Top 15 Crystal Bracelets for Men: What They Mean and Why You Should Wear Them

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Crystal bracelets aren’t only for women.

In fact, there are a number of healing crystals whose energies align more with men.

Today, more and more men turn to crystals to enhance their male energy.

They wear these crystal bracelets to improve their well-being.

Luckily, you can find a lot more bracelets in the market now designed specifically for men.

If you wish to expand your men’s jewelry collection while looking to strengthen yourself, we got you covered.

Below, let’s take a look at the top healing crystal bracelets for men that you can wear for yourself or gift to your partner, husband, or father.



1. Green Tourmaline Bracelet

When it comes to crystals for enhancing masculine energy, green tourmaline emerges at the top. It is an excellent stone to stimulate your masculinity, bringing out your inner strength and confidence. This stone is also a “Stone of Harmony” that helps balance your body’s energies.

Best worn for: Enhancing masculinity and balancing energies


2. Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

The tiger's eye bracelet is said to draw out your personal power and self-confidence. It’s a beneficial stone for those who feel timid and shy. Tiger's Eye is also thought to inspire courage, clarity of thought, and creativity while offering spiritual protection.

Best worn for: Self-empowerment, creativity, and protection

men's tiger's eye bracelet


3. Amethyst Bracelet

The amethyst crystal is called the "Stone of Sobriety" and is often used to help with addiction. It is also said to offer spiritual protection, promote calmness and peace, and inspire clarity. Wearing an amethyst bracelet is also said to purify negative energies.

Best worn for: Sobriety, clarity, purification, and spiritual protection


4. Garnet Bracelet

If you’re looking to fuel your passion, garnet can be a great bracelet option. It’s an intense crystal that reignites the fire in any relationship by stimulating your male sexual energy. A garnet bracelet is believed to enhance libido while also promoting physical strength, energy, and vitality.

Best worn for: Stimulating sexuality, vitality, and passion


5. Black Obsidian Bracelet

The black obsidian crystal is known for its protective quality. This stone is used to overcome excessive behaviors such as addiction. Wearing a black obsidian bracelet also improves your defenses against negative energies and psychic clouds brought about by a traumatic experience.

Best worn for: Protection and overcoming addiction

men’s black obsidian bracelet


6. Malachite Bracelet

As the “Stone of Transformation,” the malachite is thought to offer protection and support during change. It is said to encourage strength, courage, and wisdom so you can leave things behind and move forward in life.

Best worn for: Supporting change, growth, and new beginnings


7. Howlite Bracelet

The soothing energy of a howlite bracelet is said to help promote calmness at all times. As a calming stone, many use it to temper the storm within them, relieving stress and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Best worn for: Calming the mind


8. Clear Quartz Bracelet

Clear quartz is dubbed as the “Master Healer” among healing crystals. It’s a highly cleansing stone that is believed to get rid of the body’s toxic elements. Many use it to promote resiliency, boost immunity, and speed up recovery in times of sickness.

Best worn for: Healing, cleansing


9. Citrine Bracelet

Citrine is known as the “Stone of Manifestation.” Men would wear a citrine bracelet to manifest their desire for abundance and prosperity. This crystal is also used to promote self-confidence and positive thinking.

Best worn for: Manifestation, abundance, self-confidence, and positivity

men’s citrine bracelet


10. Agate Bracelet

Agate is a stone that comes in many colors. Each color represents a different meaning, such as balance, stability, calmness, groundedness, protection, and healing. Depending on the color, wearing an agate bracelet can inspire various effects.

Best worn for: Balancing and grounding


11. Jasper Bracelet

The jasper crystal is known for its calming and nurturing qualities. It is thought to inspire feelings of serenity, completeness, and happiness to those who wear a jasper bracelet. It’s a beneficial stone for those who feel anxious, lonely, and sad who could use an uplifting.

Best worn for: Calming the mind and nurturing the spirit


12. Hematite Bracelet

Hematite is a stone for the mind. It helps clear your thinking while enhancing your memory and mental abilities. It also makes for an excellent grounding and balancing bracelet. As a protective stone, a hematite bracelet also absorbs and transforms negative energy into positive.

Best worn for: Mental clarity, grounding, balancing, and protection


13. Pyrite Bracelet

Known as a “Stone of Luck,” pyrite is used to attract abundance and career success. This golden stone is believed to inspire men to focus on their goals and enhance their motivation. It also protects you from negative energies and fears that can prevent you from fulfilling your purpose.

Best worn for: Wealth, success, willpower, courage


14. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

The lapis lazuli crystal is said to offer protection and guidance during spiritual exploration. It also encourages self-awareness and honesty while promoting inner peace and calmness.

Best worn for: Spiritual guidance, inner peace, and calming effects


15. Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise is beneficial for men who need to get out of their heads because it’s a stone that promotes peace. It’s the crystal to turn to if you’re easily overwhelmed as it’s also a grounding stone. Turquoise also helps dispel negative energy and protect you from external influences.

Best worn for: Peace, grounding, and protection



There are many different crystal bracelets for men that offer a variety of benefits.

It's important to choose the right one depending on your goals and intentions.

All of these crystals can be beneficial in various ways, so feel free to experiment and see which ones work best for you!

Celina Wang

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