12 Feng Shui Symbols to Attract Love

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Are you looking for love? Or maybe, you're looking to deepen your existing relationship or strengthen your marriage.

If so, consider using some of these feng shui symbols to attract love into your life.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that is all about creating harmony and balance in your surroundings. When your home is filled with positive energy, it can help to attract good things into your life, including love.

Here are 12 feng shui symbols that are believed to bring love into your life!



Peonies are a symbol of love, good fortune, and romance. Peonies often appear in traditional Chinese art because they're believed to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity. They also make for a great flower to give to your crush, as they represent romance and love.

How to use it: Place fresh peony flowers at the entrance of your home or windowsills. You may also place a framed painting of peonies in the southwest corner of your home. The southwest is considered the love corner in feng shui.


Dragon and Phoenix

In Chinese culture, these two mythical creatures are often used together to represent love and romance. The dragon is a powerful symbol of masculinity and strength, while the phoenix represents femininity and grace. Together, they create a perfect balance of power and beauty.

How to use it: Place a statue of the dragon and phoenix pair in the southwest corner of your home. Keep them in an elevated position. Or, you and your partner can wear dragon and phoenix jewelry to enhance the energy of love around you.


dragon and phoenix necklace



Mandarin Ducks

The mandarin duck is a symbol of love and marriage. It's believed that these ducks mate for life, so they represent longevity in relationships. If you're looking to strengthen your marriage, this could be the perfect feng shui symbol for you.

How to use it: Place a pair of ceramic mandarin ducks in the master bedroom or in the southwest corner of your home. 


Pair of Geese

Much like mandarin ducks, geese are also a symbol of longevity and everlasting love. A pair of flying geese represent togetherness and unity.

How to use it: Place a framed image of a pair of geese in the love corner of your home.


Double Happiness

Xǐ is the Chinese character for “happiness.” When it is written twice, it symbolizes double happiness. Double Happiness is a symbol given to newlyweds to wish them marital joy.

How to use it: Write the symbol on a piece of red paper. Then, give it as a wedding gift.


Ai Symbol

Like the Double Happiness, Ai is a lucky Chinese character. This symbolizes love, popularly used in tattoos to enhance the energy of love.

How to use it: Give it as a wedding gift, written on red paper.


Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is considered one of the best crystals for love. It's also called the "love stone" because it promotes unconditional love, romance, and friendship. If you're looking for true love or want to deepen your existing relationship, rose quartz crystals will work great for you.

How to use it: Place a rose quartz crystal under your pillow. You can also carry a piece of stone with you or wear rose quartz jewelry.


rose quartz bracelet



Mystic Knot

The mystic knot is often used to represent the concept of infinite love. This intricate knot has no beginning and no end, signifying the never-ending nature of love.

How to use it: Place a decorative mystic knot near your bed or in the southwest corner of your home. You can also wear the symbol as a piece of jewelry.


Bamboo Stalks

Bamboo generally represents luck in Chinese culture. Depending on the number of stalks, it could attract different things. Two stalks of bamboo help invite the energy of love.

How to use it: Place two stalks of bamboo in the love corner of your home.


Double Fish Symbol

The double fish symbol is often used to represent successful marriages. This ancient symbol represents the union of two souls, making it a perfect choice for couples.

How to use it: Place a painting or statue of the double fish in the southwest corner of your home.


Red Candles

Red is the color of love. Burning red candles in the southwest corner of your home can help enhance the energy of love.

How to use it: Light some red candles in the love corner to increase positive energy.


Happy Photograph of the Couple

Images are a powerful activator of energy. If you're married or in a relationship, this is the simplest way to attract the energy of love.

How to use it: Place a picture of you and your special someone in the southwest corner of your home.

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