Buddhist Monk Bracelet Meaning - An Act of Blessing | Why Do Monks Give Bracelets?

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What does it mean when a monk gives you a bracelet?

One of our readers asked, “A Buddhist monk gave me a bracelet. What does the monk bracelet symbolize?”

To answer that, let’s talk about the meaning of monk bracelets below.

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    Monk Bracelet Meaning

    A monk bracelet is said to bring good luck and protection to its wearer. This bracelet is blessed by monks or other spiritual practitioners with positive energy. The positive energy then attracts luck, abundance, and all good things into your life, according to Buddhist beliefs.

    A Buddhist Monk Gave Me a Bracelet - What Does It Mean?

    buddhist monk gave me a bracelet

    Buddhist monks give bracelets to spread positive energy and good karma.

    In many Buddhist temples, monks would wear a bracelet during religious ceremonies. They will recite sacred mantras in these rituals. It is then believed that the positive energy of these sacred mantras gets imbued in the bracelet.

    Charged with positive energy, the monks then give the bracelet to other people as a blessing of good luck and protection.

    What Happens When A Monk Bracelet Is Blessed?

    In some belief systems, blessings by monks or other spiritual practitioners are believed to imbue objects with positive energy. When you wear such an object, it is said to bring you protection or blessings that can attract good luck, abundance, or your utmost desires.

    The specific rituals, mantras, or practices used by monks during blessing ceremonies can vary depending on their tradition, cultural background, and personal beliefs.


    Does the Buddhist Monk Bracelet Work?

    Yes, Buddhist monk blessing bracelets work.

    For it to work, remember the Buddhist principle of karma. You must sow positive actions and intentions for you to reap the things you desire.

    That means you should align your intentions with the bracelet and exert enough effort. This way, the bracelet will aid you in manifesting your intentions.

    As a symbol of faith, these bracelets become more potent the more you believe in them.

    What Kinds of Monk Bracelets Are There?

    Monks often wear two kinds of bracelets during ceremonies: a monk beads bracelet and a string bracelet.

    Monk Beads Bracelet

    Monk beads bracelets are often made of either plant-based or crystal materials.

    monk beads bracelets

    Plant-based materials, such as seed or wooden beads, are typically made from sacred Buddhist trees. The Buddhists believe materials from the sacred trees are particularly auspicious because of their significance in the life and teachings of the Buddha.

    monk crystal bracelets

    Crystals, on the other hand, are thought to hold specific healing energies. These unique healing properties are said to align the body’s energy. As a result, they help improve one’s well-being. That’s why they are often used in the making of monk bracelets.

    Gemstones are also believed to have symbolic meanings in Tibetan Buddhism. For example, amethyst is often associated with wisdom while clear quartz represents purity. These symbolic associations align with the core teachings of Buddhism. Thus, they also serve as a reminder of the lessons you learn from this religion.

    Monk String Bracelet

    buddhist monk string bracelets

    Aside from beaded bracelets, it’s also common for a monk to tie a piece of string around his wrist during ceremonies. This piece of string, when blessed, then becomes a lucky monk knot bracelet.

    In Buddhist tradition, colored strings symbolize different things. Check out the Buddhist string bracelet color meanings below:

    • Blue - peace
    • Yellow - an empty mind
    • Red - life force or chi
    • Orange - stability
    • White - purity
    • Green - balance and harmony
    • Multicolored - unity, perfection of the universe
    • Black - darkness

    Monk Bracelet with Symbol

    What is the symbol on a Buddhist bracelet?

    Usually, a monk bracelet is engraved with the symbol of sacred mantras such as the Om, the most powerful sound that represents the entire universe. Or it can be the Om Mani Padme Hum symbol for wisdom and enlightenment.

    You can also find the 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism featured in monk bracelets, such as the lotus flower, endless knot, and even an image of the Buddha himself.

    Looking for a specific symbol in your monk bracelet? Check out our list featuring the Buddhist symbols for peace, love, and good luck.

    Can I Buy a Buddhist Monk Bracelet?

    You may be wondering, will it still have the same effect if you buy the monk bracelet and it is not given by a Buddhist monk?

    Yes, you can buy a monk beads bracelet or string bracelet and still get the same effect.

    Some monks partner with spiritual jewelry stores to widen their reach and spread good karma around the world. The bracelets they offer are also blessed with sacred mantras to bring you good luck and protection.

    Buy Buddhist Monk Bracelets

    If you wish to be blessed with positive energy, you should only wear authentic monk bracelets. An authentic monk fortune bracelet is one that is blessed by spiritual practitioners.

    At Buddha & Karma, we are one with our partner Buddhist monks in spreading positive energy and good karma around the world. We bring you a collection of blessed monk bracelets that can be your ally in your journey to a more positive and meaningful life.

    Click on the image below to find a Tibetan monk bracelet that will bless you with good luck and protection.

    buy monk bracelets


    What is the significance of wearing a Buddhist Monk Bracelet?

    Wearing a Buddhist monk bracelet serves as a reminder to stay present, practice mindfulness, and cultivate inner peace.

    What does it mean when a monk gives you a bracelet?

    When a monk gives you a bracelet, it is often considered a symbol of protection, blessings, and good luck. The bracelet is believed to ward off negative energy and bring positive vibes into your life. It also signifies a bond between the monk and the recipient, representing a connection to spirituality and mindfulness.

    How many beads are typically found on a Buddhist Monk Bracelet?

    A traditional Buddhist monk bracelet usually consists of 18, 27, or 108 beads, each representing a mantra or prayer recitation.

    Can anyone wear a Buddhist Monk Bracelet?

    Yes, anyone can wear a Buddhist monk bracelet as a personal reminder of their spiritual journey or commitment to mindfulness.

    How should I care for my Buddhist Monk Bracelet?

    To maintain the integrity of the beads, it is recommended to avoid exposure to water and store the bracelet in a safe place when not in use.

    Are there different colors or materials used for Buddhist Monk Bracelets?

    While wood beads are the most common material used, some bracelets may feature gemstones or other natural materials. The Buddhist bracelet color meaning vary and each holds different symbolism.

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