The 10 Best Crystals for Intuition

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Crystals are a beautiful and powerful way to connect with your intuition. You don't have to be a crystal expert or know anything about the science behind crystals to benefit from them. 

This blog is perfect for you if you've ever wondered about the power of crystals. Here, we list down 10 of the best crystals to enhance your intuition.


Amethyst is a gemstone associated with the Third Eye Chakra, the seat of our inner wisdom. By meditating with an amethyst crystal, we can open ourselves up to receive intuitive guidance from our higher selves.

Amethyst is also helpful for those who tend to overthink things. It helps us to quiet the noise of our restless minds so that we can connect with our intuition. If you're someone who always second-guesses yourself, carrying an amethyst stone may also help you to trust your gut more often.


Kyanite is a beautiful blue crystal that has long been associated with intuition and communication. According to legend, kyanite was once used by the ancient Egyptians to communicate with the gods.

Today, many believe kyanite can help open up the third eye chakra, promoting psychic awareness and intuitive insights. If you're trying to make a connection with your higher self, then kyanite will be an excellent gemstone to use.

In addition to boosting intuition, kyanite is also said to promote mental clarity and improve communication. Whether you're trying to hone your psychic skills or want to become more attuned to your inner wisdom, kyanite is a crystal worth considering.


Obsidian is a jet-black crystal used for centuries for its protective and mystical properties. This glossy stone is said to help shield its owner from negative energy and to promote clear thinking and effective decision-making.

Obsidian is also associated with the third eye chakra, the center of intuition. It is said that this powerful crystal can help to open up psychic channels, especially the rainbow obsidian variant. It is also used to heighten awareness of premonitions and intuitive guidance.

If you’re seeking to develop your psychic abilities, obsidian is an excellent crystal to work with. By increasing our connection to our higher selves, this stone can help us to access our hidden knowledge and tap into our innate wisdom.


Moonstone is a crystal that has been used for centuries to promote intuition and psychic awareness. The milky white stone reflects the moon's light, and this connection to the lunar cycle is thought to heighten one's intuitive powers. 

Working with moonstone helps you find the answers you seek. That’s why it’s often used in divination and scrying, as it is believed to help one connect with the Divine Feminine energy. It's also believed to be helpful in lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Finally, the moonstone is said to be a stone of new beginnings, providing strength and support during times of change.


Sodalite is a beautiful blue crystal known for its connection to the spiritual realm. For centuries, shamans and healers have used sodalite to facilitate communication with the spirit world.

Today, many believe it can help develop intuition and psychic abilities. Sodalite is said to open the third eye chakra, providing clarity of thought and promoting deep concentration. It is also believed to encourage logic and rational thinking, making it an ideal stone for those seeking to develop their psychic skills.


Fluorite is a beautiful and varied mineral with many practical and decorative uses. This crystal is said to sharpen the mind and help bring intellectual clarity. If you're looking to boost your intuitive powers, consider keeping a piece of fluorite on your desk or near your bedside.

Holding fluorite in your non-dominant hand while quieting your thoughts and focusing on your breath is another option for meditation with crystals. You'll learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart more easily if you practice this skill regularly.


Aventurine is a popular crystal for those seeking to develop their intuition. Its simple, translucent appearance belies its complex inner structure, which is said to promote insight and understanding.

Many believe that aventurine helps to open the third eye chakra, providing clarity and guidance on the path ahead. Others find that it enhances dream recall and intuition, providing valuable insights into the subconscious mind.

Aventurine is also believed to be a lucky crystal and is thought to attract good luck and prosperity. It is said to be especially helpful for people starting their own business or taking risks in their careers. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has long been used as a stone of the heart to attract and cultivate feelings of love and affection. It’s also a powerful crystal for aiding self-love and healing emotional wounds.

In addition, rose quartz is said to be attuned to the higher heart chakra and is helpful for opening up to intuitive guidance. Some believe this pink stone can help facilitate shamanic journeying and past life recall.

It is also said to be supportive in rebirthing and expanding one's capacity for forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. So, whether you seek love from others or yourself, this pink quartz may be the right crystal for you.


Serpentine is a crystal for intuition because it helps us connect with our subconscious mind. This stone allows us to access hidden knowledge and buried memories, which can help us to make more informed decisions.

Serpentine also encourages us to trust our gut and follow our hearts. In addition, this crystal can also help to protect us from negative energy and clear away any mental fog or confusion. 

White Topaz

White topaz is a stone of intuition, providing crystalline clarity to the wearer. For those who meditate, it can be used as a tool for scrying or seeing into the future. It is also said to help the user connect with the Divine and to channel higher knowledge.

How to Use Crystals for Intuition

Now that you know some of the best crystals for intuition, how can you use them to develop your psychic abilities? Here are a few ideas:

  • Wear it as a piece of jewelry to have direct contact with the crystals, effectively absorbing their energy.
  • Keep crystals in your pocket or near your bed to encourage intellectual clarity and intuitive insights.
  • Meditate with the crystal of your choice, holding it in your non-dominant hand and focusing on your breath.

The Takeaway

Crystals are a great place to begin if you want to connect with your inner self and start making changes in your life.

Using crystals is a simple and effective method of connecting with your intuition and the guidance of the cosmos.

So, start working with a healing crystal now.

Celina Wang

Celina Wang, a seasoned Feng Shui and crystal healing enthusiast, shares a decade of expertise on the Buddha & Karma blog. Inspired by her travels in East Asia and love for nature, she guides readers through the transformative world of Feng Shui and crystals, infusing her writing with insights from her peaceful garden meditations.

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