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It's time to welcome the invigorating energy of the sun into your life. This summer could be a time to bask in fame and recognition, fuel your drive, or balance excessive fire energy, only if you apply feng shui in your life. And In this post, we bring you feng shui tips for summer that should lead you towards harmony and balance this season.

If you wish to use the energy of summer to your advantage, follow our feng shui tips below. But before we jump into that, let’s take a quick look at what you need to know about feng shui and summer.

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    Feng Shui & Summer: What You Need to Know

    feng shui summer

    In feng shui, summer is associated with the “Fame and Reputation” aspect of your life. This bagua area influences how other people perceive you. Business professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs benefit the most from this as ensuring that positive energy flows in this area helps enhance their charisma, recognition, and overall success.

    If you're seeking a spark of inspiration, look no further than the fiery energy of the summer season. In feng shui, the fire element dominates during this time. Fire symbolizes warmth, passion, creativity, and confidence–the perfect element for individuals seeking personal empowerment. Embracing the principles of feng shui this season can ignite a positive transformation within you, igniting your creativity, revitalizing your vitality, and fueling your passions.

    What are the Benefits of Feng Shui During Summer?

    Activating the fire energy of summer and balancing the elements can impact your overall well-being. Here’s how practicing feng shui can improve your life this season:

    • Attract recognition and fame. Summer is associated with the Fame and Reputation area in feng shui. This means you can attract recognition, success, and positive attention if you pay attention to the energy flowing in this sector.
    • Ignite passion and energy. Fire is associated with drive, vitality, and enthusiasm. Adding fire energy in your life can reignite your flame of passion whether it be in love, career, or your life purpose.
    • Enhance creativity and confidence. The element of the season also lets you awaken your creative potential so you can pursue any venture with confidence.
    • Create a harmonious living space. Summer brings warmth, but excessive heat can overwhelm your space. Feng shui helps balance fire energy so it remains invigorating and nurturing instead of becoming overpowering or disruptive.
    • Align with the seasonal energy. Embracing the energy of summer allows you to be aligned with the season's vibrant and expansive qualities. This makes it easier for you to manifest your intentions.

      How to Activate Summer Energy

      If you wish to attract recognition, spark motivation, or boost your creativity, activating the fire energy this summer can help. Here are some feng shui tips to do that:

      Decorate with candles

      Candles don’t just physically bring in the warmth to your space but also energetically. Place them in the Fame and Reputation area of your home, which is located in the south of your house, starting from the front door.

      Place pointy objects

      You may also place pointy objects such as triangular or pyramidal shapes to activate the energy of the season. Living pointy plants like bamboo and cactus also work well for this purpose. It’s best to place them in the southernmost area of your home.

      Use the colors of summer

      Any shade of red, orange, and yellow can help enhance the fire energy in your home and in your life. So, it’s time to decorate your house with warm-colored fixtures to align with the energy of the season. For best results, wear them too so you can attract vibrant energies wherever you go.

      feng shui summer colors

      Accent with wood

      In the feng shui element cycle, wood strengthens fire. Adding wood elements in your space such as potted plants or wooden frames can help boost the energy of the season.

      Tap the energy of red garnet crystal

      Crystals play a vital role in feng shui. They help activate specific energies in your life. For instance, red garnet is an excellent crystal to work with in the Fame and Reputation area because it is associated with passion, courage, and vitality. Wearing this gemstone can help you tap into its vibrant energy.

      red garnet crystal - feng shui summer

      Balancing Excessive Fire Element

      The energy of the season can become overwhelming sometimes. This can manifest into negative feelings. If you're starting to feel uncontrollable anger, irritability, restlessness, or impulsiveness, then it's time to balance out the fire element. Here's how:

      Invite Yin energy

      To counterbalance the intense Yang energy of the fire element, incorporate more Yin energy into your surroundings. Yin represents stillness, calmness, and receptivity. You can create a Yin environment by using soft, muted colors, introducing gentle and flowing shapes in your decor, and opting for soothing and peaceful sounds. 

      Incorporate water element

      Water is an element that naturally cools and soothes excessive fire energy. Consider adding water features to your space, such as a small indoor fountain or a tabletop water feature. The gentle sound of flowing water can create a sense of serenity and help dissipate the intensity of the fire element. Additionally, the visual presence of water can evoke feelings of calmness and balance.

      Wear cooling crystals

      Crystals have unique energetic properties and can assist in balancing and cooling excessive fire energy. Opt for crystals that have a calming and cooling effect, such as aquamarine, moonstone, or amethyst. These crystals can be worn as jewelry or carried in your pocket to help you stay grounded, centered, and emotionally balanced during the summer months.

      cooling crystals - feng shui summer

      Final Thoughts

      There you have it. Now that you know how to activate or balance the energies of the season, you’re one step closer to spending a harmonious summer. Follow these feng shui tips for summer and welcome recognition, creativity, and a renewed sense of passion into your life.

      Lisa Wu

      Lisa Wu blends ancient wisdom with modern living, focusing on Feng Shui, crystal healing, meditation, and mindfulness. Through her writings, she guides individuals towards a balanced, mindful lifestyle. Drawing from her rich heritage and personal journey, Lisa inspires a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary practices.

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