Virgo Zodiac: Personality Traits and Compatibility

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The sixth zodiac sign, Virgo, is governed by Mercury. Those born under the Virgo sign are often praised for their keen intellect, attention to detail, and high standards of excellence. Virgos are also known for having a critical streak and being very analytical, which can make them seem like they're nitpicking. 

But don't let that fool you: Virgos are actually very kind and loving people who would never dream of hurting someone else on purpose. If you want one of these special people in your life, here's what you need to know:

Common Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos are very organized, and they like to be in control. They're also perfectionists who can get stressed out easily, so watch out! They tend to get a bit cranky when things aren't going their way.

You might think of Virgos as dainty little flowers, but they're actually pretty tough. They stand up for themselves and won't accept anything less than what they've earned.

Virgos are also very loyal friends and partners. They tend to be good listeners and will always have your back when the chips are down—but don't take advantage of that! If you want to keep a Virgo happy, show them appreciation.

The Best Personality Traits of Virgo

Virgos are some of the most reliable and dependable people you will ever meet. They have a difficult time letting others down and have an innate sense of responsibility and accountability. 

What's more, Virgos are very sensitive and compassionate, which means they feel things deeply and care about how other people are feeling.

Virgos can be a bit shy at first, but they warm up quickly once they get to know someone. Once they feel comfortable, they're likely to share their thoughts and feelings honestly with you—and that's something worth investing in!

The Worst Personality Traits of Virgo

Virgos are some of the most intelligent, hard-working people in the world. These people are goal-oriented and relentless in their pursuits. And sometimes, this can be a problem because they don’t know when to stop working and take a break.

Without meaning to, they also have a tendency to be too critical of others and the world around them. They may be harsh, but that's because they demand so much of themselves and others.

Virgo babies are also obsessed with rules.  They're too analytical for their own good, too. And at times, they tend to nitpick every little thing in life, which can lead to making themselves feel very unhappy with their own lives.

Virgo in Love & Romance

Virgos are known for being great at everything they do, but what about relationships? Do they know how to be in love? The answer is yes, and here's why:

Virgo is an analytical and discriminating lover who prefers a nature lover and does not let go easily. Virgos focus on excellence and will not settle for anything less. Virgos are meticulous when it comes to romance. 

Even so, people born under this sign can be fussy about love. Their inner circle of friends consists of people who complement their personalities.

Virgos also like to learn more about their partners. They're very curious and just want to know everything there is to know about you! This makes them great listeners when it comes to relationship advice because they want so badly to understand what works best for other people.

Virgo in Career & Money

Individuals born under the sign of the Virgo are noted for their meticulous nature and ability to make sense of chaos. But when it comes to money, they can get a little hung up on how much they have and what they're going to do with it.

This isn't a bad thing—it's just that Virgos are so focused on making sure they have enough money to cover their bills, pay off their debts, and save for retirement that they don't always realize how much money is actually flowing into their bank accounts. It's not that they're not smart with their money—they are! 

It's just that sometimes, this focus can make them miss out on opportunities for growth that could help them make more money in the long run.

Virgo in Friends & Family

Virgos are super-intelligent and observant. But sometimes, their high standards can make them hard to get along with—especially when it comes to their friends and family members.

If you want to be a Virgo friend or family member, you're going to have to do your own work. Virgos don't like helping others unless they see results, so if you want them to help you out with something, you'll have to show them that what you're doing is worth their time.

Virgo Compatibility

The Virgo and Aries relationship is all about the details. These two signs are very different in their approach to life, but they share a love of the small things that give love its spice.

Aries might be known as the sign of passion, but it's Virgo who has all the passion in this relationship. This can be a good thing—Virgos are focused on goals and achieving things, which is why they're so good at getting things done! But because they're so goal-oriented, they may not always be paying attention to what's going on around them.

That's where Aries comes in: they're always paying attention, even when it doesn't seem like it! Aries are hyper-aware of their surroundings—they can feel it when someone is looking at them or approaching from behind without even turning around to check.

This makes them perfect for helping Virgo focus on the task at hand without letting anything distract them from making progress toward their goals. And it means Aries will always be there to pick up on any little details that might slip by unnoticed by others.


There you have it! We hope Virgos like you found this article helpful in understanding yourself more.

Virgos are known for being perfectionists, and we can see why: they're very hard on themselves. But that's what makes them such great people to be around—they're so committed to making sure their work is done right that they'll make sure everyone else does the same.

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