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The life of a celebrity isn’t just all glitz and glamor. Like everybody else, they are humans who carry around stress, too. Yes, they have achieved a degree of fame and power, but it does not make them immune to the heaps and blows life can give.

It's no secret that the more popular a star gets, the more scrutiny they face. And so we begin to imagine how they can deal with being in such a high-pressure industry. Do they have a secret? Are they using something to ease the high stakes of show business?

Yes, some of them do use spiritual jewelry to protect themselves from stress and other negative energies.

In this article, we'll discuss three spiritual bracelet celebrities wear for manifestation, protection, and good luck. We'll talk about why they love wearing them and how they can also work for you, too.

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    Evil Eye - Spiritual Bracelet Celebrities Wear

    First on our list is the evil eye symbol. It's popular with celebrities like Jennifer Anistion, Meghan Markle, and Gigi Hadid as a sacred protection sign.  

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - evil eye bracelets


    As popular people seem to have the best life, their fame also draws unwanted attention to them. A negative stare can be just a split-second thing, but it can do harm beyond imagination.

    An evil eye curse is cast if someone looks at you a certain way. The look of envy someone gives you brings bad luck to your life. 

    This is where evil eye charms come in. It wards off the harmful effects of the evil eye curse. 

    Buddha and Karma Recommendation:

    If you plan on wearing the evil eye bracelet or ring for emotional protection, make sure to wear them on the left side extremities. This includes love and anxiety issues. On the other hand, use your right wrist and fingers to ward off curses involving money or career.  

    It should be noted as well that evil eye amulet breaking should not be feared. This only means that the charm has done its purpose of protecting you.

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - evil eye bracelets

    Red String - Spiritual Bracelet Celebrities Wear

    Next on our list is something that many renowned celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Jackson, and Angelina Jolie own. The red string bracelet is an extremely popular piece of jewelry among A-Listers. This is because the red string bracelet meaning is rich and profound in many cultures. 

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - red string bracelets


    This spiritual jewelry is said to have many benefits. This includes attracting fortune and protection. The color red is thought to fend off bad luck when worn as a bracelet. For safety, Buddhist monks also wear bracelets made of crimson string.

    Buddha and Karma Recommendation:

    We advise you to wear a red string bracelet on your left wrist. Why? The left side of the body is referred to as the "receiving" side in the Kabbalah religion. It is also the side closest to your heart.

    You must never cut the crimson string off your wrist as well. Doing so means bad luck. Once worn, you must continue wearing the bracelet until it comes off naturally.

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - red string bracelets

    Hamsa Hand - Spiritual Bracelet Celebrities Wear

    The Hamsa Hand caps off our list. This powerful pendant is a Middle Eastern amulet from long ago that represents the Hand of God.  It bestows upon its owner joy, money, health, and prosperity. But above everything, it offers protection across all religions.

    The charm is in the shape of a hand to keep evil spirits at bay. Celebrities like Madonna, Heidi Klum and Gwyneth Paltrow decorate themselves with hamsa symbols to ward off curses brought on by the evil eye. 

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - hamsa hand


    Buddha and Karma Recommendation:

    The hamsa hand amulet functions in both directions. 

    The downward-pointing fingers of the Hamsa Hand bracelet represent prosperity and fortune. It can attract luck due to the hand gesture of receiving with hands open. 

    Protection, on the other hand, is symbolized by a Hamsa Hand with the fingers pointing upward. The fingers pointing towards the sky is a representation of barriers it can bring you.

    spiritual bracelet celebrities wear - hamsa hand bracelets


    Manifesting with the Spiritual Bracelet Worn by Celebrities

    1. Set your intentions clearly before putting on the spiritual bracelet. Focus on what you want to manifest in your life, whether it's love, success, or abundance.

    2. Visualize your desires as you slip the bracelet onto your left hand, which is the hand that absorbs energy.

    3. Continue to focus on your intentions and remain open to receiving the manifestations you desire while wearing the spiritual bracelet.

    4. Incorporate other manifestation practices like meditation or visualization to enhance the power of the bracelet.

    Remember, the spiritual bracelet is a tool to help you focus your energy and intentions – the real power lies within you.

    The Takeaway

    There's something mystical about owning a piece of spiritual jewelry. Like the celebrities mentioned in this article, people of all social levels and backgrounds can depend on them.

    Whether you have a skeptical nature or think that spirituality is a personal choice, owning one is a good investment. 

    We hope you enjoyed this short read. Let us know who other celebrities inspired you to get spiritual jewelry by commenting below!

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