10 Best Stones and Crystals for Balance

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Balance can be defined in various ways. It can be a strong sense of self, contentment with oneself and life, or simply being at peace. Without it, though, we can feel disoriented or tugged in a thousand different directions.

This is where stones for balance come in to aid you. 

Imbalance can be extremely dangerous as it can make you trip and feel wobbly as you go about your daily life. Treading through without balance can make you feel disconnected from both yourself and the rest of the world.

To help you, here are the 10 best stones and crystals for balance chosen to guide you to achieve inner peace.

List of the Ten Best Stones for Balance

  • Agate - For stability
  • Hematite - For grounding
  • Amethyst - For the soul
  • Black Obsidian - For dispelling negative energy
  • Rose Quartz - For emotional balance
  • Moonstone - For intuition
  • Jade - For energy balance
  • Fluorite - For detoxification
  • Clear Quartz - For physical balance
  • Selenite - For spiritual connection


With its rich connection to nature, agate is frequently utilized for balance because of its calming and grounding properties.

Perfect for anyone going through a metamorphosis or trying out new things in their life, this crystal nurtures inner peace and restores rhythm with low, soft vibrations that are strengthening and stabilizing. 

Making you feel a little more balanced and at ease, it can also inspire you to speak your truth. Additionally, agate promotes spiritual enlightenment and self-acceptance, soothing deep-seated resentment and bitterness.

stones for balance - agate


Also called the stone of the mind, hematite is the most effective grounding stone. Hematite gives us the mental strength and bravery to face the world on our own. A strong protection stone that develops our minds to be in prime condition, it releases negative energy and clears destructive thoughts.

Working with this stone can help you pinpoint any limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward. By transforming negative energy, it can help you see things from a new perspective.

Hematite provides us with a sense of safety and security while also grounding and protecting us.

stones for balance - hematite 


The best gemstone to balance the soul is amethyst. It’s a lovely energy-aligning gem because it radiates sensations of harmony, success, and purpose in this life. This gorgeous crystal is certain to leave everyone who wears it feeling centered.

By activating the crown chakra, which is necessary for connecting with the spiritual world, meditating with amethyst can improve your mood and mind. This is particularly helpful when you wish to relieve stress and reconnect with your spiritual side.

Amethyst can also directly cleanse the aura and can help you make decisions that could change your life.

stones for balance - amethyst

Black Obsidian

Obsidian, dark and mystical, is a volcanic glass rock that acts as a shield against bad energy and a strong foundation to keep you rooted. Because of its capacity to give its user a clearer perspective, this gem is referred to as a spiritual cleaner.

Created by powerful volcanic energy, this balancing crystal gives you the power to leave toxic traits behind. It utilizes the the elements of earth, water, and fire to inspire the strength you need to overcome bad behaviors.

The obsidian stone is well-known for keeping you safe from negative emotions and energy while you focus on gaining stability.

stones for balance - black obsidian

Rose Quartz

A stone believed to boost self-esteem while aiding in emotional balance is Rose Quartz. By regulating your emotions, this beautiful crystal can promote inner peace and makes room for the development of empathy.

This stone, which is intertwined with the heart chakra, is frequently used to help support the heart's recovery from the suffering or trauma left by severe emotional scars.

Rose quartz also grants its wearer the most important wisdom of compassion to all, but especially for oneself.

stones for balance - rose quartz


Moonstone is known for its feminine energy. Although it may seem like a prized possession for women only, anyone seeking power, insight, or intuition can truly tap into its strength.

It keeps us in balance by maintaining that we are in connection with our inner self as the moonstone offers a calm, healing energy.

Moonstones can be worn every day to help us stay in tune with the cycles of nature. Because it calms severe anxiety and evens out the highs and lows we frequently encounter, it is amazing for calming emotional waves that come and go.

stones for balance - moonstone


Jade has a long tradition of being used as a protection charm and is celebrated as a lucky stone. But more than attracting money and abundance, it is also utilized for anchoring the body and balancing the mind.

As a generous jewel, Jade is always happy to share its good luck and positivity with those who have it. This stone is said to attract all the wonderful things from the universe. So, no matter what happens, you always remain calm and collected. 

This stone encourages you to break negative mental patterns. Jade empowers you. It also offers you the confidence and wisdom to embrace your own as you navigate the world with a beautiful sense of confidence, maintaining a sound mind.

stones for balance - jade


Fluorite is for detoxification, regarded as one of the best stones for purging bad juju and giving you a radiant perspective. Like having the sun in your pocket, this crystal works wonders by illuminating the shadows within you.

This precious stone cleanses the body and mind, balances emotions, and keeps your mind in the zen at all times. Fluorite can help you regain order and stability in your life while also offering up a heaping helping of optimism.

It anchors you rooted, which makes you feel secure and stable. At the same time, it also challenges you to think creatively, be in a better place than you were yesterday, aim higher, and immerse yourself in a soothing white light that heals your soul.

stones for balance - fluorite

Clear Quartz

Have you ever had a sense of physical dullness? The ultimate energy amplifier and healer, clear quartz, may be the crystal for you. It provides your physical form the focus it needs to help put all the chakras in balance.

A clear stone that reflects your heart's desires and amplifies them tenfold, this quartz kind has the ability to absorb, hold, discharge, and control energy. Using this improves insight, wisdom, spirituality, and spiritual development.

Ask this stone with a light heart to guide you to the solution when you're having trouble making a choice because clear quartz is one of the purest stones in existence.


Selenite effectively removes blockages in our system, deep-cleaning our soul to enable high-vibrational energy flow and enhancing the spiritual connection we can achieve.

It offers your mind and spirit the boost they desire so you can discover your improved outlook, much like a devoted, dependable friend in the form of a crystal.

You may be your best self with the aid of selenite stones. You may be able to enter new levels of higher consciousness with it as they draw a force of positive energy into you.

How to Use These Crystals for Balance

Use Them As Jewelry

Wearing gemstone jewelry every day will help you achieve balance. Possibly the best way to access the stones’ healing energy is to have them pressed near your skin.

Crystals have the ability to transform and connect with the skin when they come into contact with it. Upon knowing your body’s composition, it brings all of their chakra in finding balance exactly where it is required.

Meditation: Put Them in Front of Your Chest

You can repair thoughts and emotions by placing any of the stones listed over your chest area. Doing this quickly helps to dispel the negative energy kept in your heart.

To embrace a crystal’s energy while meditating, it is essential to feel it close to you. Spending time in meditation with balance stones can assist you in opening up to your higher self.

Put Them On Your Altar

Start your day visualizing and manifesting your intentions in front of a crystal altar. Placing the stone at your spiritual area amplifies the energy and the potential of your crystal.

The Takeaway

Although there are more crystals that can help you in finding balance in any area of your life, the ones above are among the best.

Do keep in mind that your path to stability may take many different shapes. But with the help of the gemstones we’ve listed, a quick meditation with the stones for balance may just nudge you towards the right path.

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