Are Crystal Water Bottles Safe?

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Crystal water bottles have become popular for infusing the healing properties of crystals into our daily hydration routines. Many people are interested in the potential benefits of crystal-infused water. However, there are concerns about whether it is safe to drink from these bottles. In this article, we will answer the question: "Are crystal water bottles safe to drink from?" Let's explore this topic to better understand the safety aspects of using crystals in our drinking water.

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    Are Crystal Water Bottles Safe?

    Yes, crystal water bottles are safe as long as they have a separate chamber for the crystals you put inside. The separate chamber ensures that the crystals don’t have direct contact with the water you’re drinking, which is crucial for this wellness experience.

    This is because not all crystals are safe to use in your water bottle. Some crystals contain toxic properties that can contaminate the water and potentially pose several health risks.

    We can’t emphasize enough the importance of water bottles with a removable chamber. However, if you prefer submerging crystals in your drinking water, it’s best to only use safe stones. The important question now is: “What crystals can you put in water?”

    Crystal water bottle with a separate chamber

    Crystal water bottle with a separate chamber

    Crystals in Drinking Water: Which Ones are Safe?

    When it comes to using crystals in drinking water, it's important to choose ones that are safe and do not pose any health risks. In general, crystals that belong to the quartz family are considered safe.

    Here’s a quick list of crystals that you can use in creating gem elixir:

    Clear Quartz

    is clear quartz water safe

    Known as the “master healer,” clear quartz can go in your water to infuse it with cleansing and purifying effects.


    is amethyst water safe

    Thanks to its calming energy, you can put amethyst in your water to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.


    is citrine water safe

    Citrine can go in water to provide you with positivity, bring out your personal power, and attract abundance.

    Rose Quartz

    is rose quartz water safe

    Rose quartz helps heal matters of the heart and is a great support in your emotional healing.


    Considered a stone of good luck, aventurine is generally safe to put in water to attract positive energy.

    Smoky Quartz

    It is believed to provide grounding and protection. Smoky quartz is often used in elixirs to help relieve stress and anxiety.

    What Crystals are Toxic in Water?

    Here are some general guidelines to determine if a crystal is toxic:

    • Soft crystals
    • Includes metals
    • Porous stones
    • Colored or dyed

    As a rule of thumb, avoid crystals that rank 6 and below in the Mohs hardness scale. These are considered soft crystals, and they can dissolve in water. Stones that end with -ite belong to this group, such as fluorite, sodalite, and lepidolite.

    Gemstones that contain metal traces can rust when exposed to water. Examples of such stones include pyrite, magnetite, and hematite.

    Meanwhile, crystals that are porous can absorb impurities from water. So, it's best to avoid them.

    Finally, avoid crystals that have been artificially colored or dyed, as they may release harmful substances into the water.

    Below, we listed down some of the most popular healing crystals that can’t go directly in water. These should only be used in elixirs created in a crystal water bottle with a separate chamber:

    Amazonite - contains traces of copper, which is poisonous

    Aquamarine - contains aluminum that can be toxic

    Black obsidian  - considered a soft stone and may dissolve in water

    Fluorite - contains fluorine, which can be toxic if ingested in large amounts

    Hematite - contains traces of metal that can rust

    Lapis Lazuli - contains traces of pyrite, which produces toxic sulfuric acid

    Lepidolite - contains aluminum that can be toxic

    Magnetite - contains iron that can rust

    Malachite - contains poisonous copper

    Moonstone - contains aluminum that can be toxic

    Pyrite - contains poisonous sulfur

    Selenite - soft crystal that can break into shards that may hurt you

    Sodalite - considered a soft stone and may dissolve in water

    Turquoise - contains aluminum and toxic copper

    Crystal-Infused Water Benefits

    Drinking crystal-infused water is believed to have several potential benefits to your health.

    • Enhanced hydration
    • Emotional balance and relaxation
    • Amplified intention setting
    • Holistic healing

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    Are Crystals Dangerous?

    are crystals dangerous

    Crystals are generally safe to use if you’re placing them on the body or within the aura to benefit from their healing energies. However, some crystals should not go directly in water if you’re using them for gem elixirs. Some crystals may contain minerals or elements that could potentially leach into the water and pose health risks if ingested.

