11 Thoughtful Gifts for Yoga Lovers

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Make the new year special for yogi loved ones with the best yoga gifts.

The yoga practice might look simple, but it includes a variety of tools to create the ultimate zen experience.

Check out our gifts for yoga lovers' guides. It will help you find the perfect present to help them feel centered this coming holiday season.

Incense Burner

lotus necklace - gift for yoga lovers

This incense waterfall will bring a yogi’s aromatherapy and visual experience to the next level. The smoke pattern resembles a waterfall flowing down a mountainside. Its beauty will add relaxation to anyone’s yoga practice.

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Yoga Mat

meditation mat - gift for yoga lovers

Our yoga mat helps you visualize the energy flowing in each of your chakra points. Featuring the seven colors that represent each of the seven chakra points, it will help you clear the energy blockages in your system.

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Mindfulness Music

mindfulness music - gift for yoga lovers

This mindful music is highly-recommended to improve the quality of your meditation. Including 20 tracks, each one carefully selected to give you 170+ minutes of relaxing music. Use the power of music to start being present and living in the moment.

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Calming Beads

calming beads - gift for yoga lovers

If you are still losing focus while meditating, this next item might be the one for you. The beads on this sandalwood bracelet make an ideal meditation partner. It provides a relaxing effect on the mind, which can aid in helping you concentrate while you work on your spirituality.

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Grounding Bracelet 

grounding bracelet - gift for yoga lovers

If you get easily distracted or overwhelmed, the Grounding Lava Stone Bracelet is made for you. By enhancing your stability and balance, it keeps your thoughts and emotions composed, allowing you to control your actions. Wearing this can help you stay centered in the face of change.

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Singing Bowl

singing bowl - gift for yoga lovers

Our Tibetan Singing Bowl is the best way to experience deep spiritual healing. The music it produces cleanses the negative energy around you, allowing peace and calm to reside in you. Add this to your meditation to connect with your higher self.

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Healing Crystals

healing crystals - gift for yoga lovers

Add our Crystal Box Set to your yoga journey and feel the benefits of crystal therapy. This carefully curated set of gemstones is picked to balance your chakra points, giving you an elevated yoga practice. 

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Chakra Stone Bracelet

chakra stone bracelet - gift for yoga lovers

Take the benefits of the seven gemstones and let chakra flow within you with this 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet. Blockages in your chakra points may manifest in many ways, and one of them is clouding your mind. You must remove energy barriers to allow the chakra to flow freely. This ultimately promotes wellness into your life.

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Crystal Tassel

crystal tassel - gift for yoga lovers

This 7 Chakra Hanging Tassel is more than just a beautiful ornament. It is made to encourage positive energy flow so that you can feel wonderful all the time. This hanging tassel, which is made of seven potent gemstones, guards you from energy disruptions that can upset your chakra balance.

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Lotus Necklace

lotus necklace - gift for yoga lovers

This Om Lotus Mandala Necklace is a roadmap for awakening the mind. A metaphor for the path to enlightenment, mandalas are used to sync your energy with the energy of the cosmos. This necklace could be helpful if you're having trouble during meditation connecting with your spiritual side.

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