Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity - Buddha & Karma
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity - Buddha & Karma
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity - Buddha & Karma
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity - Buddha & Karma
Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity

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Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring - Beauty, Wisdom & Purity

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Beauty can bloom where you least expect it.

Just like the lotus flower emerging on murky waters, you can find the most beautiful things even in the darkest places. This lotus ring is a testament to that.

The “Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring” is a reminder that your moment to shine will come. It’s a promise that someday, you will rise beautifully from within and outside.  When the time comes, love will find its way to you.


Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring Features

  • Intricate lotus flower head. A symbol of true beauty, wisdom, and purity!
  • Triple wrap layers. For that unique yet elegant look!
  • Made of sterling silver. Only the finest material for you!
  • Meaningful reminder. Great piece to inspire you!


A Meaningful Piece about True Beauty

Behind its lovely petals is a meaningful story the lotus is wanting to tell.

As spring comes, this flower is able to bloom beautifully in ponds without traces of filth. It does so despite being surrounded by mud and dirt.

Because of this, many consider the lotus as a symbol of true beauty and purity.

In the Buddhist tradition, the emergence of the lotus is a representation of true wisdom. One that isn’t tainted by the opinions of others.

By wearing this lotus ring, you will be reminded of the deeper meaning of beauty and wisdom!


Lotus Flower Wrap Ring for You

With a beautiful flower head encased in layers of masterfully made silver, this ring exudes elegance.

If you want to manifest true beauty to attract love, get this Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring now!


Silver Triple Wrap Lotus Ring Details

  • Item Type: Lotus Ring
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Style: Triple Wrap
  • Shape: Lotus
  • Ring Size: 0.26-0.37” (6.5-9.5mm)
    • Don’t know your size? Click here.
  • Surface Width: 0.20”, 0.06” (1.5mm, 5mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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Ring Size: 0.26-0.37” (6.5-9.5mm)
Surface Width: 0.20”, 0.06” (1.5mm, 5mm)

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