position: South)

    Understanding How the Flying Star Chart Affects You

    In Feng Shui, especially in the Flying Star system, the 12 Chinese zodiac animals are associated with specific directions on the compass. These directions are crucial in analyzing and applying Feng Shui remedies and enhancements, including the impact of the annual Flying Stars.

    Here's a breakdown of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and their corresponding directions.

    • Rat: North
    • Ox: Northeast 
    • Tiger: Northeast
    • Rabbit: East
    • Dragon: Southeast
    • Snake: Southeast
    • Horse: South
    • Goat: Southwest
    • Monkey: Southwest
    • Rooster: West
    • Dog: Northwest
    • Pig: Northwest

    Each year, as the Flying Stars move through the different sectors (directions) of a space, they interact with the energy associated with the zodiac sign of that sector.

    For example, if a particularly lucky star flies into the East, which is associated with the Rabbit, it could mean a generally favorable year for those born in the year of the Rabbit.

    Conversely, if a negative star occupies this sector, it could indicate potential difficulties or the need for specific Feng Shui remedies for Rabbit-born individuals.

    In the following section, we’ll explain in detail how the flying stars will affect each of the zodiac animals in 2024.

    Flying Star 2024 and the Zodiacs

    feng shui 2024 - flying star chart & zodiac

    The chart above shows the location of the Flying Stars in 2024 as well as the zodiac animals associated with it.

    If your zodiac animal falls in the direction of an unlucky star, you should take caution and apply necessary Feng Shui cures to counter the negative energy.

    As shown in the Feng Shui chart, the zodiac animals who need to extra care include:

    • Dragon, Snake - afflicted with the #2 Illness Star
    • Rooster - afflicted with the #5 Misfortune Star
    • Horse - afflicted with the #7 Betrayal/Robbery Star

    On the other hand, zodiac animals who fall in the direction of a lucky star are in for a treat. What’s even better is that you can enhance this year’s positive energy so you get the most out of the auspicious star.

    Zodiac animals who will enjoy the auspicious stars are as follows:

    • Rabbit - blessed with the #1 Victory Star
    • Dog, Pig - blessed with the #4 Academic/Romance Star
    • Ox, Tiger - blessed with the #6 Heavenly Star
    • Rat - blessed with the #8 Wealth Star
    • Goat, Monkey - blessed with the #9 Future Prosperity Star

    This is the general prediction for each of the zodiac animals based on the Flying Star chart of 2024. If you want a more detailed analysis for your zodiac sign, you can read our full Year of the Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2024 here.

    Other Unlucky Elements to Watch Out

    feng shui 2024 - flying star chart, tai sui, sui po, 3 killings

    Aside from the inauspicious Flying Stars, you should also watch where the notorious Tai Sui, Sui Po, and Three-Killings are moving in 2024.

    Tai Sui

    In 2024, the Tai Sui moves to the direction of the Dragon in the Southeast. This means the Dragon clashes with the Grand Duke Jupiter, causing misfortune to the zodiac animal this year. Watch out for potential challenges in many aspects of your life, including your finances, relationships, and health.

    Sui Po

    Sui Po, known as the Year Breaker, moves to the direction of the Dog and the Pig in the Northwest. Sui Po is known to bring instability and disturbances, especially in the area it occupies. Affected zodiacs should take caution and apply the necessary Feng Shui cures to counter the effects of the Year Breaker.


    In 2024, the Three-Killings moves to the direction of the Horse in the South. The Three Killings is a combination of negative energies that can cause problems, bad luck, and roadblocks. These might make things tough in areas like health, relationships, and money. To lessen these negative effects, it's a good idea to be careful and use some Feng Shui tips to help weaken the impact of the Three Killings in this area.

    Feng Shui 2024 - Period 9

    feng shui 2024 - period 9

    Besides the annual shift of energy, you must also pay attention to Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun) in Feng Shui.

    In classical Feng Shui, a shift in energy occurs every 20 years. The year 2024 marks a new cycle that will last until 2043. This period heralds transformation and change in the next two decades.

    The shift in energy from the arrival of Period 9 is depicted on the chart above. Compared to the annual chart, the effects of Period 9 are less noticeable. However, the effects also last longer.

