What is the Star of David? The Spiritual Meaning of This Six-Pointed Star

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The Star of David is a centuries-old Jewish emblem of protection that continues to be utilized today. Some archaeologists believe that this symbol was created by King David himself to protect him from evil spirits.

With its rich history, this six-pointed star amulet is considered one of the best-known symbols in modern society. You can see it everywhere, from jewelry and apparel to synagogues' walls and flags. And they are used for a reason.

Here, we’ll dig deeper into meaning of the Star of David. Find out why people wear this amulet and the reason should wear it too.

What is the Star of David?

The Star of David is a symbol representing Judaism. It's also known as the Shield of David or Magen David. It's a hexagram, which means it has six points—two triangles overlapping each other at different angles.

The symbol can be found in synagogues and Jewish homes. In addition, some people wear it as jewelry.

David's Star Necklace For Protection


The Origin of the Star of David

This famous star is thought to have originated in a time before Christianity and Islam, when there was no need for an official symbol to represent the Jewish people. At that time, the menorah—a seven-branched candelabrum—was used instead.

When King David ruled over Israel, he wore a coat with six-pointed stars on it. The number six is significant because it reflects God's six-day creation of the world. 

As such, this six-pointed star signifies the unity between God, the universe, and man. The menorah also conveys this idea: each light means one day of creation, and they are all lit up at once God finishes His work on the sixth day.

The star became popular during the Crusades as a way for Jews to identify themselves so they wouldn't be attacked by Christians trying to convert or kill them outright.

Some say the hexagram represents how we should live: with one foot firmly planted on the ground while our other leg reaches up towards heaven. The upward triangle represents consciousness; the downward triangle represents matter or "soil." 

Together they form a unified whole that represents all living things.

What Does the Star of David Symbolize?

The Star of David meaning is all about protection.

It's hard to believe that a symbol as simple as the hexagram could actually be so powerful, but it is. It's been around for more than 3,000 years and has a more fascinating history than you might think.

So, let's start with what the six-pointed star means:

According to Jewish tradition, God gave King David a shield with a star to protect him from his enemies. The Jewish people have used this symbol ever since to remind us of God's power over our lives—and how we can use that power for good.

Fast forward to present day, the Star of David has been considered a powerful talisman that can help protect you from all kinds of negative energy. It's also an excellent choice if you're looking for a new way to add some extra protection to your life.

How Does the Star of David Protect You?

The six-pointed star is a formidable emblem that wards off evil spirits and shields you and the people you care about from the effects of negative energy. It also prevents terrible intentions and ill-will, which can be especially useful when dealing with difficult people.

It uses the power of protection to keep you safe from all kinds of harm, including theft, accidents, disease, and more. Many also claim that it even protects against black magic.

It’s also a symbol of good luck, so it's great for wearing as jewelry or displaying in your home or office. You can also use it to make an amulet or other magical object to carry with you wherever you go.

Star of David in Jewelry

The Star of David in jewelry is a symbol of protection and safety. The six-pointed star is believed to contain powerful energy that can keep you safe and protected. 

It symbolizes goodness and light, so wearing it might make you feel more positive about your situation. It's also associated with the sun, which represents health and vitality. If you're feeling less than well, this could help boost your energy levels.

Jewelry containing the hexagram also brings luck and prosperity into your life–moreso if it has diamonds or other precious stones. Some people believe that wearing these gems helps them attract wealth and abundance from others who admire what they're wearing.

star of david necklace

How to Use the Star of David

So, you've gotten your hands on a Star of David and are ready to start using it. What do you do with it?

There are several ways to use the symbol. You can wear it as a necklace or bracelet, hang it in your home or office, or even place it in your wallet. But which way is best for you?

Wear It as a Necklace

Wearing it as a necklace will protect you from negative energy and thoughts. It will also help prevent any hexes or spells that your enemies might cast upon you. If someone tries to curse you with evil magic, this will help protect you from those curses.

David's Star for Protection

Hang It in the Wall

Hanging one in your home or office is also a great way to keep yourself safe from hexes and spells cast by others. It will also keep any evil spirits away from your home or office. You can hang one above the doorway so that when people come into your house, they aren't cursed while they're there—that way, they'll stay safe.

Keep One in Your Wallet

Keeping one in your wallet is another super-effective way to protect yourself against hexes and spells cast by others. It’s an alternative to wearing the symbol all the time.


The Star of David is a potent symbol that has been around for a long time that offers protection to those who wear it.

It's easy to take the things we love for granted, but when you think about how much effort goes into protecting your favorite things, it's easy to see how they're worth it.

That's why we've been collecting these facts about the Star of David—so you can appreciate them more and protect them.


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