Evil Eye Protection Charms: The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to negative energies, the Evil Eye is something you should watch out for.

The Evil Eye is a curse that is believed to be cast by someone who has envy or jealousy towards another person. The curse is said to cause misfortune or harm to the person that it is directed at.

If you believe in the evil eye, you may want to take some steps to protect yourself from this curse.

In this article, you will learn everything about Evil Eye protection. Below, discover how you can use Evil Eye charms to ward off the curse and defend yourself from harm and misfortune.


Evil Eye Protection Meaning

The Evil Eye charm is an amulet that is used to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye curse. It is usually made out of glass, ceramic,  or metal and is decorated with symbols that are meant to ward off evil.

The most common symbol on an Evil Eye talisman is the eye itself. Other symbols include crosses, stars, crescents, and horseshoes.

If you are worried about being cursed by the Evil Eye, then you can wear an Evil Eye talisman as a piece of jewelry or keep one in your home.


How Does the Evil Eye Charm Protect You?

The Evil Eye charm is said to protect you from the evil eye by absorbing the curse and deflecting it away from you. It is also said to protect you from bad luck, accidents, and harm.


Who Can Wear the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye charm can be worn by anyone, regardless of their age or gender. It is a popular amulet among children as it is believed to protect them from harm.

Since the Evil Eye is a manifestation of envy, prominent people such as celebrities, athletes, and business owners can be easily inflicted with the curse. So, they would especially benefit from wearing this charm.


How to Use Evil Eye Protection

There are many ways to use an Evil Eye protection charm. You can wear it as a piece of jewelry, keep it in your pocket, or place it in your home.

Below,  we will give you a few tips on how to use the Evil Eye amulet for protection:


Evil Eye Jewelry for Individual Protection

Evil eye charms can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, or rings. It is important to choose a piece of jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing to get the most out of the amulet.

  • Evil Eye Bracelet

Which Hand to Wear: The Evil Eye bracelet should be worn on the right hand. The right hand is considered the projective hand in many cultures. This allows you to project the amulet’s energy, creating an invisible shield to ward off negative energies.

  • Evil Eye Necklace

How to Wear: If you are wearing the charm around your neck, make sure that the eye pendant is facing outwards so that it can see and protect you.

  • Evil Eye Ring

Which Finger to Wear: Wear the Evil Eye on the little finger of your right hand.


Evil Eye Symbol for Portable Protection

If you don’t want to wear Evil Eye jewelry, you can carry the symbol with you in a small bag, wallet, or pouch.

The Evil Eye charm should be facing outwards so that it can protect you from harm.


Evil Eye Protection for Your Home

You can also place an Evil Eye protection charm in your home to keep negative energies at bay.

Where to Hang: Some people choose to hang them near the front door of their home as a way to stop anyone who might be casting the evil eye your way. Others hang them in their car or office.


What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Breaks?

When your bracelet, necklace, ring, or hanging charm breaks, it is said to be a sign that it has absorbed negative energy and stopped it from reaching you.

This means the evil eye symbol has served its purpose.

You can replace the charm to continue protecting yourself from the Evil Eye.


Evil Eye Colors and Their Meanings

The traditional Evil Eye symbol is blue, which symbolizes protection. But throughout the years, there have been many variations of the Evil Eye that use different colors. Each color has its own various meanings.

For this reason, you can find plenty of Evil Eye charms that do more than just protection.

evil eye color meaning
  • Blue. The most common color for Evil Eye charms. Aside from protection, it is also said to inspire peace, calm, and relaxation.
  • Red. This color is thought to provide strength, power, and courage against the curse.
  • Green. It is said to represent healing, balance, and harmony.
  • Yellow. Used to improve concentration.
  • Gold. Symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Brown. Considered grounding and connects you with nature.
  • Black. Offers protection against negativity and evil forces.
  • White. Symbolizes purity and connects you to your highest spiritual self.
  • Purple. Removes obstacles in your path.
  • Orange. Brings joy and optimism.


Evil Eye and the Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection that is often used in conjunction with the Evil Eye.

The Hamsa Hand has five fingers which represent the Five Pillars of Islam. It is also said to represent the Hand of Fatima, which is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Hamsa Hand is usually depicted with an eye in the middle of it to ward off the Evil Eye. It is a popular symbol among Muslims and Jews and is often used as a good luck charm.

hamsa hand bracelet


Other Forms of Evil Eye

Aside from the traditional blue eye, the Evil Eye charm also comes in other forms.

For instance, some crystals like the black obsidian, agate, malachite, and tiger's eye can also be used as evil eye protection.

These stones are said to have protective energies that can deflect the Evil Eye curse.

Many also wear a red string around their wrist as a form of Evil Eye protection.


Evil Eye Protection for Babies

The evil eye can be unintentionally inflicted on people, and babies are common victims.

However, since your baby's wrist is too delicate to wear a bracelet, you can opt for a string instead.

All you need to do is tie a red string around their wrist.

The string is said to deflect the curse and keep them safe from harm.

You may also use a black thread to ward off the curse.


Which is the Best Amulet for Evil Eye Protection?

There is no one “best” amulet for evil eye protection. It is important to choose a charm that you feel comfortable wearing or carrying with you.

If you are looking for something more powerful, then you can opt for an amulet that has multiple symbols on it instead of just the Eye, such as the Hamsa Hand.


How to Cleanse Your Evil Eye Charm

It is important to cleanse your evil eye charm regularly in order to remove any negative energy that it may have absorbed.

You can do this by using a smudging stick such as sage or Palo Santo.

Simply light the stick and allow the smoke to surround your charm. This will help to clear out any negativity and restore its protective properties.


Final Words

The Evil Eye is a powerful curse that can cause a lot of harm if left unchecked.

However, with the use of an evil eye charm, you can protect yourself from its negative effects.

Thankfully, you can wear evil eye jewelry so you can get protected at all times.

When buying an evil eye charm, choose the one that you're most comfortable with.


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