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Are you curious about barite's meaning? Barite, or baryte, is a special kind of mineral made up of barium sulfate. It is known for its high frequency and powerful energy. It gets used a lot in spiritual practices. This healing crystal helps grow your intuition and psychic abilities. This makes it great for people who want guidance from spirits.

The crystal has a calming effect too. It soothes stress and fear, bringing peace to the mind and body.

Also, barite isn't just for spiritual use. Many industries find value in it because of how dense it is, along with its resistance to chemicals.

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Barite Meaning

Barite is often associated with purification and healing, believed to cleanse negative energies and promote inner harmony. It is also known for its ability to enhance one's communication skills, making it an excellent stone for self-expression and interpersonal interactions. Its gentle energy is thought to aid in stress relief and mental clarity, facilitating better decision-making. The stone also represents both physical and spiritual balance, offering a sense of equilibrium and well-being to those who embrace it.

Barite Benefits

Working with barite is believed to have various benefits to the mind, body, and spirit:

  1. Cleanse, balance, and align the chakras. Barite can help in healing arts and spiritual practices.
  2. Boost one's intuition and psychic skills. It is a good tool for those seeking spiritual advice.
  3. Calming effect. This makes it a good aid for those dealing with stress or worry. Meditating with this mineral can bring about deep calmness and peace of mind.
  4. Stay grounded in the present moment.
  5. Shields from bad energy and psychic attacks.
  6. Barite assists in attracting wealth, success, and good luck.

Barite Properties

barite properties

Healing Properties

Barite has powerful healing properties and powers that can benefit both the body and mind. It is known to have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. This crystal also promotes deep relaxation, making it ideal for meditation and achieving peace of mind.

Metaphysically, barite is also believed to enhance intuition and psychic skills, allowing individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and guidance. It also helps in balancing and aligning the chakra system, promoting overall well-being.

Additionally, this crystal offers protection from negative energies and psychic attacks. Overall, barite is a valuable tool for spiritual healing and personal growth.


Barite is commonly used in spiritual practices and crystal healing to cleanse, balance, and align the chakra system. It has a strong connection to the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing intuition and psychic powers.

By working with the stone, individuals can open their minds to inner vision and astral travel. This powerful gem also helps to clear blockages in these energy centers, promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Barite's high-frequency energy allows for a deeper connection with one's higher self and spirit guides. In addition, it can assist in remembering dreams and releasing karmic patterns.

Overall, it offers potent healing energy for those seeking spiritual purpose and peace of  mind.

Feng Shui

This semi-precious gemstone is often used in Feng Shui to attract abundance, prosperity, and good luck into one's life. Its high frequency energy is believed to create a positive and harmonious environment that promotes the flow of wealth and success.

Placing barite crystals in wealth corners or areas of the home or office associated with financial prosperity can help enhance the energy and attract opportunities for abundance. Additionally, they are said to bring a sense of calm and balance to their surroundings, creating a peaceful atmosphere that supports overall well-being.

Zodiac Sign

Barite is associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces. For Aquarius, barite helps enhance their intuition and spirituality, helping them tap into their higher self. It also assists with communication and expressing ideas.

For Pisces, the crystal can deepen their connection to their inner vision and aid in emotional healing. It is believed to help them remember dreams and navigate karmic patterns.

Color Meaning

Barite comes in various colors, including white, gray, brown, blue, and yellow. Each color carries its own meaning and energy.

  • White is associated with purity and clarity of thought.
  • Gray promotes balance and stability.
  • Brown represents grounding and connection to the Earth.
  • Blue barite is connected to enhancing communication and self-expression.
  • Yellow symbolizes joy and positivity.

The different colors of barite gemstones allow individuals to choose the energy that resonates most with their intentions or needs.

Historical Uses & Beliefs

Throughout history, barite has had many important uses. In ancient Greece, people used it as medicine to help with stomach problems and as a treatment for wounds on the skin. It even played a role in making colorful fireworks and dyes for clothes a long time ago. 

How Much is Barite Worth?

Barite's worth varies depending on factors such as quality, size, and abundance in the market.

Jewelry grade barite generally costs between $10-$225 per carat.

Is Barite Rare?

Barite is not considered a rare crystal. It is actually quite common. In fact, barite is found in many places around the world, including Morocco, Romania, and the United States. Its abundance makes it more accessible and affordable for those looking to incorporate its metaphysical properties into their practices.

How to Tell if Barite is Real

To tell if barite is real, there are a few things to look out for. One important factor is the weight of the crystal.

Barite has a high specific gravity, so it should feel heavier than other stones of similar size. Another characteristic is the color, which ranges from shades of blue to white or even transparent.

Genuine barite will have a distinct luster and may also exhibit tabular or prismatic crystal formations. It's always best to buy from reputable sources or consult with an expert if you're unsure about the authenticity of your gemstone.

How to Use Barite

Barite tabular crystals have many uses in spiritual practices and crystal healing. Here are some ways to use this powerful stone:

  • Place it near your third eye or crown chakra during meditation to enhance psychic skills and connect with your higher self.
  • Carry a small stone with you to help alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the day.
  • Use it during astral travel or lucid dreaming to enhance spiritual experiences and remember your dreams.
  • Place it on your altar or in your sacred space to create a strong connection to the higher realms and invite spiritual growth.
  • Use the stone during energy healing sessions to cleanse and balance your chakra centers, allowing for natural energy flow.
  • Hold a piece of the stone while practicing deep breathing exercises or mindfulness techniques for grounding and staying present.
  • Use it in communication rituals or spellwork to enhance self-expression and strengthen personal boundaries.
  • Keep it on your nightstand or under your pillow to promote restful sleep and protection from negative energies while you dream.
  • Incorporate it into Feng Shui practices by placing it in areas associated with abundance, prosperity, and good luck.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Barite

To cleanse and charge your barite stone, follow these steps:

  1. Gently rinse your gem under running water to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Place it in a bowl of natural sea salt water for about 15 minutes to cleanse its energy.
  3. Alternatively, you can bury your barite stone in the earth for a few hours to allow it to absorb the natural energies of the earth.
  4. After cleansing, hold your crystal in your hands and set an intention for what you would like it to help you with.
  5. To charge your barite, you can leave it out under the moonlight overnight during a full moon.
  6. You can also place it on a selenite charging plate or near a clear quartz stone to amplify its energy.
  7. Remember to regularly cleanse and charge your barite to keep it working at its highest vibration.


Barite crystal is a powerful and high-frequency mineral with many amazing benefits. It can cleanse and align your chakra centers, enhance your intuition, and promote a sense of inner peace.

This crystal also offers protection from negative energies and brings abundance into your life. Whether you're looking for spiritual guidance or seeking balance in your life, barite crystal is an excellent choice for supporting your well-being.

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