How Much is Obsidian Worth? Price, Value & Cost

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    How Much Does Obsidian Cost?

    With its ethereal beauty and its promise of protection and healing, you may be wondering: “How much does obsidian cost?”

    Obsidian is a powerful yet an affordable stone to have. In this guide, we’ll talk about the price of obsidian and its value as a crystal jewelry. Find out how much is obsidian worth, from the most common black obsidian to the rarest fire obsidian.

    Obsidian Price per Carat, Pound, and Gram

    The price of obsidian varies as there is no set standard in the market for this gem. You can buy common, unpolished obsidian for as low as $5 per kilo. The value can shoot up to $100 for rarer or polished obsidian.

    Obsidian is commonly measured in kilograms. It is rarely sold per gram, carat, pound, or ounce. However, you can use the conversion below to determine the price in other units of measurement:

    Per gram: $0.005
    Per carat: $0.025
    Per pound: $2.27
    Per ounce: $0.14
    Per kilo: $5


    Obsidian Value per Color or Type

    Obsidian is a gemstone that varies in value depending on its color or type. There are 6 different types of obsidian that differ in price. Their values range from $5 to $100 per kilogram.

    Below is a breakdown of the primary types of obsidian and their estimated values:

    How Much is Black Obsidian Worth?

    Unpolished black obsidian costs around $5 per kilo. It is the most common variant and the most affordable. That's why you'll find many are wearing a black obsidian bracelet.

    How Much is Black Obsidian Worth?

    How Much is Snowflake Obsidian Worth?

    Snowflake obsidian is relatively rare, characterized by its white speckles on a black surface. It is more valuable than black obsidian, with a price range of $10 to $20 per kilo.

    How Much is Snowflake Obsidian Worth?

    How Much is Rainbow Obsidian Worth?

    Rainbow obsidian is a unique variety of black obsidian known for its bands of iridescent colors. Its value starts from $20 per kilogram and can go higher depending on the intensity of its rainbow pattern.

    How Much is Rainbow Obsidian Worth?

    How Much is Mahogany Obsidian Worth?

    Known for its reddish-brown color that resembles mahogany, this obsidian variant is valued at $10 to $30 per kilo.

    How Much is Mahogany Obsidian Worth?

    How Much is Sheen Obsidian Worth?

    Sheen obsidian has a shiny, reflective surface and comes in golden or silver colors. It is highly valued and can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per kilogram.

    How Much is Sheen Obsidian Worth?

    How Much is Fire Obsidian Worth?

    Fire obsidian is the rarest type of obsidian. Due to its fiery appearance, it is the most prized obsidian among gem collectors and jewelers. Fire obsidian is generally an expensive stone, ranging from $80 to $100 per kilo depending on the intensity of its pattern.

    How Much is Fire Obsidian Worth?

    Is Obsidian Expensive?

    No, obsidian is not an expensive stone.

    Relatively speaking, obsidian is one of the most affordable semi-precious gems you can find in the market today. Its price is similar to that of other inexpensive stones such as citrine, black tourmaline, and amethyst.

    Is Obsidian Rare?

    No, obsidian is not rare.

    Obsidian can be mined in many regions around the world. Many of today’s obsidian is sourced from the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, Japan, Iceland, Mexico, and Australia.

    This gem can be found in many countries because of its formation process. Unlike other precious stones, obsidian doesn’t take millions of years to crystallize underground. This volcanic glass forms from rapidly cooling molten lava above the ground.

    Because it is formed from cooled lava, it is created through a much faster process. And it can be found in areas with volcanic activity. This explains why it can be mined in various parts of the world. Hence, obsidian is not considered a rare gemstone.

    Black Obsidian Collection


    Is Obsidian Valuable and Worth Anything?

    Yes, obsidian is valuable and worth something.

    Obsidian has been highly valued for centuries by various civilizations due to its unique properties. It is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that is used for various purposes. For instance, the black obsidian bracelet benefits include grounding, protection against negative energy, and attracting wealth.

    Today, obsidian is still highly valued, which is often used in jewelry making and as a decorative stone. Depending on the type, obsidian jewelry can be more valuable than others.

    Overall, obsidian has value and remains a popular material for jewelry due to its natural beauty. But more so, it is highly sought-after for its spiritual meaning and benefits.

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