What to Look for in a Real Citrine Money Tree

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Feng shui gem trees like the citrine money tree are famed for their wealth-drawing effects. However, due to their popularity, they are often imitated with colored glass today. These fake money trees won't help you to attract wealth.

If you want to get a natural citrine money tree, there are several things that you need to look out for.

In this quick guide, we'll take a look at what makes a real citrine money tree. Learn what you need to check so you won't fall from imitation money trees that won't serve any purpose.


How to Tell a Natural Citrine Money Tree from Fake

Genuine citrine money trees are usually made of crystals for their leaves and resin for their base.

In feng shui, citrine is a crystal known to manifest intentions of abundance and prosperity. It is believed to contain unique energy that attracts wealth.

Now, imagine if the leaves of your tree are made of colored glass. They won't have the same energy as the citrine crystal, thus, making it just a fancy ornament.

That said, you need to pay attention to the leaves of the gemstone tree you are buying.

natural citrine money tree

To increase your chances of finding a real money tree, here are some factors to tell if the leaves are made of natural citrine:

First, check the color.

Natural citrine is usually light yellow or orange. The color is also consistent throughout the leaves.

Second, check the clarity.

Just like natural gems, natural citrine also has clarity. The leaves should not have any milky or cloudy areas that mask the natural yellow color of the stone.

Finally, check for bubbles.

Real citrine trees should not have visible bubbles in their crystal leaves.


If you find a natural citrine money tree that meets all these criteria, then you have likely found a real gem.


Reinforced with the Feng Shui Money Bag

Aside from natural citrine crystals for its leaves, you should also go for money trees that feature other feng shui symbols for wealth.

For instance, a citrine money tree "planted" in a feng shui money bag works better for attracting wealth energy than a tree with a simple base.

The feng shui money bag is another wealth charm in Chinese culture.


Get Only a Real Citrine Money Tree

Imitation feng shui trees may look great, but they don't serve you any purpose other than being a fancy ornament.

If you wish to attract wealth, you should get only a real gemstone tree.

The guide above should help improve your chances of finding a natural citrine money tree. So, don't be fooled by imitations and get only the real thing.


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