5 Types of Protection Bracelets and Why You Should Wear Them

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We turn to a variety of vitamins and supplements to guard ourselves from sickness and keep our health in top shape. Likewise, protection bracelets also follow the same logic.

Protection bracelets come in many forms. These accessories also exist for various purposes for many people. All meant to safeguard us from many harms that may come our way.

This article will discuss the protection bracelets' meaning and their benefits. We’ll list down various types of them so you may find one or two that suit your style.

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    Protection Bracelet Meaning

    A protection bracelet is a type of jewelry that is designed to protect the wearer from harm. The origins of protection bracelets date back to ancient times, when people would wear them as amulets to ward off evil spirits.

    Today, protection bracelets are more commonly worn as a fashion accessory while still retaining their original purpose of providing protection.

    There are a variety of different styles of protection bracelets available on the market, so there is sure to be one that suits your personal taste. From crystals and charms to strings and beads, there is a protection bracelet out there for everyone.

    Types of Protection Bracelets

    Red String Bracelets

    red string bracelets - types of protection bracelets

    Red string bracelets serve in two ways. One is to attract fortune and another is to ward off bad luck. 

    Red is seen as the color of one's spiritual power in the Buddhist faith. This potent color is a 24/7 protection against misfortune when worn as a bracelet. Monks even wear a red string on their wrists for safety.

    Wearing red string bracelets is also said to evoke a spiritual sense of comfort. Knowing luck is on your side can give you a wonderful boost of optimism. Not only can it protect you, but it can also be of help in improving your outlook.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: We recommend the Tibetan Red String Bracelet Buddhist Lucky Charm for people facing a slump in their business. Those who wear it attract good luck and it could be the one you need to lift up your spirits.

    The protection the red thread gives is enhanced by Tibetan mantras in gold/silver engravings. Also blessed with the six true words mantra, it carries positive energy to invite all good things. This charm brings happiness and good luck to its wearer. 

    Chakra Bracelets

    chakra bracelets - types of protection bracelets

    Chakra Bracelets are for protecting and balancing the chakras.

    The human body has seven energy points that need to maintain a regular energy flow. These are what we call chakra points. Each one is connected to various key organs, which impact a person's health.

    Any chakra blockage disrupts the flow of energy. Experiencing so results in pain and emotional issues. 

    As each of the chakra points uses particular stones, it's how chakra bracelets come into the conversation. This jewelry has energy properties that improve a person's flow and avoid blockages for all seven chakras on the human body.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: The 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet is highly recommended to anyone! It brings together numerous gems that match each chakra point. This bracelet can enhance your life in addition to being a vibrant addition to your collection.

    These stones clear obstructions from the chakra points, promoting therapeutic effects:

    • Crown Chakra - Amethyst for spiritual awareness
    • Third Eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli for clarity
    • Throat Chakra - Turquoise for self-expression
    • Heart Chakra - Imperial Stone for love
    • Solar Plexus Chakra - Tiger’s Eye for self-control
    • Sacral Chakra - Amber for pleasure
    • Root Chakra - Onyx for stability

    Evil Eye Bracelets

    evil eye bracelets - types of protection bracelets

    Evil eye bracelets are used for protecting against the Evil Eye curse.

    If you are just starting out your wellness journey, you might not be aware how a single glance can be harmful. Someone looking at your achievements and success with jealousy could bring you bad luck. This phenomenon is called the evil eye curse.

    Nothing can prepare you for it since the curse can be casted unintentionally. One thing that can help you though is by wearing evil eye bracelets. It is basically a 24/7 shield you can bring from the harm the evil eye can bring you.

    They are nicely made and have the ability to guard against negative ideas. It deflects any unwanted energy while you still continue to celebrate your victories in the public eye.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: The Natural Peridot Evil Eye Bracelet is a feng shui charm used to attract wealth. It doesn’t only protect you from the Evil Eye curse, but it is also said to bring in the money energy. 

    EMF Protection Bracelets

    EMF protection bracelets - types of protection bracelets

    EMF protection bracelets such as Obsidian Jewelry are shields against negative energy. They serve as a strong anchor to keep you rooted in this life. They also act as a shield that can protect you, letting only uplifting energy enter your body.

    Not only does this jewelry have a sophisticated appearance, but it also offers a valuable benefit. It covers us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. This, given the widespread use of electronic gadgets and devices in modern culture, is impossible to avoid.

    The stunning lava stone bracelet has a distinctive structure. It converts artificial EMFs into frequencies more compatible with the human body. Doing that reduces their harmful effects on our anatomy.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: The Feng Shui Pixiu Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet draws auspicious energies in to help you live a prosperous life. This charm bracelet has Pixiu and black obsidian, worn to also enhance your financial situation. 

    Chinese Bangles

    chinese bangles - types of protection bracelets

    Chinese Bangles are for protection against bad luck. Used for fashion in the majority of the world, they are simple and have a crucial spiritual significance. It is often gifted to newborn babies to set them off on a good start in life.

    These bangles are worn to promote motivation toward goals we want to achieve. While reaching our goals, it also offers us the fortune to only attract good things to come our way.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: The Pure Jade Bangle Bracelet inspires healing effects for our entire well-being. Featuring real jadestone, it gives you protection while flowing grace and elegance through you. 

    Crystal Bracelets

    crystal bracelets - types of protection bracelets

    Crystal bracelets are connected to many different cultural beliefs. They are frequently bought with the main objective of providing us with a better life. Thus, one should pick the proper gemstone to include in your jewelry. 

    These bracelets can also be our line of defense and give a spiritual connection. Gemstone bracelets help us focus when we are occasionally sidetracked by thoughts or other factors. It helps in developing a sense of connectedness to nature and environmental understanding.

    When we know ourselves and our surroundings better, we can start encouraging optimism.

    Buddha and Karma Pick: We advise you to check out our Triple Protection Bracelet. It offers the ultimate spiritual protection. This bracelet combines the metaphysical properties of the Tiger’s Eye, Obsidian, and Hematite stones. 


    Our souls do not need iron armor for their protection. A simple spiritual protection bracelet can do wonders for this role.

    The above-discussed examples of bracelets are just a few of the many spiritual charms you can choose from. Just remember that the meaning of these bracelets depends on personal beliefs. These bracelets work best if you put your faith in them.

    Every day, we have a lot to navigate, and we tend to lose our balance every now and then. In times that you are down, we could only hope you have a protection bracelet by your side.

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