Libra Zodiac: Personality Traits & The Best Crystals to Wear

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Beautiful, appealing, and well-balanced–like their scale symbol, these three words sum up Libra’s personality traits. But beyond that, who are they when it comes to romance, relationships, or careers? 

Ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, the bearers of the seventh zodiac sign can be naturally charismatic.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the hows and whys of the Libra personality traits. Also, find out the best crystals for the Libra zodiac that you can use to enhance your unique qualities.

Common Libra Personality Traits

Libras may seem easy to be defined but they are much more complex than what they let you see. Because they appear to be so contradictory on the surface, they may be the most challenging sign to truly understand.

Spontaneous yet calculated. Both selfless and self-conscious. The bright smiles on Libra's face can suddenly change to tears as they are easily hurt internally. 

Although they may appear to be full of ironies, these distinctive characteristics are the result of Libra's noble purpose of harmony and beauty. Like ballerinas, they carefully thread through life with grace and balance.

The Best Personality Traits of Libra 

You can always count on Libra to be friendly, pleasant, and clever. They can blend in anywhere they go, at any time, with anyone. You can see them forming bonds with a group of people they just met.

Libras also value harmony and peace. They carefully consider positioning their stance before saying anything harshly to avoid conflicts. Their ability to reason and analyze things helps them to connect with those around them. 

The Worst Personality Traits of Libra 

Indecisiveness is the weakness of Libras. Although they are quite clever and intellectual, they frequently take a long time to make decisions. Oftentimes, too long.

They struggle to commit to anything because they always seek to strike a balance between everything. Although it’s good to think about both sides, even when it's not essential, this method of solving things can put them through a great deal of unnecessary stress.

In relation to this, as Libras love providing opinions from an unbiased perspective and impartial resolve to issues, they tend to take time thinking. They tend to lose most of their energy to thinking because they enjoy contemplating, analyzing, and investigating various topics. As a result, they can be natural procrastinators. 

Libra in Love and Romance

As a lover, Libra is a romance novel to be told.

People under this zodiac have a knack for having your love story play out in a wonderful way. That’s why Libra is one of the most romantic signs among the zodiac. 

Libras are also kind, caring, and considerate. They pay attention to what you say and they always seem to know how to interact with a partner. In return, they love the chase and your attention. A small act of service like washing the dishes or a small gift like their favorite local pastry sweeps them off their feet.

They may hate monotony in the long run, but for true romantics like Libras, a constant engagement of deep conversations is another way to catch their hearts and keep the fire burning.

Libra in Career & Money

Being the scale that they are, honesty and fairness are important to Libra when it comes to career and money. Libras tend to be drawn to peaceful environments where they can interact and collaborate with others.

Because of their people-oriented nature, they tend to deeply invest in the people they work with or for. They get disturbed by conflict and will go to great lengths to make their surroundings beautiful and bring harmony to tension.

While Libras understand the value of saving, it can be challenging for them to put it first when there are so many opportunities to spend the money they have worked so hard to earn.

Libra in Family & Friends 

Libras are basically up for anything, which makes them great friends and companions. They like being around others all the time, and group activities make them feel alive.

Being best friends with a Libra has so many advantages because they are honest and loyal to their friends.

Your Libra pals are a great resource for sensible advice or a sympathetic ear. Making sure their buddies are as content and satisfied as they are always on their minds.

On the other hand, a Libran's relationship with their family is their top priority. Usually dependable sons or daughters and devoted parents, their dedication to making things work makes them the solid foundation of a home. 

As communication skills are a natural gift for Libras, they are great at soothing difficult arguments, and they tend to lighten up the mood in family gatherings.

The 5 Best Crystals for Libra Zodiac

If you wish to enhance the best qualities of your Libra-self or develop the areas you struggle with, here are five of the best crystals that will do just that.


One birthstone for a Libra that represents wealth and individual authority is opal. This crystal is excellent for people who wish to boost their self-esteem and bring out the best in themselves.

Perfect for Libras that are known for consuming a lot of their time on making the people around them comfortable, an opal around can help them become more aware of their internal wants and needs.

Promoting joy and self-love, this wonderful gemstone is a must-have for a Libra.

libra crystals - opal

Clear Quartz

A Libra crystal that minimizes uncertainties and enables them to be more decisive. That is the stone of clarity, clear quartz.

Good for amplifying energy and thinking of a Libra, this cleansing stone gets rid of the negative aura in your surroundings and replaces it with uplifting light energy.

Clear quartz is also an excellent stone for meditation or when you need to concentrate since it keeps the energy flow around you clear and clean.


The Libra sun sign is protected by the crystal Tourmaline that offers them peace.  In times when they may be struggling, the gemstone helps Libras feel happiness and love by reducing stress and worry. 

Particularly when it comes to concerns of the heart, this stone is renowned for its healing. A crystal that stands for love would allow Libra to express their emotions more honestly.

Flushing the negative energy out of their bodies, Libras’ thoughts are made more open and the boundaries of their imagination are removed.

libra crystals - tourmaline

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that allows Libra to see things using their third eye. It enables you to focus on long-term objectives.

Many ancient Egyptians used this crystal as a symbol of power and bravery in the past to increase their self-awareness and clarity so they may pursue their true desires.

Likewise, it encourages anyone that wears them to pursue their dreams with ambition and personal power.


A stone representing intuition, personal growth, and a fresh start.

By harmonizing Libras’ emotions, the moonstone aids in emotional healing. With this stone, they can resolve their own issues instead of constantly being the ones to mediate disputes among friends or families.

Use a moonstone throughout times of discomfort to stay at ease and steer clear of any circumstances where you can experience negative emotions out of the blue.

It is also undoubtedly one of the best crystals for Libra as it can boost creativity, promote mental clarity, and amplify Libra's natural feminine energy, being ruled by Venus.

libra crystals - moonstone


Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libras constantly seek harmony and balance externally and within. On top of being ruled by Venus, they are also gifted with the ability to see both sides of every story.

They can be easily misunderstood, but people of this zodiac sign are actually gentle, loving, and have a strong sense of justice. Having a Libra by your side sounds like a job for life but they are surely worth keeping in it.

If you are a Libra or know anyone that is, give them a little nudge in the right direction with the five crystals above. Help them find inner peace, become decisive, and empower themselves so they may bring out the best in everyone around them.

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