Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her, Him, Yourself, and Everyone

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Make this Valentine’s Day special with a spiritual gift.

Whether you’re in a relationship or you enjoy being single, we have meaningful items perfect for you and for the people (and pets) that matter.

Check out our gift guide and make everyone feel loved this coming Valentine’s Day.

What Are You Looking For?

    For Couples


    A Couple’s Necklace for Protection

    Dragon & Phoenix Couple Necklace

    Dragon & Phoenix Couple Necklace - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $20.00

    For a relationship to last, it must be protected. This couple’s necklace is made of powerful protection crystals worn to shield against toxic behaviors.


    Close the distance with your loved one

    Distance Bracelets for Long Distance Relationships

    Distance Bracelets for Long Distance Relationships - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $25.00

    Feel connected, even when you’re apart. These distance bracelets will close the distance between you and your loved one.


    A successful relationship is built on trust

    Dragon and Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet

    Dragon and Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $100.00

    The “Obsidian Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet” is a couple’s bracelet worn to strengthen relationships.

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    For Her


    Brings good luck to those who wear it

    Blessed Lucky Red String Bracelet

    Blessed Lucky Red String Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $20.00

    Your woman deserve all the good things in life. This bracelet will help her attract luck and all good things, which makes for an excellent gift this Valentine’s Day.


    An excellent companion to inspiring unconditional love

    The Stone of Love Bracelet

    The Stone of Love Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $25.00

    Bring the energy of love into your life. Whether you wish to attract love or strengthen existing relationships, rose quartz is a crystal that can help you with matters of the heart.


    Potent wealth activator

    Jade Money Bag Necklace to Fulfill Wishes

    Jade Money Bag Necklace to Fulfill Wishes - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $30.00

    Made of Hetian jade, this pendant necklace is both lovely and useful. It’s a stone that fulfills wishes, which is ideal if you want to help your girlfriend reach her dreams.

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    For Him


    Powerful Feng Shui Wealth Enhancer

    Pixiu Wealth Bracelet

    Pixiu Wealth Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $20.00

    Help your man succeed in his financial endeavors with the help of Feng Shui. Many men wear this bracelet to attract money luck into their lives.


    Channeling spiritual energy

    Tibetan Copper Bracelet to Boost Spirituality

    Tibetan Copper Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $25.00

    Get your partner to connect with his spiritual energy with this Tibetan bracelet. Connecting with one’s spiritual self brings about plenty of benefits, including improved luck, healing, and protection.


    The Ultimate Protector

    Triple Protection Bracelet

    Triple Protection Bracelet - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $25.00

    Gift him a protection bracelet to keep him safe wherever he goes. Made of three powerful protection crystals, this piece keeps negative energy at bay.

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    For Family & Friends


    The Ultimate Protector

    A symbol of lasting companionship

    Friendship Bracelets - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $25.00

    Show how you appreciate your friends with these friendship bracelets. These charms are meant to be shared with friends to wish them good luck, happiness, and safety.


    Sacred good luck charms

    Handmade Knot Bracelets to Bless Your Family

    Handmade Knot Bracelets - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $95.00

    Handmade by Buddhist monks, these rope bracelets are infused with spiritual energy to attract all good things. It’s an ideal gift for anyone, be it your friends or family.


    Sacred good luck charms

    Protection Bracelet from Powerful Guardian Deities

    Eight Buddhist Guardian Bracelets - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $55.00

    Give divine protection to your loved ones with these Guardian Deities Bracelets. Make it personal by giving a gift based on their zodiac animal sign.

    For Pets


    Inspire positive effects in the body

    Orgone Crystal to Soothe Pets

    amethyst orgonite pyramid - valentines gift guide

    SAVE $35.00

    Your furry friends need some love too, which you can show with this soothing orgonite pyramid. Place it near your pet’s bed for it to feel the crystal’s calming effects.


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