How to Use an Orgonite/Orgone Pyramid to Improve Life

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You have likely heard about the orgonite pyramid, its meaning, benefits, and uses.

But how do you actually use one for EMF protection, attracting money, love, and healing?

There are many different ways to use this orgone generating tool.

In this article, we will discuss how to use an orgonite or orgone pyramid to improve your well-being.



How to Use an Orgone Pyramid: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are many ways to use the orgone pyramid. However, the first thing you should do when you get an orgonite is to cleanse it, meditate with the object, set your intentions, and place it near you.

  1. Cleanse your orgone pyramid
  2. Meditate while holding the orgonite
  3. Program your intentions onto the orgonite
  4. Place the orgonite near you

  1. Cleanse your orgone pyramid

Before you use it, you should cleanse the pyramid to rid it of any negative energy. This can be done by smudging it with a sacred plant, submerging in salt water, or exposing it to healing sounds. Continue reading to learn the steps on how to cleanse your orgone crystal pyramid.

  1. Meditate while holding the orgonite

Hold the orgone energy pyramid with your right hand, placing your left hand over the top of the pyramid. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, clearing your mind of any distractions. Then, feel the energy of the pyramid.

  1. Program your intentions onto the pyramid

Once you are calm, focus on your intentions for the pyramid. These could be anything from healing yourself to attracting love, money, and protection into your life. Program these intentions into the pyramid by visualizing a bright light flowing within the tool.

  1. Place the orgonite near you

Once you have programmed your intentions, place the orgone pyramid near you to receive its vibrations. You can place it in various places depending on your intention, which we will discuss below.


Where to Place Your Orgonite

where to place your orgonite
  • EMF protection. Place the orgonite near your Wi-Fi routers or other electronic devices.
  • Healing. Wear an orgonite necklace if you're seeking relief from pain or stress.
  • Attracting money. Put it in your workspace for abundance.
  • Attracting love. Place it near the bed or under your mattress to heal the heart.
  • Relaxation. Put your pyramid in the bathtub while you're taking a bath.
  • Productivity. Place it on your desk at work or at home.
  • Peaceful sleep. Place the tool near your bed for a good night's rest.
  • Generating positive energy. Bury orgonite under trees which will help share the energy in your surroundings.
  • Spiritual awareness. Meditate while holding your pyramid.


How to Use an Orgonite Crystal for Specific Intentions

Aside from placement, you should also check the crystals in your orgonite. Each crystal contains certain energy that matches an intention.

Below, we listed down the orgonite crystals you need for your specific intention:

orgonite pyramid collection

Orgonite Crystals that Attract Protection

  • Black Tourmaline. One of the most popular protection stones, black tourmaline is a powerful orgonite crystal to shield you from negative energy and EMFs.
  • Black Obsidian. Another powerful protection stone, black obsidian absorbs negative vibrations to keep you safe at all times.
  • Lapis Lazuli. Associated with the third eye chakra, lapis lazuli is a stone that offers spiritual protection from physical and emotional harm.


Orgonite Crystals that Attract Money

  • Citrine. Known as “The Lucky Merchants’ Stone” and “The Stone of Manifestation,” citrine is one of the most powerful orgonite crystals to attract wealth.
  • Green Jade. Green jade is a nurturing stone that encourages financial growth in many cultures.
  • Green Aventurine. Many believe that green aventurine is a stone of luck and abundance, earning its nickname “The Stone of Opportunity.”
  • Tiger's Eye. Tiger's eye is considered a stone for wealth because it inspires courage, confidence, and clarity that you need to achieve abundance.


Orgonite Crystals that Attract Love

  • Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a loving stone that opens the heart. It's also known as “The Love Stone” and it attracts love from all sources.
  • Malachite. As "The Stone of Transformation," malachite encourages positive change in you, attracting the attention of other people.


Orgonite Crystals that Attract Healing

  • 7 chakra stones. The chakra stones are a powerful tool to help balance the flow of energy in your body, promoting good health.
  • Amethyst. Known as a purifying stone, amethyst clears negative energy from the body and mind.
  • Clear Quartz. Clear quartz is called "The Master Healer" because it's believed to amplify any healing energy.
  • Selenite. Selenite is another purifying stone that absorbs negative vibrations.
  • Labradorite. Labradorite is known to promote balance and protect against negativity.


How to Cleanse an Orgone Crystal Pyramid

Orgonite can absorb negative energy while it's working, that’s why you need to cleanse it regularly.

Here are some of the best ways to cleanse your crystal pyramid:

Smudge it with sacred plants

Smudging is an ancient cleansing technique that involves the use of sacred plants such as white sage and palo santo.

To cleanse with sacred plants:

  1. Light the tip of the sacred plant.
  2. Hold the pyramid with your left hand.
  3. Let the smoke of the burning leaves envelop the pyramid for 30 to 60 seconds.
  4. Visualize all the negative energy leaving the crystal.
  5. Open the door or window to allow the smoke to escape.


Dip it in salt water

Salt has been used in many spiritual practices for its strong cleansing energy.

To cleanse with salt water:

  1. Fill a bowl with water and salt.
  2. Place the pyramid in the bowl, allowing it to soak for at least an hour or two.
  3. While you're waiting, visualize all negative energy leaving your crystal pyramids.
  4. Rinse and pat dry your pyramid.


Expose it to healing sounds

energies. You can use a recording of a tuning fork, a healing bell, or a Tibetan singing bowl that you can easily find online.

To cleanse with sound:

  1. Play a recording of the healing sound for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Visualize all negative energy leaving your pyramid during the cleansing process.


How to Charge an Orgone Pyramid

Charging an orgone pyramid means filling it with the energy of your intention.

This is done so your pyramid serves your specific purpose.

Here's how to program an orgone pyramid:

  1. Hold the pyramid in both of your hands.
  2. Focus on what you want to accomplish with your tool
  3. Imagine the energy of your intention flowing within the pyramid.
  4. Concentrate until you feel a shift in energy in your orgonite.


Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to use, cleanse, and charge your orgone pyramid, it's time to put these techniques into practice!

Choose the method that aligns with your intention and start seeing the results in your life!

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