How Much is Citrine Worth?

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Citrine is a quartz stone known for its properties to attract abundance and financial success. It's widely used in feng shui and also as an alternate birthstone of November.

With its power to manifest wealth, you might be wondering how much is a citrine worth.

Citrine is an inexpensive gem that comes in various colors from lemon yellow to dark orange. Below, we'll reveal the exact price of citrine and its value so you'll know what you're getting.


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    How Much Does Citrine Cost?

    Prices for Citrine vary between $2 to $10 per carat if bought directly at the source, but prices can be much higher between $10 to $30 if it's bought in countries like the US or UK, depending on the availability and current market.  

    Factors Affecting the Value of Citrine

    The value of Citrine depends on a few factors, with the most important ones being its color and purity. It's an inexpensive gem that can be found even in large sizes. The ones with a high color saturation are seen as the most valuable. 

    1. Citrine Color

    The price of citrine stone is primarily determined by its color, with those in lemon and golden yellow, or dark orange color tones known as “Madeira” commanding higher prices. Citrine gemstones with low saturation or color zoning are typically seen as less attractive and therefore sold at a lower price. 

    citrine color chart


    2. Citrine Origin

    Citrine from Brazil still tends to get the highest valuation on the market compared to other regions. However, any citrine gemstone with exceptional color and clarity can command high prices regardless of its origin. Other origins of Citrine are: Mexico, Myanmar, Bolivia, Russia, South Africa, and Madagascar.

    3. Citrine Inclusions & Purity

    Citrine is a gemstone that is classified as a Type I clarity, which means that it's typically free of visible inclusions. However, natural inclusions such as negative crystals and two-phase inclusions are common in lower-grade stones.

    4. Cut

    Citrine is available in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, emerald, square, trillion, and pear, as well as various cuts such as princess cut, cushion cut, and round. 

    5. Carat Weight

    Due to the factor that Citrine is relatively widely available in larger sizes, there is no exponential value increase per carat.

    Is Citrine an Expensive Stone?

    No, compared to other gemstones and crystals, Citrine is not an expensive stone. In fact, Citrine used to get little respect due to its abundance. However, this changed over time with a growing demand from the jewelry industry for earthy and yellow tones. 

    Citrine Enhancements 

    Heat treatment and irradiation are common methods of citrine enhancement, and both are widely accepted within the gemstone industry. Heat treatment turns natural smoky quartz and amethyst into Citrine.

    Also, colorless Quartz stones are irradiated and heated to produce lemon quartz. Lemon Quartz technically isn’t Citrine, but many gem dealers don’t separate the two and sell all yellow quartz as Citrine. Heat-treating Citrine with the right amount of Iron creates the most valuable “Madeira Citrine.”

    Real Citrine vs Fake Citrine

    While citrine enhancements are generally accepted in the industry, fake citrine can also be found on the market, mostly in the form of yellow glass or plastic. Fake Citrine made of plastic can be identified by its lighter weight. To identify fake glass citrine, have a close look using a magnifying glass. When molten glass hardens, it encloses tiny yet clearly visible bubbles of air. Read more about fake Citrine here

    Is Citrine Rare?

    No, citrine is not rare. Especially due to the acceptance of enhancements, it's commonly available and even available in larger sizes. 

    Citrine in Feng Shui

    Citrine aligns with the energy of the earth element and is commonly used in feng shui. It's known to keep you grounded and enable wealth and financial success. It can be worn as jewelry but also placing it in your home is a common way to make use of its powers. 

    Citrine Jewelry

    Thanks to its natural beauty and durability, citrine is often used in jewelry and charms. This stone ranks 7 in the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it less prone to scratches and damages. The most famous piece of Citrine jewelry is the Citrine Pixiu bracelet. Have a look at our full guide here.

    How much is Citrine worth - Citrine Jewelry

    The Price of Citrine: Is It Worth It?

    Personally, I love citrine. Not only for its versatility and beauty but also for the value you’re getting. Relatively inexpensive yet beautiful, it's a perfect companion on my everyday journey and when choosing the right jewelry to wear for the day. You can check out my favorite piece of Citrine jewelry here.


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    • Musa

      I have two large oval shaped citrine gem stones that came out of gold large earrings that was dated 1815 so these are not only from antique earrings but also natural and not heat treated or enhanced in any way, they are 20 carat each with a beautiful vivid yellow colour, what king of price can I ask for the pair

    • Siddique Manzar

      l have a citrine 7.80 cwt . fitted in my ring not for sale I m a gem collector

    • Ellen

      I need you wattsa number i have citrine i have..for number o747236181

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