The Money Frog: What You Need to Know About This Three-Legged Toad

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The Money Frog, also known as the three-legged frog, is a popular charm in feng shui. It is said to be able to bring wealth and prosperity into your home, making it a much sought-after talisman. If you're thinking of adding a Money Frog to your collection or are curious about this fabled creature, read on for more information!

What Is the Money Frog, and Where Did It Originate?

Also known as the "three-legged toad," the Money Frog is a popular image in Feng Shui and Chinese culture. The money toad is often depicted with a coin in its mouth, symbolizing the potential for wealth.

According to the legend, the wife of one of the famous eight immortals stole and drank the elixir of immortality from the gods, giving her the capacity to live forever.

She was given the tail of an amphibian in place of her hind legs, and the gods dispatched her to the moon to explore its surface. However, her immortal spouse claimed to have shot her with an arrow, severing one of her legs. Hence, she became three-legged.

Three-legged money sculptures are sometimes shown with a coin in their jaws or surrounded by gold and other cash types, commemorating the mythical toad's ravenous appetite.

Money Frog Meaning in Feng Shui

The money frog meaning is all about good luck and good fortune.

Placing this feng shui fog is said to bring good luck and fortune to its owner.

Many use it to attract wealth and abundance into their space, placing the three-legged toad in auspicious areas in their homes or businesses.

How Is the Three-Legged Toad Used in Feng Shui?

Feng shui placement is important if you wish to get the most out of your money toad.

Here's a list of places where to position your feng shui frog:


The entryway is a great place to position your Money Frog. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • One of the first and last places you see when you leave and come home is the entryway. Seeing the frog as you go reassures you that your home is being watched and brings good luck. 
  • When visitors come to your home, the entryway is usually the first place they'll see. Having a money toad in this space will give them a positive first impression and welcome them with good luck. 
  • The entryway can be a high-traffic area, which means more opportunities for the frog to catch money. 
  • In feng shui, it's essential to have an unobstructed view of the entryway. The money frog should be positioned such that it faces the front entry but is not exactly in front of the door. This way, good energy can flow into your home uninterrupted. 

The Wealth Area of Your Home

The Wealth-Area of your home is a place to position your Money Frog because it is the most auspicious area in your home, according to the Bagua map. The Bagua map is an ancient Chinese feng shui tool used to help create harmony in one's home.

The Wealth Area is located in the southeast sector of your home and is associated with wealth and abundance. Placing your three-legged toad in this area will help to attract good luck and fortune into your life.

The Garden

The garden is a great place to position your Money Frog because has intense earth energy, amplifying the feng shui frog’'s power.

In addition, the garden is a peaceful and calming place, which is essential for attracting positive energy.

The Meditation Area

Placing the three-legged frog on your meditation area is not only auspicious but is also a great reminder to attract abundance into your spiritual life.

Be sure to keep the area around the feng shui item clean and clutter-free is essential to allow chi energy to flow freely.

What Are Some Benefits of Having a Money-Frog in Your Home or Office Space?

Having a Money Frog in your home or office space has many benefits.

For one, they are said to bring good luck. People use it to invite the energy of success be it in their careers, businesses, or personal endeavors.

Furthermore, money frogs are believed to have the power to attract wealth and abundance. Having one in your space can help create an atmosphere of abundance. If you're looking to manifest more financial abundance in your life, this symbol of prosperity could be a helpful addition to your space.

Finally, these lucky toads make great conversation starters. If you're looking to add a little bit of fun and levity to your decor, they can be a great option.

How Do You Activate Your Money Frog?

While the sight of a Money Frog is said to be auspicious, there is a specific way to activate its powers:

  1. Set your intentions before using the three-legged toad. For instance, you can say “I want to attract abundance into my home.”
  2. Dispaly it in the most auspicious areas of your home or office. This could be the entryway, the wealth area, or the meditation altar.
  3. Place your Money Frog with respect in a high location, not directly on the ground.
  4. Take care of your feng shui frog by cleaning and cleansing it from time to time.

The Bottom Line

Feng shui can be a great way to attract positive energy and money into your home, but it's not an easy task. First, you have to be willing to make some changes, and you have to be patient.

The Money Frog is a powerful tool that can help you attract wealth into your life. It works by bringing positive energy into your space, making it easier for the universe to bring money into your life.

Hence, it is a great addition to your home or office if you're looking for good luck, prosperity, or just a conversation starter.

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