    These zodiac animals may feel the effects of the inauspicious stars brought by Period 9:

    • Rooster - afflicted with the #2 Illness Star
    • Ox, Tiger - afflicted with the #3 Quarrelsome Star
    • Rabbit - afflicted with the #7 Betrayal/Robbery Star
    • Rat - afflicted with the #5 Misfortune Star

    Now that you know whether you have a lucky or unlucky star in 2024, how can you counter or enhance these stars? The answer is Feng Shui cures and enhancers, which we will discuss below.

    Feng Shui Cures 2024 for the Inauspicious Stars

    If you’ve been afflicted with unlucky stars this year or period, don’t worry. With these 2024 Feng Shui cures, you can still enjoy a peaceful time ahead.

    #2 Illness Star 

    In 2024, the zodiac signs Dragon and Snake are advised to wear the Wu Lou Holy Gourd charm throughout the year to counter the looming illness energy in your sector. In Chinese culture, the Wu Lou is a Feng Shui cure to ward off illnesses, diseases, and even death brought by the #2 Illness Star.

    The Rooster zodiac would also benefit from the Holy Gourd charm to weaken the #2 Illness Star from the Period 9 chart.

    #3 Quarrelsome Star

    The #3 Quarrelsome Star brings disharmony in your environment. To counter this inauspicious star, the Ox and Tiger can wear the amethyst harmony bracelet wherever they go.

    The soothing energy of green jade also helps dispel conflicts in your surroundings.

    #5 Misfortune Star

    Don’t let the #5 Misfortune Star ruin your year with all kinds of bad luck. Wear the Triple Protection Bracelet to protect yourself from all kinds of unwanted energy.

    Made of three powerful crystals for protection, this amulet is a must-have Flying Star 2024 cure for Rat-born and Rooster-born individuals!

    #7 Betrayal/Robbery Star

    If you’re born under the Horse or Rabbit sign, you should counter the #7 Betrayal/Robbery Star if you wish to avoid losses, theft, or betrayal this year. The best Flying Star cure 2024 for this is the Double Pixiu Black Obsidian Bracelet.

    Featuring the Double Pixiu and the black obsidian symbols, this bracelet will not only serve as a protective amulet against the negative star but also an enhancer to the lucky stars in your sector.

    Tai Sui

    To appease the Tai Sui, those born under the Dragon sign should wear the symbol of Pixiu. According to Chinese legends, Pixiu is one of the favorite pets of the Grand Duke. Wearing its symbol lets you avoid the wrath of the deity.

    Unlock more Tai Sui Feng Shui Remedies here.

    Sui Po

    Symbols such as Pixiu, a traditional Chinese protective creature, can be worn to ward off the negative energies brought by Sui Po. Dogs and Pigs can also wear metal elements such as a copper bracelet to suppress its unwanted energy.


    For the Three-Killings, the Horse zodiac needs Feng Shui remedies. Wearing the symbol of Pixiu helps mitigate the negative effects of this inauspicious energy. Since the Three-Killings is of the earth element, you can also counter its effects by wearing metals such as a copper bracelet

    Feng Shui Enhancers for the Lucky Stars

    Some zodiacs are blessed with good luck this year. If you’re one of them, the good news is you can further enhance the positive effects of these auspicious stars. Here’s how:

    #1 Victory Star

    The Rabbit is about to enjoy victory this year especially if you enhance the energy of the star by wearing the citrine amplifying bracelet. You’d also find an ally in the Maximum Success Bracelet.

    If you're born under the Dog or Pig sign, you would also benefit from wearing the charms above!

    #4 Academic/Romance Star

    The #4 Academic/Romance Star brings luck to relationships and studies of the Dog, Pig, and Horse. Double the luck with the rose quartz bracelet for love or the Buddha head bracelet for academic luck.

    #6 Heavenly Star

    To get the most out of your divine blessings, the Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet can help enhance your good luck. The Ox and the Tiger, as well as the Goat and the Monkey, would benefit the most from this charm.

    #8 Wealth Star

    Activate your wealth lucky by wearing the Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet. Those born under the Rat, Dragon, and Snake signs would benefit the most from this 2024 Feng Shui enhancer.

    #9 Future Prosperity Star

    Finally, the Goat and the Monkey gets the biggest auspicious star this year. Don’t miss the chance to double it with the green jade Pixiu bracelet. Featuring the lucky Chinese crystal jade and the fortune-beast Pixiu, it’s the ultimate charm to enhance your #9 Future Prosperity Star.


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