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Tibetan Lucky Bracelet

Beautiful Tibetan Lucky Bracelet, and I'm wearing it right ✅ now,lol...

Feng Shui Pixui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

An absolute 🔥 💯 👌 powerhouse 🔋 💪 🔋 💪 🔋 💪 of a wealth attractor bracelet...Thank you for the lotus storage 🙏...🙏 ❤ ♥ bag 🎒

Tibetan Lucky Bracelet

Beautiful red mantra bracelet...I bought the gold & silver,and I'm very pleased...


Totally enjoyed the item I received. Can feel the positive energy.

Immediately after ordering

After ordering the bracelet even before it reached me today things started to change. Now it's here and I just put it on!


I received the ring in good order. Delivery was timely. Been using it everyday.

Beautiful pendant, but not what I ordered

I first got another pendant with an Om mandala on it, and it had these white rocks in them that glow in the dark, so I sent an email about the pendant in question, and they sent me another one that has this glow in the dark rocks in them. I wanted this pendant for the combination of the rainbow background with the Sri Yantra mandala, but I suppose this is all they have left. It's still a nice pendant even though the rainbow background is blocked out. You can see the crystals easily like this.


I had one of the bracelets prior from another vendor a. purple of years ago and the quality of this bracelet is excellent. The stones-size and engraving is better than most.

Should have ordered two just in case. The band tends to fail on most bracelets and can not comment on the quality of this one.

Wu Lou Health Bracelet

From the moment I put this on I felt a change inside of me.
It looks like it repels evil and negatively around health and I hope it continues to do so.
I love it.

Very nice

I like it very much

Best quality items

I received my items in about a week. Quality is great. Good customer service. I will order more in the future. I definitely Recommend to others.

Love them

Exactly what I was looking for ❤️

Love it !

After wearing this bracelet I feel a lot of positive energy and also some opportunities have presented themselves to me ! Fingers crossed. Love it ! Just wish they also had a smaller size for wrists like mine but other than that, it’s been great for me. I got one for my husband as well along with the coin bracelet.

Love it!

The bracelet is beautiful! I love it!! It matched my hand, the unfortunate after effect of a bad IV placement. 😁

Beautiful and perfect for my arm


I bought 4 bracelets. For me and my daughters. Now we share a very kind phrase. The most important one in Buddhism. We love it


Once I receive the Buddha bracelet I felted better money coming in and the energy I needed

Love it!


Love it

But its too large on my hand
There should be a customized size for ladies

I love this bracelet, it's very lightweight and looks really good on my writst! Thank you

I really love it!

I can feel the energy from day 1. I don't even take it off when I sleep and it stays in perfect condition

I'm thrilled to receive my tibetan copper bracelet. Its beautiful and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much

It's working

My life's gotten better after wearing this ring

Very satisfied

The money tree is really beautiful but I also get this feeling that I'm protected from negative energy