    The Dangers of Infused Water

    Here are some potential risks if you put the crystals directly on your drinking water:

    Toxic Crystals

    Not all crystals can be safely submerged in water. Certain crystals contain toxic substances that can leach into the water.


    Porous crystals can collect bacteria, dirt, or other impurities on their surface. When these crystals are placed in water, these impurities can transfer into the water and become a potential health risk.

    Allergic Reactions

    Some individuals may be allergic to certain crystals. Direct contact with crystal-infused water or ingestion of the water may cause allergic reactions, such as skin irritation, respiratory problems, or digestive issues.

    Breakage or Choking Hazards

    Soft crystals can break easily when in contact with water. The broken fragments can be a choking hazard if swallowed accidentally.

    The Indirect Method of Crystal-Infused Water

    best crystal water bottles


    To ensure safety, we strongly recommend to use a crystal water bottle with a separate chamber when incorporating crystals into your water. This design prevents direct contact between the crystals and the water. As a result, it allows you to experience the benefits of gem elixirs without compromising your well-being.

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    How to Prepare Your Crystal Water Bottle

    Follow these steps to create your crystals elixir:

    Step one. Rinse the crystals with water before placing them inside the crystal chamber.

    Step two: Fill your gem water bottle with room temperature, filtered water while focusing on your intentions.

    Step three. Allow the energy of your intentions to flow through your body as you drink the crystal water. Feel yourself becoming more energized with each sip.

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    Is amazonite water safe?

    No, amazonite is not safe in water. Amazonite contains traces of copper, which is dangerous to your health.

    Is amethyst water safe?

    Yes, amethyst water is safe to drink. Drinking amethyst crystal water can promote peace and relaxation.

    Is citrine water safe?

    Yes, it’s safe to drink citrine water. Putting citrine in the bottle can charge the water with positive and abundant energies.

    Is clear quartz water safe?

    Yes, drinking clear quartz water is safe. Clear quartz elixir can help cleanse and purify your body.

    Is fluorite water safe?

    No, submerging fluorite in water is not safe because it contains fluorine, which can be toxic if ingested in large amounts. Therefore, fluorite can’t go in water.

    Is green aventurine water safe?

    Yes, drinking green aventurine water is safe. Drinking aventurine elixir is said to enhance your positive energy, which is perfect for attracting good fortune.

    Is lapis lazuli water safe?

    No, lapis lazuli is not safe for drinking. Lapis lazuli contains traces of pyrite, which produces toxic sulfuric acid.

    Is lepidolite water safe?

    No, lepidolite is not safe to put in your drinking water. Lepidolite contains aluminum that can be poisonous if ingested in large amounts. Thus, lepidolite can’t go in water.

    Is malachite water safe

    No, malachite is not water safe. This gemstone contains poisonous copper, therefore, malachite can’t go in water.

    Is moonstone safe in water?

    No, it is not safe to drink moonstone water. Moonstone contains aluminum that can be toxic if ingested in large amounts.

    Is obsidian water safe?

    No, obsidian is not safe to be put in your drinking water. Obsidian is a soft tone that may dissolve if exposed directly to water. Use a crystal bottle with a removable chamber if you wish to make an obsidian elixir.

    Is pyrite water safe?

    No, pyrite water is not safe to drink. Pyrite contains poisonous sulfur and it can rust in water.

    Is rose quartz water safe?

    Yes, rose quartz water is safe to drink. Infusing your water with rose quartz can help soothe your emotions.

    Is selenite water safe?

    No, selenite is not safe to put in your drinking water. Selenite is relatively soft and may break into shards if submerged for too long.

    Is sodalite safe in water

    No, sodalite is not safe in water. Sodalite is a soft stone that can dissolve when exposed to water for a long time.

    Is turquoise water safe?

    No, turquoise water is not safe to drink. Turquoise contains aluminum and copper that are toxic to your health.


    When it comes to using crystal water bottles, it's important to be careful and always consider your safety. Make sure to use water bottles that have separate chambers for the crystals, so they don't directly touch the water you drink.

    However, if you still prefer to put your crystals directly in the water, it is crucial to use crystals known to be safe for this purpose.

    By being cautious and using the right water bottles or safe crystals, you can enjoy the benefits of crystal-infused water while reducing any potential risks to your health.


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