July Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby is the primary birthstone of July according to both the modern and traditional charts. However, it’s worth noting that carnelian is also widely considered a birthstone for this month. Ruby and carnelian are also the birthstones for the zodiac Cancer.

July Birthstone Meaning

Ruby Birthstone

Among birthstones, ruby is the embodiment of love, passion, and strength. This crystal’s intense energy ignites the flames of courage, giving you unwavering confidence. Its vivid red color also represents energy and vitality, which invigorates one's spirit and infuses life with renewed vitality and motivation.

Those born in July share the qualities of the ruby birthstone, molding them into passionate, courageous, and energetic individuals. Just as captivating as the ruby stone itself, July-born individuals also possess an innate charisma that sets them apart, making them natural leaders within any group.

Carnelian Birthstone

The meaning of the carnelian birthstone revolves around personal power.  This warm-colored gem holds energy that ignites one’s motivation, confidence, and creativity. Its fiery energy also amplifies your energy and vitality, keeping that spark of motivation alive.

Individuals linked to this stone are often characterized as energetic, ambitious, and creative. They are often seen as passionate people who strive to chase their dreams, often finding themselves in the creative field. Given these personalities, the carnelian birthstone holds significant value for artists, writers, and anyone seeking to express their creative side.

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Wearing the birthstone of July lets you tap into its energy so you can unleash your personal power. If you wish to enhance your unique qualities, embrace the power of your birthstone. Get a July birthstone necklace, bracelet, or ring now and reveal the best version of yourself.

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